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abortion absence
abuse addiction
adventure africa
age allah
allegory allusion
america analogy
angel anger
angst animal
anniversary anti bullying
anxiety appreciation
april arabic
art assonance
aubade august
autumn baby
bangla baptism
baseball basketball
beach beautiful
beauty bereavement
best friend betrayal
bible bio
bird birth
birthday black african american
blessing blue
boat body
books boxing day
boy boyfriend
break up bridal shower
brother bullying
business butterfly
cancer candy
car care
career caregiving
cat celebration
celebrity change
chanukah character
cheer up chicago
child child abuse
childhood children
chocolate christian
christmas cinco de mayo
cinderella city
class clothes
color columbus day
community computer
confidence conflict
confusion cool
corruption courage
cousin cowboy
crazy creation
crush cry
culture cute love
dad daffodils
dance dark
daughter day
death death of a friend
december dedication
deep depression
desire destiny
devotion discrimination
divorce dog
dream drink
drug earth
earth day easter
education emo
emotions encouraging
endurance engagement
england environment
epic eulogy
eve evil
fairy faith
family fantasy
farewell farm
fashion fate
father father daughter
father son fathers day
fear february
feelings film
fire firework
first love fish
fishing flower
flying food
football for children
for her for him
for kids forgiveness
freedom french
friend friendship
fruit fun
funeral funny
funny love future
games garden
gender giggle
girl girlfriend
giving god
golf good friday
good morning good night
goodbye gospel
gothic graduate
graduation grandchild
granddaughter grandfather
grandmother grandparents
grandson grave
green grief
growing up growth
guitar hair
halloween happiness
happy happy birthday
hate health
heart heartbreak
heartbroken heaven
hello hero
high school hilarious
hindi hip hop
history hockey
holiday holocaust
home homework
hope horror
horse house
how i feel howl
humanity humor
humorous hurt
husband hyperbole
i am i love you
i miss you identity
image imagery
imagination immigration
independence day innocence
insect inspiration
inspirational integrity
international internet
introspection ireland
irony islamic
january jealousy
jesus jewish
jobs journey
joy judgement
july june
kid kindergarten
kiss language
leadership leaving
life light
little sister london
loneliness lonely
longing loss
lost lost love
love love hurts
lust lyric
magic malayalam
marathi march
marriage math
may me
meaningful memorial day
memory men
mental illness mentor
metaphor middle school
military miracle
mirror miss you
missing missing you
mom money
moon morning
mother mother daughter
mother son mothers day
motivation mountains
moving on mum
murder muse
music my child
my children mystery
myth mythology
name native american
natural disasters nature
new year new years day
new york nice
niece night
nonsense nostalgia
november nursery rhyme
obituary ocean
october old
onomatopoeia pain
paradise parents
paris parody
pashto passion
patriotic peace
people perspective
pets philosophy
places planet
poems poetess
poetry poets
political pollution
poverty power
prayer prejudice
preschool presidents day
pride princess
prison proposal
psychological purple
quinceanera race
racism rain
rainbow rainforest
rap raven
recovery from red
relationship religion
religious remember
remembrance day repetition
retirement riddle
rights river
romance romantic
rose roses are red
rude sad
sad love satire
scary school
science science fiction
sea seasons
self senses
sensual september
sexy sick
silence silly
silver simile
simple sin
sister sky
slam slavery
sleep smart
smile snow
soccer social
society softball
soldier solitude
sometimes son
song sorrow
sorry soulmate
sound space
spanish spiritual
spoken word sports
spring star
stars storm
strength stress
student success
suicide summer
sun sunset
sunshine surreal
sweet symbolism
sympathy tamil
teacher teachers day
technology teen
teenage thank you
thanks thanksgiving
thanksgiving day tiger
time today
together travel
tree tribute
true love trust
truth universe
uplifting urban
urdu usa
vacation valentines day
vanity veterans day
violence visionary
vogon voice
volleyball voyage
war water
weather wedding
wife wind
wine winter
wisdom woman
women word play
words work
world world war i
world war ii write
writing yellow

Long Happy Poems

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Long Poems
Long poem by Terry Trainor | Details |

A Moment of Hope The Invisible Man 30

Sometimes I have the courage to think of the things that made me what I am today,
My memory takes me back to terrible things far away far off into my bitter past,
My mind like a maze of dirty black alleys that smell of waste, loss and disgust,
The losses, the drink ripped away, not happy until it was all gone respect as well.

