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MY HERO This is a brand new truth so give me focus attention, in spite of all I've been through life keep challenging me, just realizing am on a sinking ship, following folks in friendship hoping to get mentorship, looking good but lack God, saying I must be famous cause I've got friends but soon I realized that they're fake, living in falsehood for fun and since am not a fink I was fazed, I had a flashback then I fall back, I know am not fit to fight cause I fear failure and frustration. I yell cause of their yammer yet year after year I wander as though in yonder, knowing am not getting any younger I when to Yankee though I was told in new York people still live under yorks even though they stand taller, not long in life I realize that in London all things are not random. I ploy to pardon all who wrong me while am still in the par-low, right now there are so many people in my plan, I've got too many stuff pile up under my plan pillow but I don't worry cause am not in a hurry, I need attention but not under tension cause I got good intension just trying to get out from this detention, in my determination to change I've authorization to visit every nation for occasion, but the publication introduce my profession for expedition but am sure I'll make it even because of my makeup. Anytime am on vacation I went deep into meditation , and my condition seem to have no solution, but the reflections from my station explain my inspiration, friends encouraged me to strive harder in other to get to the top, they told me to keep on keeping on, to them success is the constituted and consummated proof of hard work so they give me space cause am special but deep inside me I know that my life have no spare, am not here to impress, but to influence cause am important to the game of life. Not all who live in Kashmir have cash, neither are all who live in Shanghai live high, but is important to know that everything that doesn't have proof will never make history, we don't have to gather to go to Uganda but you need focus to stay in front, I leaned that in Sudan things don't happen suddenly just last summer I was told that in Soweto people still sweat, troubled be the recent happening I went to Shiloh to supplicate cause life have been unfair, before then I had to borrow some Milo that was measured in a Kilo just for the maro but my faith is still small, I could not fathom how I got to the bottom but I did realize that every nation have a notion that motion it action. I was driven by un-satisfaction to look for solution that'll last, tired of trying, fed up with my past and worried about today and afraid of tomorrow, my whole life was in a mess cause I missed the man Jesus, while in the temple I hear the priest saying you'll triumph in Christ when he's the healer every cause is cure, he said the Son came to pay the sum, I can afford to waste my minute , I don't even know my limit, as it is I don't have any option left so I went for the catch but with no cash, the search scratch me but am not scared , I was told He will deliver me form destruction so I desire divinity and with determination am careful not to be deceived though I came with scares but am not shy, I accept to confess him Jesus and ever since everything's new now I've the real copy cause am made in his image , I've since stop chasing after shadow cause I've got substance to live by now, I don't gamble, grumble, tumble cause am humble and therefore I can't be scramble, I got a saviour who knew my fault but still never let me down, he's the one who knew my worst but still love me the most check his profile it'll profit you, I've got Jesus in my mirror and guise what? he's MY HERO
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