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- Au Revoir - Goodbye -
- 2016 - - JANUARY - A freezing cold evening Where the stars shining bright With frost blade flanks From mouth and nose steam In the clear silence White untrodden snows Nature's frozen pulse Sleep like a little baby One gracious moon After the night the light is shattered into gold At sunrise raise your heartbeat - FEBRUARY - The ground is chained in frozen iron Snow crystals glued on pine cones Overhangs embroideries of polished ice The wind shakes and shatters them into millions of pieces Slowly more brightness toward longer days A new light is born across a white landscape With its beauty and bliss a squirrel in a pine tree Thoughts and reflections how beautiful it is - MARCH - Kong winter resolve his power struggle to live a little longer Cold soil protects wild modest tiny flowers March deserve tribute by an dignified pen A soothing voice whisper in dew wet morning sun When Spring youthful glory revitalises With blessed glow in brilliant charm A soft mother breast for all to be born again Nature pregnancies seeds of life Spring unveiled with a colorful smile We go brighter times ahead, wakes up from beauty sleep Princess Spring I feel lucky and almighty - APRIL - Spring marks the end of winter and start of summer It is lovely with colorful contrasts Norway is a long country with a lot of mountains and valleys Wide variations in climate from south to north and from east to west Migrant's return, and the first flower is coltsfoot Both humans and animals awakened by hibernation with new energy The sun is high, no snow falls and the birds singing Small downy mouse ears to be leaves on birch tree - MAY - May show us how beautiful you are A Spirea blooms like a beautiful and white cloud in the garden Beautiful spring bride Dressed with creation she herself had designed A golden ring of eternal happiness The veil thin and beautiful like cobwebs kisses her cheek May is the month with wonderful contrasts As sure as the sun rises each morning When I turn my face toward the warm sun I feel it gives me new energy Seventeenth of May is Norway's National Day We lift up the flag in red, white and blue Freedom The sky is blue, as far as the eye can see A celebration of sun, spring, life and eternal love - JUNE - The sun constantly light flickers through the air and brighten up long nights The summer carnations were Gods flower for the Greeks They bloom earlier than most other species A delight to the eye throughout the summer Midsummer night - Midsummer Celebration 23rd and 24th June A dear child has many names it is said, and Midsummer night is no exception Across Norway celebrated it with large fires Some placed a rag doll on top of the fire The witches burnt this night Dance, music, porridge and flower garlands with carnations Barbeque, Norwegian strawberries and fireworks all night If a young girl picks seven or nine various mode herbs that night, and put them under the pillow, she would dream of her future husband - JULY - No doubt that July is a beautiful summer month It is the year's best month is named after Julius Caesar himself Summer raindrops pierced by sunbeams Just think of how precious privilege it is to wake up to bird song Columbines are still in full bloom, they are charming Spices herbs for diversity and for flavor Who would have anything against sitting in the garden all day and let you tickle a bit of a grape plant in the neck Flowers and plants are an important part of summer Enjoy it all with family and good friends Fair weather clouds that just gives a little variety in all the blue July is synonymous with holidays for most The temperature and enthusiasm rises This summer we will swim in the ocean and eat lots of ice cream - AUGUST - Our receptive hearts have allready heard The breeze reports August The shadows fall when the day is done Roving winds and rain are waiting For every day that passes, the autumn is preparing Goodbye butterfly, wondering where your journey ends When that day comes, I will kiss you softly The painting will change color and give the landscape a blush We always seek, and new jewels will be found It hurts to say it, but the summer has an end - SEPTEMBER - Let autumn wind whisper its song Summer sunshine rays from yesterday we remember After a long and lovely summer, it often feels like autumn kept going cold and gray But the truth is that this is one of the most colorful month Now comes the polar night and the storm's time is near We celebrated Thanksgiving in connection with the harvest Autumn is yellow, red and orange This is perhaps the finest with the autumn Take a hike and you will see how beautiful it is out there - OCTOBER - The life light shimmers in the air Love and delights Death and pain Drowsy in numbness The leaves have never known Embalmed darkness with grief Cold winter is coming soon Silver bells and white snow Stardust, northern lights and moonlight While wonder and guesses - NOVEMBER - Daylight change, and go to its winter rest Night frost drips from the eaves A cold wind rushed and shoveled his way Caught your lungs with clear icy air In this deep cold, it feels just right Leave the door open to be a part of the season Human rhythms always searching The lunar takes its own bath in silver dust November night will show you: The Milky Way Keep your senses and soul awake, and enjoy it - DECEMBER - Some say they can smell the spring ... Is it possible to smell December? A scent of something can hit you anytime and anywhere The frost sneak up on the night and color the landscape white Northern Lights with its spectacular light dancing in the sky Beautiful music, has no borders Creating a sense of meaning So stop fighting against wind turbines December is the month for reflection Joy and peace ~ when darkness falls "A child is born in Bethlehem" ... ... Au Revoir ... ... Goodbye ... ... Adjø 26.12.2016 Sun :) - A-L Andresen :) Copyright © All Rights Reserved
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