Invisible thinks of a garden where roses clustered with lilies scent on the breeze,
Bees found stores of honey in the petals of a thousand and one different flowers,
Lovers walked hand in hand along its winding path a beautiful dream of the man,
Bright with the embroidery of nature where children played in new myrtle flowers,

As Invisible thinks of this garden it is neglected but flowers can grow with weeds,
It could put a smile upon his face, a face that had never known any joy recently,
He hopes a gardener can covert this garden get rid of ruined waste, back into Eden,
Tending all the beautiful flowers that spring up with the weeds and smell gladness.

If he helped the gardener in his quest a hand might hold his and guide him through,
Maybe a hand would go around his waist to support him as well as guide his hand,
Dare he wish that the guiding hand and the support would be his angel from heaven,
A dear person to help him clear his garden and walk down the winding path as lovers.

An angel that would smile at him maybe hold his hand and squeeze it so very gently,
Would the angel talk to him and tell him that one day they would be together again,
Her beautiful grace shining warmly as she looks up to him, to her he is her hero,
Not a drunken mess that cannot cope, not a dirty vagrant, but her knight her love.

The tenderness of this beautiful scene in his poisoned mind became real he smiled,
He grinned as she sat down next to him as close a she could get then wriggled closer,
Warmth from her body not only warmed him but gave hope this what he has waited for,
She whispered sweetly she loved him and would be waiting for him and they kissed.

Invisible woke with a start and was she not by his side, was she ever with him,
A dream another heart wrenching let down and how could he have dreamed the dream,
It was so real he still felt the warmth, the impression of her hand holding his,
But it must have been a dream his own mind conspired to deliver the hardest blow.

Lost in a grief so deep, his loneliness complete he talks to Sam his imaginary friend.

These days get worse Sam they really do please help me,
I need to change but I need my drink more what can I do,
But I need to change so desperately Sam can you help?
My world has cracked and I've fallen into the crack,
But what I don't understand Sam that I was once good,
If I had any courage Sam I would be laying in my coffin,
Why does life drag you along with it I don't want to go,
Just a bit of icing on my cake Sam it is freezing cold,
Did you know this is where I was brought up my friend,
Did you know that most of the people that walk past I knew,
Sam! I know many of there people but they don't know me,
Why do they all walk past I wish somebody would help,
Maybe when I have drunk more cider I might feel better Sam,
I can remember being happy but not what being happy is like,

As Invisible sits drinking shoppers give him a wide berth and they look at him with hate.

These people Sam they look at me as if I have hurt them,
The people they are not our sort of people they hate me,
Has the world changed like I have but in opposite ways,
My life is full of sorrow drunkenness and dreams Sam,
Old sorrows wont go away new sorrows should take over,
So we have to face both the old and the new that's bad,
At night I try to close my drunken eyes it all returns,
Sam is that the same as you can you close your eyes,
Can you remember the valleys Sam the ones we used to play,
When we ran about all day Sam in the sun rolling in grass,
The old stream that twisted and turned, it had lost its way,
Floating lolly sticks watching them bounce away on ripples,
Buying bangers in November and throwing them into the water,
What I wouldn't do to go back for just a couple of hours Sam,
Just to feel the innocence and try to bring it back to now,
To enjoy what there is to enjoy and maybe get better Sam,
But that will never happen Sam we are lost on an island,
A well populated island but an island all the same Sam,
People are not like ships they don't bother to rescue people,
They just walk around or just walk away all the nice ones gone,
I remember my school Sam it's now been knocked down and left,
It has all gone, all gone no primroses in spring or bluebells,
Do you remember Sam the bluebells used to nod in the wind,
But they have all been built on, whats the use in talking,
Nothing changes from bad to good Sam remember that, eh Sam,

Still drinking his cider tears well into his eyes his nose runs and begins to quietly
to sob. He sits on the shopping parade seat, shaking as he sobs. His throat has a lump
in it so he stops talking to Sam. Invisible sinks his wet face into his overcoat
hides his misery from the people that walk past he just sat there lost and confused. His
greatest sadness an angel paid a visit to the maze of dirty black alleys that smell of waste,
loss and disgust,

