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Long Nosy Poems

Long Nosy Poems. Below are the most popular long Nosy by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Nosy poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Red Tulips
Under a tree of wet blossoms, shimmering to life in the sun, one honey bee is circling around two burly men, who wave it off,  with childlike dramatics...arms flailing.   One of them,...

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Categories: nosy, friendship, me, red, spring, tree,
Form: Verse

Three-Fifth Stooges Quartet



This Three-Fifth Stooges moron quartet
are brain-slow slugs you don’t wanna IQ know

Just sitting on a milk crate,
waiting outside of the MGM studio gate
Moe, Larry and Curly passed my way

They were yukking it up,
talking clown...

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Categories: nosy, fun, humor, parody, political, satire,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Bodybusy
I've never considered myself nosy, I just care about people that's all,
The way gardeners care about roses, when colored leaves start to fall.

But like chaotically spattered sunsets, often things can get confused,
Like the times I...

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Categories: nosy, care, fantasy, giving, heart, imagery, life, people,
Form: Couplet
That furniture at Grandma’s house has never had a;
Behind, sit down directly on it-
The plastic had duct tape overtop
Where something sharp had pierced a hole
This sofa, that had lasted 30 years… unscathed.
The sofa also had...

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Categories: nosy, boyfriend, first love, high school, memorial,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member In A Suburban Paradise
In A Suburban Paradise

I was to spend hours on my bed 
writing short stories in 1967;
with my left leg dangling over the left side, 
I sat on the right leg,
like I was some nosy bird...

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Categories: nosy, art, memory,
Form: Free verse

My favorite anecdote from Urdu
This is my best story in 
my mother tongue urdu 
which I translated and 
tried my best to turn it 
into a poem in english 

Luqman who was a 
merchant wiseman and 
his son
bought themselves...

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Categories: nosy, urdu, wisdom,
Form: Narrative
Blind Date
Going out on a blind date,
go see a movie, then grab a table for two
Got no expectations whatsoever, honestly
I just hope she lets her hair down and be herself

Her choice, so it's a romantic comedy,

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Categories: nosy, emotions, love, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Shadow Of the Last Memory - part 1
I dont really know where to post short writings or stories since I am new here, so I wrote it here at the poem section.. here it goes, feel free to tell me if something...

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Categories: nosy, cry, kiss, life, love, night,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Missing Brain
This was some nightmare...

I’ll bet I’ve never told you folks about the wildest nightmare
I ever had, and how the darn thing actually changed my life.
It came while I was fast asleep ( I know that’s...

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Categories: nosy, funny, humor, marriage,
Form: Verse
Who are You
Who are you?. And where are you from?. The document enquired
I was not in the mood for this for I was feeling tired
The first bit was quite easy, as I simply wrote my name

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© roy may  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosy, mysterylove, may, men, mum, , cute,
Form: I do not know?
From A Pen Refusing Frustration
I know you, I know your thought,
I won't be intimidated by their sunny
Red blazing eyes that hurts minds.
My ink might not be better now but
I won't give up in the quest to know more,
I will...

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Categories: nosy, abuse, art,
Form: Ghazal
Christmas Long Time Past
Father Christmas in the night sky his sleigh and reindeer a silhouette in the moonlight,
He has traveled all over the world to lavish his presents to small sleeping children,
The family has retired and left a...

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Categories: nosy, nostalgia, children, christmas, father, children, christmas, father,
Form: Prose Poetry
Victorian Christmas
Father Christmas is in the night sky his sleigh and reindeer a silhouette in the moonlight,
He has traveled all over the world to lavish his presents to small sleeping children,
A family has retired and left...

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Categories: nosy, history, children, christmas, father, children, christmas, father,
Form: Prose Poetry
A Rights Phenomenon
A lady in Washington sent her little girl to school the other day,
For what she thought was the usual study work and play.

School  nurse talked to her and quietly drove her to Planned Parenthood.

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Categories: nosy, daughterparents, people, parents, people,
Form: Rhyme
The Howling Wintry Wind
Cold air whistles acquainting
me with Arctic Blast, when
roundly forcing acquiescing
into half foursquare corner, activating
most recent spate of

     ideal linkedin warm weather
ah...,my favorite sweet
     spot for read ding

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Categories: nosy, change, creation, earth, health, humanity, planet, winter,
Form: Free verse
Snaggletooth The Snitch
We (me and the missus)
live in a decent
accommodations low income
quite modest rent,
which facility lacks no shortage
of gossip mongers

with mail delivery the major event
many old people smelling of unguent
faux superman thumping chests nsync
with hooking thumbs around

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Categories: nosy, adventure, atheist, class, community, freedom, funny, integrity,
Form: Free verse
The Nosy Neighbors
Quiet were we and without a single care,
but, "shush…did you hear that over there?"
A small sigh and a rattling on the floor, 
couldn’t be the baby, I just closed the door.
I just couldn’t figure out...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosy, friendship, romance, sensual, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Eaves Dropping
Listening devices carefully hidden in the rafters compete with

Nosy neighbours vying for a few favours from the governing party

'Nothing to fear' as long as one is on board with the Secret Police

It is all for...

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Categories: nosy, future,
Form: Free verse
Cooper Clarke Back Beat
So house proud
Yet nowt inside
This Terrace house
But family

Mum outside
Dressed up in her pinny
Gabby Anny
Gossiping over washing line
With nosy nextdoor neighbor

Proudly polishing
The front door step
Sweeping nothing up
Using vinegar and newspaper
To shine the windows pristine clean

Just before...

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Categories: nosy, life,
Form: Free verse
On a sad note
You go through life existence regretting the little things in life, 
this man said. 
His face beaten up by the ages, 
a figure head to life experience, 
and so I listened.

On a sad note.

When he...

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Categories: nosy, grief, i miss you, life, loneliness, lonely,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Great Troll Campout
The boys decided to have a campout near the Troll Lake ‘N bridge.
Everything was going wonderfully as the Trolls decided to join in.
Campfires led to marshmallows and s’mores that the Trolls loved a lot.
But they...

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Categories: nosy, adventure, fantasy, funny, imagination, fun,
Form: Light Verse
New Neighbors, Part II
Meanwhile, Mrs. Pappadopoulos
has circled back and plops down
on Fred's front porch, all tuckered out
So Fred cheerfully pulls up a chair
and together they sit and stare
openly ogling, gawking, gaping
because, as everyone knows-
it's not considered staring

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Categories: nosy, community, humanity, humor, humorous, people, perspective, society,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member LISTEN IN -
"Free listening my right to hear what I hear, listening in
Secretly I listen to a conversation
Be plain speak up, why you mumbling listening in
opened the window just enough to eavesdrop on the conversation outside"
I am...

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Categories: nosy, analogy, anxiety, how i feel, introspection, satire,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Dream of Forgiveness Pt II
I refused to look you in the face, or speak your name.
But at last, at long last, I knew:

I forgive you.

Or at least I want to.

After five years of knowing that the pain was tearing...

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© Brynne Cua  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosy, abuse, forgiveness, recovery from,
Form: I do not know?
He is surviving the burden 
Of your heart striving to harden
For loving you has never been a bargain 
Yet even in his unspeakable pain
He wishes for a daughter no other 

You say he has never...

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Categories: nosy, character, humanity,
Form: Rhyme