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Face Of Modern Slavery
A shameful act in this world we live today surely an educated mind can clearly see the truth behind a mask Ignorance is the hardness of heart manifests in such violence The horrors and inhumanity of it heartbreaking reality reeks A mortal sin attacking the vital principle within us all slavery is very much alive and growing each dawning new day New bigger than ever in the 21st century, returning evil dawns Turn a blind eye poor unfortunate girls without a voice cry for love India has the largest number of slaves in the world we live in The dark side of such a beautiful country an evil vice grips hold Taking a new form, bride trafficking exploiting the poor those unfortunate falling prey to traditional arranged marriages some are sold off like objects for as little as 160 euro's, up to 225 euro's 5000 rupees Vulnerable young women exploited forced into hard labor some injected with drugs e.t.c they say their life is Hell not worth living Working morning and night beaten in extreme heat raped by family members Their is a social status manufactured from all this a stigmata deceit and trickery they are then disgraced known as purchased women Men and women so called mercenaries in a perverse vice looking at ill got wages they act as brokers in a deliberate choice of evil This the gravest violation of good clouds and corrupts judgement Entrapment and sale of poor unfortunate vulnerable women as brides victims of greed to an illegal trade one grave offence Turning away from evil out of fear of punishment we ourselves are in a position of slaves Studies have been carried out the world over treating women as baggage or a commodity or an item of less worth they lead their victims into evil doing without choice They do the most punishing of manual labor exploited under extreme conditions Some have been taken from their families forcefully again'st their will then sold many times over as sexual objects and given drugs sedated to prevent them from escaping living a life of constant fear Tears roll down my cheeks law is a broken promise of truth to protect innocence 25 years of selective abortions willfully being practiced by doctors and surgeons alike protecting wrong doers cry people oppressed forced in some circumstances life is sacred a verdict of moral conscience Only in the female section a shame and disgrace now a population of mostly men seed of their wrong doing Oppression of the poor cries to Heaven for revenge keeping of slaves deprives thee laborer of their wages were is human rights in all this God be merciful Our blessed mother holding Queen of Heaven sits with the father and the son forgive them as they are blind to the truth an ignorance in their guilt A mothers tears are the most precious love one blessing The suffering of these innocent girls, we all seek happiness in the fairy tale end Rich men acting as brokers dowries a property exchange how awfully sad How shameful this is slavery returning to the past sins enduring a life of constant sexual abuse considered unclean this should be banned as it turns my stomach were is equality More the Devil's advocate, such heartache and tears justice a virtue all because you were born a woman some are taken by force an uneven balance beaten and battered victims, a sadness overwhelms me Sex selective abortions, a blast again'st girls if the unborn child is female more than likely will be aborted Costs of dowries crippling to parents, going into debt A woman, one precious jewel in my eyes who gives birth to new life in the fruit of love, to be held equal with an equivalent say contrary to the divine law Created from a rib of man Families torn apart for what, such reason greed of money The countless women enslaved live in hope unrepented evil brings eternal darkness destroys charity This new prosperity is but a distant dream for some 10 million people in enslaved in India They have an imperialist attitude with political dominance over the poor The colonist legacy remains with status Some are considered of worthless class Slavery laws should be enforced abolishing such inhumane cruelty in such loveless acts fruits of charity are joy to behold brings peace and mercy as they project something to the outside world that they are not Hidden under the carpet their lies the sins of falsehood
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