Copyright © Terry Trainor | Year Posted 2013

Long poem by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler | Details |

Bradlee Joe Rasmussen

Bradlee Joe is mine, he's always been mine,
The younger brother of David Authur Rasmussen Jr.,
Those gorgeous brown eyes staring at me, natural hair color,
That's brown; just like his brothers, but he dyed it blonde.<3
That gorgeous angel face, I think of him everyday all day, think of,
Those memories, that smile, that laugh, that voice, those strong arms,
The strong arms that hold me, just like his brother used to.
The sweet things he says to me, those precious eyes look into,
Into mine, the way he runs his fingers through my hair, the way he tickles me,
The way we play wrestle, the way we talk, the way we look at each other.
Eyes full of wonder, wonder how long we'll stay together, then he says,
He says "Baby we'll stay forever", and I believe every word he says,
My God if he only knew, knew how he makes my heart pound, the way,
The way it's just so easy to talk to him, man I can tell him anything, and I know,
I know that he'll keep it a secret, that's why I trust him with everything,
Everything inside of me. Everytime he asks me if I wanna start,
Start over with him, I always say yes, because I love him!!
No matter how much he hurts, I'll always love him, I do, because,
Because I know it's real, I love him with everything inside of me,
I want to wake up next to him everymorning and fall asleep,
Fall asleep in his arms everynight, say "I do" to him, have his,
Have his children, be in love forever, my God I've never felt this way before.
I fell for him the first moment I saw his gorgeous smile light,
Up that dark lunch room, the way you hugged me tight, exchanged,
Exchanged numbers with each other, and the way we talked on the phone for hours on end,
Oh how I wished for you to be mine, How I still wish to change,
Change my name to Briana Lynn Rasmussen.
Babe I can't inagine a world where you don't exsist, babe without you,
Without you I'd honestly die.
The son of David Authur Rasmussen Sr. and Sandi Rasmussen,
The brother of David Authur Rasmussen Jr, and Cheyeene Rasmussen,
The cousin of Kenneth Michael Hampton, better known as Mikey :) You have
Have a older bro, a younger sister & brother, and you have you,
Father's eyes, your brother's strength, your mother's beauty, and your crazy,
Crazy sense of humor.
With you I can't stop smiling, laughing and giggling.
Babe I am finally home, it's been a long time, and I am glad you kept the bed warm for me,
My home is with you, it's the only place where I belong, and babe I am so glad to be home.
I love your curly hair, I love the way you hold me, the way you kiss me, the way yoy,
You love me.
I love everything you do, and everything about you,
Babe I really do hope that day comes where we say "I do."
Hell I'd do it right now if I could, if you wanted me the same.
I want to be the mother of your children, I want to be the on;y woman you come home to,
Come home to after work, the one you give sweet kisses to, and the one you tell,
Tell me about your day, the one who wants to fall asleep in your arms, and 
Wake up in your arms with my head on your chest, see your sweet smile everyday,
Hear the words "Good Morning Baby, how'd you sleep?"
I'd reply sleepily "Great, how bout you Angel?" I love everything about you, everything
Everything you say, babe I love the fire in your eyes, the way you are protective over me,
The way you fight for me.
Babe I just wanna be your forever, and when we die baby,
I want to be laidto rest next to you, or with you in the same casket, because,
Because I'm only me when I'm with you, you are the only one who keeps me warm, The only one
Only one who makes me feel like I am home, like I'm finally alive,
Like I'm finally me, babe you are my better half and really honestly,
I've been so lost without you, and I am so glad to be back home.

