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Long July Poems

Long July Poems. Below are the most popular long July by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long July poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The Amistad Mutiny
The Amistad Mutiny

Slavery, a dirty word no matter how it’s pronounced:
Abducted and herded to the slave fortress of Lomboko1 for trade.
To be tossed in chains below deck on the Portuguese ship Tecora,2
Sailing the Atlantic Middle...

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Categories: july, africa, america, history, racism, slavery, world,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Translation of Eric Mottram's Poem 33 in Interrogation Rooms 1980-82 by T Wignesan
 Translation of Eric Mottram’s Poem 33 in Interrogation Rooms by T. Wignesan

33.  on a vu un homme courir/ de la scène de crime un homme est maintenant en train d’aider/ la police avec...

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Categories: july, america, conflict, culture, , literature,
Form: Free verse
Poem revised Memorial Day May 30th, 2022 at 1500 hours
Poem revised Memorial Day May 30th, 2022 at 1500 hours

Flagrante delict adulterous sordid behavior 
automatically linkedin with Lothario;
an unscrupulous seducer of women, 
based upon a character 
in The Impertinent Curious Man, 
a story within a...

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Categories: july, absence, abuse, adventure, anger, black african american,
Form: Rhyme
The Tea Party
"Go on forth young graduates,

And show us who you are

You're now our future leaders

We know you will go far"

And so commencement ended

Pictures done and people changed

Now, off to private parties

All orderly pre-arranged

But four young girls...

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Categories: july, america, future, graduate, graduation, life, sad, society,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Enola Gay
Enola Gay

There on the ‘North Field’ tarmac of Tinian Island, Marianas;
Taxis the sleek designed ‘Boeing B-29 Superfortress’ to ready for take-off. 1
Glistening, polished aluminum under the blaring floodlights filmed for posterity,
Maneuvers' the ‘Enola Gay’, chosen...

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Categories: july, education, history, usa, war, world, world war
Form: Verse

Premium Member - Au Revoir - Goodbye -

- 2016 -


A freezing cold evening

Where the stars shining bright

With frost blade flanks

From mouth and nose steam

In the clear silence

White untrodden snows

Nature's frozen pulse

Sleep like a little baby

One gracious moon

After the night the...

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Categories: july, remember,
Form: Free verse
Various Heresies 5
Various Heresies 5

Tonight, Let's Remember
by Michael R. Burch

July 7,2007 (7-7-7)

Tonight, let's remember the fond ways
our fingers engendered new methods to praise
the gray at my temples, your thinning hair.
Tonight, let's remember, and let us draw near...


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Categories: july, creation, earth, god, heaven, spiritual, wine, women,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Chapter 58 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: The Historical Hakims' Hit the Road
10 o'clock am the morning 
Quest: A country side bike ride.
Molly woke Dolly and Damian.
Woke Everyone on that July 
Morning of 2038. They had a Bicycle 
Expedition to tend to plus a newly
Minted swimming pool...

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Categories: july, cancer, missing you, nonsense, rude, scary, visionary,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Lifeboat The Sinking
As to the this and the that and the how and the why,
    I pass no judgement on the tale at hand.
And leave it to scribes to much later decide

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Categories: july, adventure, allegory, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Chapter 80 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: Just Summertime Birthday Celebrations
The kid who often was lost in 
The sauce Joshua! His 
 birthday was in June. He became
The strong silent youngster with 
The youngest kids. 
 A small Celebration was held in
Josh's honor party at...

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Categories: july, birth, black love, children, confidence, devotion, emotions,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member There's Still Love - The Quatern Style

~ There's  Still  Love ~
 ( Quatern  )


There's still Love. Just open heart  wide.
Have Faith! See the Light! Don't be blind.
Just climb each mountain. Dream! Believe.
Seek God each day, with Him,...

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Categories: july, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
At the footbridge Sue was meeting her beau
(He was married to a woman called Flo)
Sue soon found out his deception
She dismembered his erection
For his love life it was a massive blow

To the hospital fled poor...

