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Beary Tales Episodes 7-14, Poet's Notes

7. Playing With Fire My mom IS quite clear on the dangers of fire, But if boy'S hooked on flame, then it'S hard to obey, There'S a longing for “MATCH GUN” (6) that most boys acquire, Small'S the chance this desire won't come out in play. Mom's plan IS a punishment fit to the crime! Sent to bed without food ISn’t all we suffer, First, there’S big box of matches, struck one at a time! Now there’S fear found in match play; woodshed (7) we prefer! 8. Rocking Like a Rose A ROSE ROCK'S unique and quite rare in God’s plan, Bear agrees that it’S treasure more precious than gold, Even clay’S a mixed tale, shares creation with man, Dirt’S just stardust that’S cold (2-2); seems what ‘matters’ IS old! Surprise IS quite often found right where we play, ROSE ROCK'S home IS red dirt if you know where to look, A hole dug clear to China IS Bear's scheme one day; After hours of hard digging, we find a good book! 9. Stink Bait A fisherman’S proud of ‘stink bait’ that he brews, “Even mouse wants to upchuck!” but Granddad’S all smile, But it’S ice cream to catfish that live in lake’s ooze, There’S short wait but the fish seem to strike without guile. Boy’S trusted with rod and reel; soon cast gets made! But Bear’s nose sports a clothespin, for “stink bait’S” so bad, Sunny day, lightweight chairs, three prong hook, “where’S our shade?” Yes, each moment IS precious when we’re with Granddad. 10. Ode To An Elm (No One Looks Up) Our favorite tree IS the backyard’s big elm, It’S one path to the sky that for us brooks no fear, Low limb reached from our swing, once we're there, it’S new realm, Soon there’S nothing to see! Boy and Bear disappear. This tree IS enchanted; it gets used a lot, Earth IS left far behind; play with clouds when we dare, What roams high in the sky, ISn’t caught, Camelot, (8) There IS peace all around with Bear Twins in the air! 11. Give All Quarter (Give No Quarter) Mom’s mom’s gift IS coin (which Grandkids celebrate), Though it'S little in fact, candy store'S block away, Bear and I love store treat, Grandma’s supper IS great, When it'S time to go home, all the kids want to stay! Boy's share IS a quarter, but girls just get dime, These are life lesson's passed on though Boy IS just youth, He sees life IS unkind! People run out of time! That Love'S daily decision, not earned or the truth. 12. Hidey Holes Bear Johnston IS privy to hidey-holes too, Hide and seek IS our forte, tight lip IS our fort, It’S reality check when events make us blue, Danger’S looking, but news ISn’t much to report! It'S scary whenever my folks get upset, So much bigger than boy IS, sometimes forget strength, Though when boy'S wrongly punished there'S always regret, Belt's abuse IS worse problem than thickness or length. 13. Country Gas ‘Crew’ The ‘Crew’S’ taking gas to some farms far from town! 'NEIGHBORS GAS' (4) bright green 'SINCLAIR' truck'S ready to go, Granddad’s engine IS warmed up, cab windows are down, It IS time for departure and time for our show! There’S no one we meet doesn’t know him that could, His hand'S proud on my head as he calls me Grandson! There IS farmer we meet who IS splitting some wood, Boy IS taught to swing ax while fuel transfer gets done. 14. Cicadas! What a Buzz! Cicadas lay eggs on back elm; it’S home tree, Their nymphs hatch then, there’S fall to ground waiting below, Now home’S soil, sucking sap, molting skins till we see, Climbs a tree, back IS splitting, "Cicada hello!" (2-3) There’S room for caught nymphs on porch screen for the night. It’S a miracle moment; shell left; wings fill out, And their 'moment of truth' IS the next morning’s light, First there’S buzz in our hands; then they’re flying about. Poet’s Notes: (2-2) Star Dust – This is my favorite science fact. It is now known all solid elements, and all gases except hydrogen are created when a very ancient star lives, dies, and explodes. So it follows then that everything we see, dirt, mountains, trees, and flowers, other animals like us, even water, and the air we breathe is the gift of a dying star. We are truly all wonderfully made - from stardust! Is it just coincidence that the Bible says God made man from clay (a kind of dirt, i.e., stardust)? What do you think? (2-3) Cicadas - Cicadas molt (shed their skins)! They outgrow and change their skin many times before the last molt where the adult emerges and spreads his new wings like a butterfly. Then the cicada flies high up into the trees and makes those loud noises we hear every summer to attract a mate. Common species of cicadas live in the ground for three, seven, or even seventeen years before the final molt where they emerge in their winged form to mate and lay eggs. (6) The “MATCH GUN” described here is a clever device that both lights a wooden kitchen match and shoots it 20 - 30 feet at the same time. It is great fun after dark! The plans can be purchased from the author at any time for a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. Cash and/or credit cards are not accepted! (7) Camelot – A mythical kingdom of peace and tranquility on earth under the leadership of King Arthur and Merlin the Magician! (8) Remember the Tom Hank’s Movie “Big?” The intention here is to include a child’s desire to grow up more quickly and to be “free” like adults are (in his mind)! Poem Continues in "Beary Tales Episodes 15-25

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