Copyright © Briana Lynn Minard-Adler | Year Posted 2012

Long poem by JW Earnings | Details |

Parallel Heavyn

I’m going cray-cray some say…crazy in love, baby…
But, hey, I’m feeling fine up in here
Boldness and bravery today…went through me…
Shedded a tear with no fear…fear…
I’m corny and punny all in one
I’m the sun that shines…much like His Son
Perpendicular and parallel lines fill my day
Shapes and sizes fill me with a shimmering ray
Geometric geniuses and geography gracefully mix together as one
Gingerly, I walk away...then, in utter despair, the war has begun
A war my mind can only fathom...
I'm feelin' titaniumb (strong and numb)...
Succumbing to serving others’ with love, affection and hope
Numbing the pain of insane rain and it’s a train that won’t stop…
Now is the time to somehow bring me back to life
Peace out with no second thought trace of strife
I don't feel like myself at times
I'm sorry I'm shy sometimes
I just don't like you anymore...everything hurts from the inside out
I just don't love you no more...I'm dripping with dangerous doubt
I put my hopes up...
Now, they are low
But, the air of flair grows inside me
Confident raindrops push aside the envy
Joy, peace, love, faith, you name it, has come to me suddenly
God's Spirit is here and there...now, I clearly see...
Or, at least I'm a delusional dreamer
At the greatest, I'm creamier than cream itself...
I'm sweet, then bitter, then sour...
I'm sorry that you've hit your final hour
The clock is chiming and you keep on sighing
You love life, so live it properly...fully...full of recovery...live it to the fullest and try your best to pass any test...
Any tribulation or hardship you may tackle down is good for you in the long run
You are just living life for the foolish fun - stop and think...pay attention...listen, hun
I'm a delusional dreamer
I'm a delusional dreamer
I wasn't meant to be a nightmare...
But, it seems like that in the mirror...
I need Your love, Your hope, Your cheer
Not this envy, sadness, ugliness, fear
There is a monster in all of us...
Tame it with angels, not demons, man
I can recall good times...I hear you fuss and cuss and it hurts me...come back to us and hop on the sympathy bus
I think I can...I think I can...I believe I can...
I lost my train of thought,
But not my sense of humility 
Drop your guard and swallow your pride
I'm done with you
I'm done with you...
Bossing me around 
You don't know what I've gone through
I felt left out out of the blue...
Where's my other shoe? Where's my other shoe?
Laughter fills my day
You're having it your way
While I'm here, typing this poem in sadness
God, help me, help all...through this madness
End distress
Begin success
Give us adrenalin rushes from your happiness
I pursuit it with cheerfulness, merriness
How lovely, how delightful
How grand, how frightful
You've come out to be
I'm sorry, I'm not you, baby
No remorse...please, no more remorse
I'm getting out of the tune and you are off course
Of course
I want to sing...and bring you happiness and joy
I don't want to be manipulated like a torn-apart toy
I don't know - heads up, 7-up...
I sometimes feel like giving up
But, that means giving in 
You'll be with me through thick and thin
I'm happy and then, I'm not
You're happy and I forget
Why do I sit here and rot?
Why do I soak in so much regret?
Watching the crows soar
Watching the doves soar
I'm feeling free to the core
I love you more and more...
Yet, there's so much more in store...
You're the one that I adore...
Watching the sky soar vibrantly...
Watching the sun shine violently
Watching the moon shimmer anew...
I am just sick with dem luv flu...
It's nothing new really
I'm just a delusional daydreamer
I'm just a delusional daydreamer
I'm just...a forlorn wild child...
That's soon-to-be mild

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by JW Earnings | Details |

Maroon Moon

I have come to see your smiling face and I can't help wondering where you've been 
I have often wondered what went wrong between us...you know what I mean
Weeping and sleeping way too much lately
I need you more and more because I'm growing sorrowful and lazy frankly 
Oh oh oh 
Oh oh oh!
Ooooh oooh

Pre-ch: We were gazing at the stars dreamily
We were one with flawless ecstasy 
Baby, come back to me as soon as possible
Someday, someday we'll do anything to do the impossible 
Do the impossible

Ch: You, you are my maroon moon that shines my way
You take the bad days away, I want you to stay
You are vibrant like the stars
You successfully mended my scars 
You, you are my maroon moon
You, you are my maroon moon
What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Tell me darling,
Tell me the truth and I bet it's true
You're true to yourself
I want to be like you,
Maroon moon

I keep dreaming you and I are shooting stars in the moonlit sky
Believe me when I say you are everything to me...don't ask why
I wouldn't dare lie to you or say goodbye to you 
But, I would hike Mount Everest just to hang around you and cuddle close to you too
It's a cold world without your beaming eyes, 
Staring up at me with compassion and you're far better than listening to lovely lullabies

Pre-ch: We were gazing at the stars dreamily
We were one with flawless ecstasy 
Baby, come back to me as soon as possible
Someday, someday we'll do anything to do the impossible 
Do the impossible

Ch: You, you are my maroon moon that shines my way
You take the bad days away, I want you to stay
You are vibrant like the stars
You successfully mended my scars 
You, you are my maroon moon
You, you are my maroon moon
What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Tell me darling,
Tell me the truth and I bet it's true
You're true to yourself
I want to be like you,
Maroon moon

It's you I love
No one else, but you
It's you, my dove
I'll wipe your tears that make you feel blue
All I say is true
All I say I'll do

Pre-ch: We were gazing at the stars dreamily
We were one with flawless ecstasy 
Baby, come back to me as soon as possible
Someday, someday we'll do anything to do the impossible 
Do the impossible

Ch: You, you are my maroon moon that shines my way
You take the bad days away, I want you to stay
You are vibrant like the stars
You successfully mended my scars 
You, you are my maroon moon
You, you are my maroon moon
What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Tell me darling,
Tell me the truth and I bet it's true
You're true to yourself
I want to be like you,
Maroon moon