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Categories: july, betrayal, body, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Chapter 97-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: Damian and the Family go to church
Early morning dawn July
"Mallory"  Damian whispered, sliding 
Closer to her. "Mallory" he Whispered 
Again gently caressing. She wanted
To say stop. It was to late
he moved quite quickly. He spread
Like wild fire. Soon consuming her.

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Categories: july, devotion,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Please Consider Those Who - Not By Choice - Are Living Alone - 2nd THIRD
This is the 2nd THIRD of my 3-part poem - see Mark Stellinga on Poetry Soup for the other 2 THIRDS - couldn't be helped.

“What about neighbors,” I carefully pried...“do any of them check on...

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Categories: july, love, relationship,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A Kept Woman
delves deeply into my dream;

vibrations fondle anticipation
foreplay wakes wide-eyed 
swells of liquid libido quake the rendezvous edge -
a primordial being in his prime
a masculine ego quest for affaire d’amour;
her night-loving body 
c h a...

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Categories: july, allegory, betrayal, fate, imagery, love, lust, sensual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Come To The Lord - Christinas Trinity Style

~ Come  To  The  Lord ~ 
( Christina's  Trinity ) 


Come to the Lord, He's Mighty, Good
Find Him always in all mood
With Him you'll be strong
With Him you'll belong
Today, all life...

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Categories: july, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Without God - The Quatern Style

~ Without  God ~
 ( Quatern  )


Pressures in life, strong, too many
The Devil wants to kill, destroy
He'll do this only if allowed
But with God, he has no power.


World beautiful, but fille'd ...

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Categories: july, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Worship And Praise - The Pantoum Style

~ Worship  And  Praise   ~
 ( Pantoum )


Worship God, each day, all the way. 
Keep the Lord always in my life. 
Try follow Him  in all each day. 
Worship, praise...

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Categories: july, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Visitor Finale - A collaboration with July Morning
The Story so far…
Makani (The Rising Wind), a beautiful extra-terrestrial researcher is sent to a remote island to observe earth. She finds Sam, a shipwrecked earthling near death owing to drowning. Sam (Ka ‘Lo -...

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Categories: july, adventure, romance, science fiction, sensual,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member No Recanting
May we be 'so graced' as to relinquish any faith,                         ...

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Categories: july, christian, forgiveness, god, political, pride,
Form: Verse
Unidentified extraterrestrials willingly abducted me
	Unidentified extraterrestrial(s) willingly abducted me

As a divergence 
from the apocalyptical, dialectical, 
geomorphological, judgmatical, 
metaphorical, philosophical...,
I share an out of this 
(webbed wide) world,
light hearted anecdote 
ye may find far fetched.

Believe me you,
an unspecified number of...

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Categories: july, absence, adventure, august, blessing, confusion, courage, dream,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Beary Tales Episodes 25-33, Poet's Notes
Note to Readers of Previous Versions:
There are so many new vignettes scattered throughout the poem that I hope you will reread the whole thing! There are new GEMS, improvements to previous verses and improved footnotes...

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Categories: july, adventure, appreciation, best friend, blessing, innocence, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Seek The Lord - The Star Of David Style

 (  Star  Of  David   )


For sure
Knows  sees  all
Wants best  for  you
He  sure loves  us...

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Categories: july, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Happy Fourth of July, Or Happy Independence Day
Happy Fourth Of July, Or Happy Independence Day

On this day we celebrate and commemorate the birth of our nation, The United States of America's Independence from Great Britain's monarchical hold and liberty's triumph
Congress voting in...

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Categories: july, america, birthday, celebration, firework, food, freedom, fun,
Form: List
Premium Member Heroic Crown of Sonnets - Part Two
(continued from A Year Of Months (January-June)

A Year Of Months (July-December)

8. July

July now follows summer's song of June;
with sun ablaze, her days are humid, warm.
Great time to languish in the afternoon,
and later, watch an evening...

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Categories: july, earth, seasons, thanksgiving day,
Form: Crown of Sonnets