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Long Falsehood Poems

Long Falsehood Poems. Below are the most popular long Falsehood by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Falsehood poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The True Mother

“The True Mother”

What part of a heart
in another could one trust
when betrayal comes
like a silver bullet words and deeds
sharp piercing to burrow 
bleed out Life’s dreams 
rust crumbles to dust

Virulent apathy spreads 
Betrayal’s destruction 

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Categories: falsehood, betrayal, imagery, love, mother daughter, psychological, symbolism,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Truth is all an act in government exposed
One small little country which houses 
one of the highest paid governments 
in this modern world joke ran upside down

A big part of our life existing reality 
when the backbone is gone snakes appear with...

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Categories: falsehood, betrayal, ireland, political, rights, society, truth,
Form: Political Verse
Long Before ISIS
Thirty years ago, long before ISIS started executing Kurds, Muslims and Christians, I hired a Pakistani Muslim as an art director in Chicago. I was an Irish Catholic editor putting out a small national magazine....

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Categories: falsehood, friendship,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Burning truth steps forward
Something that stuns me from revelations awakening 
All good people of the world see you Isis 
clearly diamond cut your scale tips heavy 
with the wealth that's stolen from foreign lands 
to build weapons of...

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Categories: falsehood, abortion, addiction, allusion, betrayal, child abuse, creation,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Face Of Modern Slavery
A shameful act in this world we live today
surely an educated mind can clearly see the truth behind a mask
Ignorance is the hardness of heart manifests in such violence 
The horrors and inhumanity of it...

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Categories: falsehood, christian, dark, emotions, truth, drug,
Form: Narrative

Contemplation of Divinity
What do you suppose is the best of gifts,
bestowed upon us by Divinity?
I’ll say, thought, to ponder infinity ~
For in contemplation do spirits lift
as one bears witness to all that’s divine
in nature’s miracles of creation

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Categories: falsehood, appreciation,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
This is a brand new truth so give me focus attention, 
in spite of all I've been through life keep challenging me, 
just realizing am on a sinking ship, 
following folks in friendship hoping...

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Categories: falsehood, hero,
Form: Rhyme
The Devils Army
See them coming they are possessed 
See them coming they are obsessed 
See them coming they are undressed
Their blood filled eyes stares at us in disgust 
And big guns protrudes from their sides, they are...

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Categories: falsehood, betrayal, break up, bullying, conflict, confusion, death,
Form: Free verse



Are we going to enter the ill-fated whirlpool 

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Categories: falsehood, humanity, life, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Don't Just Murmur
Don’t Just Murmur



Are we going to enter the ill-fated whirlpool 

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Categories: falsehood, visionary,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member GOD WE BLAME YOU
GOD we blame you for the evil that we do. Why don't you keep coming to our rescue? Just wipe it all away, make everything new so the crazy and foolish things we can continue...

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Categories: falsehood, forgiveness, freedom, future, happiness, health,
Form: Prose Poetry
Feelings on Our Independence Day

Today 15th August, we are celebrating 
The 67th Independence day of India.

My country
Has yet to witness the glimpse
Of an enchanting flowering season,
When winds would be flowing    
On the rhythms of changing scenes

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Categories: falsehood, feelings, independence day,
Form: Epic
Premium Member The Boadicea Blood Cup
"The Boadicea Blood Cup"

Didst thou think? Didst thou?
Didst thou think, at all?
That thou would remain untouched, unchecked, unscathed
Safely locked up away from mine wrath and thee, thy self-made grave?
Imprisoned in your Dark Lost Woods of...

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Categories: falsehood, daughter, home, lost love, love, magic, mother,
Form: Free verse

My new life has begun…
My history is manuscript pages thrown away never to return.
A romance has begun…
I am once more in love with love;
Watch my heart glow as it once more gets burnt.
This fire inside,...

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Categories: falsehood, hope, light, love, marriage, true love, wife,
Form: Bio

My cornerstone is in the rain and the rain is going to come down to my house and the rain is going to be cold and 
The cold rain is going to be late 

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Categories: falsehood, corruption, creation, death, destiny, fate, freedom, god,
Form: Free verse
I am A Boy Living In A Country
I’m a boy living in a country where
We get emotional over every government move
And every government move is chartered over our emotions
Emotions are chastised whether it or let be
One trying to correct the wrong,
But nay,...

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Categories: falsehood, celebration, corruption, dedication, discrimination, family, fantasy, spoken
Form: Free verse
Bring It On
Eckhart Tolle says, "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness."


To this, I say, bring it on
Throw everything at me, the night of your own right,
And as sure...

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Categories: falsehood, abuse, adventure, devotion, gothic, inspirational, love, war,
Form: Rhyme
Love and The Romance of Their Lies
They will tell you that love will change your life
That just a little pinch of romance
Can make your spirit dance
And that your heart can reach a higher plain
Where nothing seems quite the same
They tell you...

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Categories: falsehood, life, love, peoplelife, heart, romance, change, fairy,
Form: Free verse
A Few Things to Consider Before Brown-Nosing In My Presence
1) I hate brown-nosers far more than I hate most other nosers 
of virtually any known color!

2) I will make it a point to slap you in front of your superiors,
with a biblical fury, the...

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Categories: falsehood, angst, career, corruption, jobs, philosophy, political, work,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sincerity versus truth
Sincerity versus truth- who wins?

Sincerity is a noble quality found in 
many humans,
does it win over truth?

Many will argue,
"it doesn't matter what you believe
as long as you are sincere"!
so then,
sincerity is often linked with innocence

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Categories: falsehood, analogy, celebrity, feelings, introspection, judgement, meaningful, truth,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
The Complaint Part 3
Both heights and lowlands we traversed to spread Your message; O glad pain!
Not even once, You know well, we strove against the world in vain.
Not only land we bore Your Word glorious across the heaving...

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Categories: falsehood, allah, faith,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Pain and Solitude
Distance flung miles away,
You turn behind and run away,
Saying no words of goodbye ,
You have taken all my hearts,
I'm heartless and breathless 
Here, I'm all alone and broken,
Longing for your return to the palace of...

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Categories: falsehood, absence, anxiety, betrayal, for her, girlfriend, heart,
Form: Free verse
The Gardner
-The Tree of Life- 

Featuring: Casarah Nance
 ~~I am beautiful on the inside you will see~~
   ~But really I am scarcely a tree in the woods.~
Beauty found a tree that sits...

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Categories: falsehood, anti bullying, beauty, crazy, daffodils, evil, flower,
Form: Alliteration
Better let me know what’s being done in the dark,
When you are far from here,
I start to slug.
Only you bring the light that burns with cheer,
I`m your lover before the world start turning back.
The road...

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Categories: falsehood, adventure,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member The Tale of Two Bible's

Genesis, Eve conceived a man child with the help of the Lord, Cain was always preceived as the first born of Adam, so Abel must have been first the born via...

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Categories: falsehood, allegory, allusion, analogy, bible, confusion, god, truth,
Form: Haibun