I, I take a glimpse of shadow, entwined with yours
I'm trying to accept the changes and the challenges with it 
Every time I'm a busy man, doing my job at home by doing chores,
I think of you and look up to you, my maroon moon of joy I gotta admit 
It's as simple as one plus one...don't be gone
Our love is meant to be, our battles are won
Off you trot, dark feelings that leave me to rot 
But, we'll never be defeated if we hold on to His light of the night...our efforts of making it with each other is not all for naught 
I can't let go of you, my adored love of mine, so divine 

You, you are my maroon moon
You, you are my maroon moon
What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Tell me darling,
Tell me the truth and I bet it's true
You're true to yourself
I want to be like you,
Maroon moon

You, you are my maroon moon
You, you are my maroon moon
You, you are my maroon moon
You, you are my maroon moon
Echo your love to me, I want to know if you love me too
Tell me if it's true,
My maroon moon
You, you are my marvelous maroon moon
We will be together again soon...soon...soon...

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Christine Phillips | Details |

I'm Back

Last year you beat me up
And poured vinegar in my cup
Last year you humiliate me
And hire criminals to torment me.
Last year you deny my friends and families
The natural right to be happy
My children went to bed 
On Christmas day without food
While you drink and laugh
with your friends and called me a damn fool.
Last year I came to you for help
But you belittled  me instead.
You spread out your sordid legs before me
camouflaging under white sheets
And grinning your tobacco stained teeth.
Last year you brought discord among my race
Thus inciting a worldwide disgrace.
You have dominated my house, infiltrated the churches
Spreading political propaganda from the pulpit
and preaching biblical hate while some 
of your so call missionaries are spitefully
destroying homes and family.
Take your dirty hands off the innocent children
And allow them to grow and live like children
They should be tucked  in their beds at nights
And not among fake mothers and delinquent fathers
who are posing as one big happy family just to
conduct unscrupulous activities.
Stay away from the daycare centers and stop
using warm hearted children as instruments
in your  brutal and villainous  operations.
I sat on the street corner observing you from a distant
parking your car at the front door
And leaving with another from the back door.
I stood right next to you at the New Years Eve party
Watching your glass going up in cheers 
And making deceitful and ruthless  plans for the New Year.
I was even sitting with you at the poker table
Listening to your big chat watching you
puffing cigar and exchanging big dollars
to fabricate and execute  another plot.
I have followed you straight into your mysterious room
Where you convened your secret meetings
and formulate your business deals 
I have taken notes of your evil and treacherous  plans.
Wow! you believe that are so mighty and  powerful
You can have everything taken care of in split seconds
Name the price and the job is done
Oh what a wicked and cruel generation!
I have infiltrated every community
Every estate, business and properties
your social clubs and extravagant dinner parties.
Last year you brought me down so low
You have discredited my office and block my ambitious 
and generous plans just to have your way and dishonor my race.
But now I am back with strength and spiritual power
This year you cannot break me
Even when you out numbered me
I will still stand strong and beat you with a power
that has never been witnessed in decades.
This year I am back and I have no time to chat
The lame duck is dead that you have planted in my back.
I have full grip of the handle now and all the facts are known
There are evidences of accomplices and participants
Who have dipped their hands in blood to move to the top.
You have target honesty, accused innocency and harassed purity 
You have demoted and promoted to conceal the truth 
Used and suffer others to gain your blood stained honor 
Do not take me for granted  I am going to exercise my full authority
Every secret will be exposed and every act of cruelty will be deposed
And the hidden abusive secret power that is responsible for
The global misery and  worldwide atrocities  will be eliminated.
Love and peace will be restored to countries,
friends, homes, families and communities.
Get out of my way!
I am on my way to an emergency meeting
Repent before it is too late!
Because I am back!
                                                                 ©2015 Christine Phillips

Copyright © Christine Phillips | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Edmund Linton | Details |

