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Liquor of Lament: My Glass is Half Full

Verse 6: I've given up love countless times I needed to pay up for my heartbroken crimes I already repented for my sins that made my high hopes paper-thin Don't you feel that envy from deep within? Searching around, wondering where you've been Wander with me in the forest of faith and hear me out if you are all ears Trying our best to pass the test that we detest Innocence clothed us before we lost it all through smiles and tears Years later, we're still together, even when we rest...even though I act like a pest... I'm impressed that you dealt with me so easily I'm a smarter hard worker ever since you set me free I'm a survivor I'm so much wiser I'm a giver, not a taker I'm not a heartbreaker or a forsaker I'm a creator of healing grace unlike any other, so much joyful fruit to gather Positive auras is what I get from the wisdom of our mighty Father {pre-chorus} {chorus} Verse 7: I'm only human, so I'll be making my mistakes I'm a lonely man, so I'll be praying for chances to belong I'm only human, so I'll be drinking the liquor of lament I'm a dog without an owner, so I'm writing this sad, yet from-the-heart song All my life, I've sharpened the knife of Shame Shadows consume me and reflections haunt past is a hideous name My high spirits can't be tamed...I'm not the one to blame... You came to me, you came to me and gave me wings to break free In the darkness of my oblivion to illuminate me... Never exiting this ecstasy next to sea {pre-chorus} {chorus} Verse 8: Closing my eyes for the remedy of rest I've yearned for Posing like a model next to a camera...snap pictures and explore You are my drug of delight and I want you more and more You picked me off of the filthy floor I lay in clouds of regretless love that I covet I can't get enough of glad we met You made me wet with pleasures so swell Our kisses and hugs ring a were a friend that treated me so well You're my heaven and I'm your forgave me for being selfish I can tell Never should've drank that liquor of lament That liquor, liquor, liquor of lament...not broken, just bent {pre-chorus} {chorus} Verse 9: I made that mistake that I can't undo... Now I'm left to repent for the wrong I didn't mean to do I didn't mean to do I'll blame it on my luv floo You made me love you too How could you? I said hello to you; but in return, I get a goodbye of rue I aimed for the stars, but instead, I hit the moon Take your time as you and I sing a most familiar tune We are young in heart still... Don't you act like a deadly pill... Stop pulling my heart strings Your rage is like a bee that stings I engage in the sensuality of my soul You're my lightingale and my clever tool You're the bleak poison that makes me weak I'm avoiding another glass of fake gladness...I want to be sober and meek So, don't speak... I don't want to hear your prideful greediness I don't want to hear your madness, your sadness, your lack of progress Take all of me if I'm the boy you want Take all of me if I'm the boy you need Take all of me Take all of me Before time runs out Before hope turns to doubt {pre-chorus} {chorus} Verse 10: Life is card game Strife won't leave me be My wild child heart needs to be tame Oh I see, you don't love me Our sex wasn't enough I didn't give it to you rough I tried to act smart and tough But I'm dealing with some difficult stuff Take a bite into me I'm the good apple that's pleasant for the eyes to see Lick me up and down I'm the tattoo mark on your skin, I'm your lover, your beloved kin...that covers up your sin I'm the bandaid on your bullet wound of glory I'm the tourniquet to your broken leg of inability You're the seed that planted itself in me You're the greed that took away my humble me, you see? {pre-chorus} {chorus} Verse 11: Be considerate and keen for once in your life Why do your harsh words cut like a jagged knife? Oh no, I can't hold on to this anger, boiling in my blood Oh no, your paradise was spent on someone better than me...what's up with that, bud? Pin me down with your heavy load of appealing pleasure beyond measure No kidding, you are the best compared to the rest that's for sure My heads under the surface of hopelessness Your head is in the clouds of solace What's wrong with that picture? You don't appreciate the hardships that I endure Your loyalty and patience is what I need Your adoration is beyond sensation...I'm your top-notch weed {pre-chorus} {chorus} Verse 12: Your magical touch is too much to're the golden armor I wear You're the surreal song on the radio - turn it up a hair Everyone stops and stares at us as we run up the stairs You are my dream of reality that I dreamt of During nostalgic nights without you by my side You are the white dove of peace and pure love Abide by my side, my darling devil...where do you hide? Please don't hide... Take me on a bumpy ride {pre-chorus} {chorus} Bridge: I'm the valley and you're the mountain You're the flourishing flowers and I'm the fretful fountain You're my muse that rings in my head so're the happy blues You're my black and white checkered rose in the field of gracious good news The world of woe seems to beat me down With mood swings and tragedy that burns on... I'm a clown, wearing a frown I'm the dusk before nightfall and you're the dazzling dawn I make out with my mesmerizing sunrise right before my eyes, Right before my eyes, yeah Reminds me of you on your happy-go-lucky days I'm sorry that we went our separate ways...oh, our own separate ways Now, I'm gulping up liquor of lament Liquor, liquor, liquor of lament A guilt that overflows Clearly, my shame shows The wicked wind surely blows When you and I express our highs and lows Ooooh ooooh ooooh... Ooooh ooooh ooooh... Our highs and lows Ooooooh...ooooh...ooh... (Spoken) You walked out that door You left me with the one you adore You pity yourself, but I ain't buying your product of insecurity You belittle me with your rebellious spirit of nothing close to empathy You're a rebel and a liar I'm the hero and a warrior Don't put a label on me Because I will burst in flames of anger and hostility I resent the person I've become Now, I'm feeling empty and numb Catch me as I fall and make me feel whole as well Attach me to your passionate heart of titanium...can't help but be under your spell

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