Looking-Back Smile

We were chasing each other through the woods,
behind the old neighborhood
where your parents still live.
I was heaving with bent-over laughter,
trying to catch up to your looking-back smile,
and then you disappeared into that opening
where the sun used to break through
during our childhood Summers,
shimmering across strained mirrors
and chrome plated bumpers of long forgotten broken down cars.
When I saw you,
leaning against the flaked hood of our old rusty green car,  
chin resting in the palm of your hand,
beautiful shine written across your face,
you were reaching through a missing windshield
shaking that bent steering wheel,
reminding me this was the place
where we learned to drive.
A place where the musty smell of rain-soaked vinyl and dried oil,
doors fused shut by seasons of rust and stillness,
and tireless dreams would take us
anywhere we wanted to go.
We drove a thousand miles and back
on one tank of gas,
leaning into curves so tight
that I could smell the soap
your mother used on shirts,
and you would push me away with an elbow,
never even taking your eyes off the road.
I pressed the pedals
and you changed the gears,
because you said you were older,
and I said ladies always go first.
Except when we drove along the beaches,
moving slowly in white, low tide sand,
so you could toss breadcrumbs to the Seagulls,
worrying over whether each one got a meal.
I would say, let’s go see some city lights,
where you could look out the window,
and blow fake kisses to people standing on the sidewalk,
and you would say, one more ride down the boulevard please,
just one more.
Then one day you turned and blew a kiss at me,
knowing that I couldn’t tell if it was fake or real,
so you pressed the palm of your hand to my cheek,
and I felt dizzy because your lotion was so strong.

That was close to the time
we spent an entire afternoon,
cruising the back-roads,
searching for the cat you found
that didn’t come home for three days.
The one you cuddled and kissed,
and wouldn’t let anyone hold.
The one your father chased through
every bedroom of the house,
until its claws got tangled in a bedspread,
and he tossed it right out the back door -
blanket, pillows, and all.
You snatched up the blanket,
eyes puffy and red,
throwing it over a low hanging limb
like you were setting up a new home.
You cried for a solid hour,
until I got quiet,
and you started a pillow fight under that homemade tent,
feathers flying across the yard
like a flock of white moths.
Summers later,
you finally let me drive first,
so you could ride past your friends,
waving with sunglasses,
tossing your head back like a famous movie star.
You always knew that when I changed gears fast,
pressing the pedals hard to the floor,
we were heading to open road,
where you would lean out the window,
turning your arms like airplane wings,
glancing over at me with a playful grin,
hoping that I would notice how beautiful you looked.
And I would turn on the South road,
where we would drive across long bridges,
to islands that were lit by small flames,
holding on to each other’s arm
like we were never coming back.
And when we did
we made a promise,
knowing that some turns in the road
may take us on a different path,
we would never forget the rides we took
in that old green car.

Copyright © Edmund Linton | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Aa Harvey | Details |

Heaven is what you make it

Heaven is what you make it.

I have walked in the footsteps of the dead,
Along the barren wastelands that exist within our heads.
I have fallen from Heaven on Earth down to Hell,
But now I am back again and all is well.

Hell is real so go beg for forgiveness from God,
For our lives are eternal and we are not good enough,
To not taste death; for no man is immortal.
We can only step into the Garden of Eden after our heart has been slaughtered.

Dead and gone was I from this beautiful world,
But I came back in search of love and I got the girl.
She showed me paradise and I flew like an angel released,
From the chains of self-loathing and the misery within.

Entrapped in asylum, hiding from the big bad world,
I found my Heaven my destiny and my worth to you all.
I am here to enlighten you all to the beauty in front of us;
The paradise was lost, but now it is found; it is in us all, just have trust.

Every little thing of beauty, from the smile to the skies above;
I have found my first Heaven, thanks to trust in God and love.
The man/woman up above showed me what real life is for me;
A continuous search for paradise in every sunbeam to every tree,

To every person who isn’t arguing with me.  I see an angel in the making,
Because this landscape of life every day is simply breathtaking.

Any weather, anywhere, anytime, anyone.  This is Heaven for all of us.
The first Heaven is the Garden of Eden, aka Earth.  It is so good.
Realize that we are privileged to be positive and alive,
Because tomorrow will be our wonderland, 
With beautiful birds in the sky.
The grass beneath our feet and the songs we hear are divine.
The love we share, the laughter and every hug is sublime.
We just need to make ourselves happy and think of joy,
Then we will find our paradise is beneath our feet.
Our dreams of a future are there for every girl and boy,
To go get if we want happiness and we do!  I preach.

Love thy neighbor, live happy and spread love and hugs
And you will find you Heaven is in each person we love.
It is within us and it is in front of us; it is ours to build.
So ignore negative feelings and go change the world.

We have bad times, but the good outweigh the bad,
So take you frown and make yourself happy, not sad.
Live for love, dance, sing, write, speak and be joyous
And you will see nothing can stop our life in Heaven if we trust.

Trust in God or yourselves or your loved ones to find Heaven,
For the sunshine is God saying, go be with your friends.
Go run along the beach and enjoy every smile you have
And remember these times in photographs and forget the bad.

Remember even when alone you can be happy;
Remember time is precious, so spend it with you family.
Remember the children are the future, so smile with them,
For their smiles are genuine and they show us Heaven.
They love unconditionally, so we must too my friends;
I love you, I love you, so smile, not frown.

Turn your head upside down when sad and be happy,
For life is amazing wherever you are; I love my family.
I love you if you have read this, for Heaven is here my friend;
I would tell you more about Heaven, but this is the end.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Kelly Crenshaw | Details |

I hope

I'm 51 today.
51 tomorrow, yay
Was 51 yesterday.
52 is months away,
And yes I'm thankful.
Although it's not my real birthday,
It kinda is in a certain way.
I'm still alive another day.
I had the notion to celebrate.
And be thankful.
Though it's not a holiday. 
Thanksgiving has come and gone away,
I'm just alive today.
For that I'm thankful.
Honestly, I am not just trying to make these lines rhyme,
Or reflect upon the deep sublime.
I'm just grateful today to be alive.
I mean really thankful.
I'm not trying to wow you with philosophy,
Or impress you with theology.
It matters not at all to me.
I just feel thankful.
So tonight I take a walk outside,
I look up into the endless sky and then I breathe.
I breathe in deep,
And I say thank you.
And maybe not just to Who you think, 
Man let's throw in the kitchen sink,
And include all who've touched my life, to whom I'm thankful.
Some of you I'm glad you're gone,
Even tho you still live on
Frankly you stayed a bit too long
But some you the grave stole far too soon,
And yet I'm still thankful.
Today the living and the dead
You've both been right up inside my head, 
And synergized this verbal thread.
For that I'm thankful.
I close my eyes and think of Tim, named David right there toward the end. 
I always smile when I think of him,
And now I listen
I heard a siren going by,
I wonder who and wonder why,
Was it a wreck, did someone die?
Yet still I listen.
Neighbors dogs are going wild.
Was that the laughter of a child.
Seems like I can hear for miles.
Still I listen.
I hear the hi-way roar of cars.
Tho I have never heard the stars
Is there really life on Mars?
Shhh brain please shut up and listen!
The soft night whispers in my ears.
Pressing through my random fears,
I stand amazed at what I hear.
And now I wonder.
I open up my eyes and see as I feel this winter breeze
The silhouette of leafless trees.
I stand in wonder
Then I wonder about the first man to ever be,
Or the first time he looked up to see
The Milky Way the galaxies.
Did he wonder?
I wonder what he did
How he loved how he lived.
If he ever lost a friend?
Man oh man I wonder.
Was he the first to dig a grave?
How it sounded if he prayed?
How he fought?
How he played?
If that man could see us all today,
What would he say I wonder?
In ways was he a lot like me?
Did he sometimes fear what he could not see?
Did he create unseen walls 
Of unbelief?
I stand and wonder.
Did he ever hurt the ones he loved?
Did life convince him not to trust?
I wonder.
My great grandfather lived
My DNA is shared with him.
I wonder how we are the same,
And I don't even know his name.
Still I wonder.
Will my great grand kids know my name?
Will it even matter who's to say?
Will they look up in wonder?
Will they listen?
Will they be thankful?
Not much I can leave to them
That would matter too much in the end.
I suppose the primal hope in man
Is the hope I hope lives on in them
I hope they wonder. About the universe.
I hope they listen. To life's unspoken verse.
I hope they're thankful. Even in midst of deepest hurts. 
I hope they're thankful.
I hope they listen.
I hope they wonder.
And no matter what life hands them,
I hope they hope.

Copyright © Kelly Crenshaw | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Paul Powell | Details |



I am not perfect I am not a saint 
I have my vices my loves my hates

I am human flawed not unlike most of humanity 
I can admit to this quite openly 

I cry at times, I laugh equally as much one can see
I'm very much happy  complacent relaxed I try to be stress free

Any problems in my life are minuscule yes I compare
To the struggles of others everywhere 

Friends who've lost family members the stabbings knives carried by young boys
Those around me still suffering silently their friends don't even know

Why can't it be like the old days 
Fisty cuffs no knives or gun play

I strive to be better I move forward I analyse 
I wish so much suffering would disappear I hate hearing the cries 

I've found purpose in my life I just have to hold on learn not to  let go
I was for the longest time a lost soul
empty with so little to show

I now see much clearer so brightly for me the road is lit
I now know my purpose in life & I'm so elated with this 

the energy that flows surrounds me 
the positive force
I feel alive spirits lifted at last I am free 

What the future holds for me I do not know
But where it seems to be leading me I am compelled to follow

Blessed I feel yes blessed be
If I have continual inner happiness I can help others to be like me

Much calmer more clarity I think deeply I analyse 
I'm writing these words cos I've truly opened my eyes

Yes one can have ones eyes open but  can one truly see
Yes I surely can because as i said earlier I've been set free

I am not bound to the world I don't worship material gain or worldly needs
I have my life my health my inner strength I want to succeed 

No darkness surrounds me but so much positive I can't complain
try not to let negativity bombard & disrupt ones  brain

Well to be me not perfect Flawed disorganised I do try 
To make myself better so happy am I 

When you're reading this please i want you to understand 
I am moving forward il make myself a better man

So to all I offer my positive energy
Take some I don't mind
but leave me a little yes I'll be fine

I draw this to a close it has soon reached its end 
I've found my calling my purpose from now to  my life's end 

I know what I am now but in the future what I'll be 
I'll be ascended I will fly yes I believe this to be

I'll help others selflessly as much as I can
and those that know me already will truly understand 

I love this fact the changes slowly I see
i know it won't be instant,  ke se rah what will be

My eyes speak the truth honesty in my words 
Extra extra  read all about it I will not be deterred 
from the path that I've been clearly set for me 
Unburdened ill head towards light & get to where I want to be

Where that is yet not so clear but the signs are there it shows
All I know it's a wondrous happy place, a place to learn be enlightened I know 
I am ready to take this journey I am so ready to grow 

So let me get on this mission a challenge I'm sure 
It's my life I intend not to hold back anymore  
      I'm seeing life more clearly now i am  free content  happy, I will soar &I'm ready to fly xxxx


Da Predman powriginalpoems2make u :) 
the urban poetry collection

Copyright © Paul Powell | Year Posted 2013

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details |

Backyard Politics of Love, etc

By now this self-analytical Left mindbody lens grows thin
imagining dualistic cultural dominance,
logically sciencing,
rationally defaulting to either-or assumptions
supposedly proving either x or y
does notnot also equal x + y = (0)-squared
fractally regenerative temporal health-balance
unfolding c(+) + c(-,-)
bilaterally bicameral delicious eco-lovely light.

Which seems to merge natural with spiritual,
co-functional ecological paradigms of temporal-dialectical analysis,
networking through (0)-sum economic and political cooperative-regenerate
functional potentialities for me,
my struggling and also loving-listening family,
and my neighborhood,
our BioRegional Network CoOperative
of WinWin Positive-Balanced
strategic optimization of health's internal as external climate adjustments
toward truer-healthier Yang/Yin EcoCentric Balance.

I still work toward hearing political and economic love-potential
through loud and dissonant, sometimes wild and downright ugly,
voice within my own richly diverse extending muticultural families.
What might I do that could actually please all sixteen
of my grandparents grandparents?
AND, all our current grandchildren's future grandchildren,
nearly regardless of species,
although I do harbor some prejudices again overly aggressive and thorny brambles, 
gratuitously clinging out-of-control ivy,
and, well, yes I see my anthrocentric desires to recreate
to please my own aesthetic and nutritional pleasures.

I still play while listening within political-economic bird and insect song
and dance
and rhythms of embryonic development patterns
of polymorphic co-exegetically healthy growth and safety trends.
This backyard outdoor therapeutic time
speaks more clearly through Earth's patient Love Development Languages,
logos of Earth's revolving nutrient-rich dipolar light
as notnot equivalent
binomially TransParent YinYin
EcoConscious BiCameral Light.

Here, embryonically swimming in warm organic early June's DeLight,
fluttering yang/yin breathing leaves of forest waves
scenting pollen's fertile fresh scent,
Yang love Yin loves Yang,
much more contenting
then Yang dominates Yin recesses bipolar-oppositional-defiant;
projecting future eco-not-so-logical climate changes
of a revolutionary traumatic EarthBound Nature,
bad news for RNA and DNA regenerate health
co-operative investors.

Now if we could grow stronger love inside the house
to smell and feel and sound more reminiscent
of this outdoor song and dance party,
perhaps I might have more to offer my neighbors,
especially the edibles and ornamentals,
between which my Fetal Alcohol Defiant Daughter
quite often fails to distinguish.

Fortunately for ornamental me,
a female robin just stopped by
to invite our co-mentored Basic Attendance Therapy
between apparently alien-languaged biosystems.

Her visit honors me,
as she invites my reconnection
within our shared ReGenerating Heritage
and Future CoCreation Story.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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