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Long Escalation Poems

Long Escalation Poems. Below are the most popular long Escalation by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Escalation poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Monster Mowers
I am quite content with my little mowing machine; it does the job for me.
But not my crazy neighbors whom I used to call my friends, briefly…
Now they’ve become competitive, crazed out, monsters looking for...

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Categories: escalation, adventure, fantasy, funny, humorous, imagination, life, people,
Form: Free verse

666 of Boxing Day
Around 29AD, a saviour claimed eternity as a light of future hope,
Recorded or foretold, accepted or rejected, he left a message that stretched,
Across the pages of all mankind, throughout all time, resurrected but neglected,
Simple message...

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Categories: escalation, betrayal, boxing day , conflict, evil, faith, political,
Form: I do not know?
Do Not Grieve The Spirit Ephesians 4:25-27
Do not grieve the Spirit NKJV, "be
angry and do not sin. Don't let
the sun go down on your wrath
nor give (a) place to the devil."

There are only two types of anger or wrath. The one...

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Categories: escalation, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Podcast lesson re learned today
Podcast lesson (re)learned today...

(May 6,2020) for umpteenth time,
no deliberate attempt to rhyme
rather to express satisfying reason
incalculable absolute value prime
mate (me) derived bliss oh so divine.

Fresh animal tracks thru equa door
gave urge right of way
plethora experiencing...

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Categories: escalation, 11th grade, 12th grade, animal, cat, dog,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Morning Has Broken - 1
Morning has broken as it has done for many years
Day to day we continue without the fear of fears
Then out of the blue their comes thoughts from long ago
Prophecies of a past, that could halt...

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Categories: escalation, day, fantasy, fear, me, planet,
Form: Quatrain

Caught Up In a Fairy Tale
from Juniper’s Daughter:                      
War Is Obsolete – Futility and Hope
By Nick Armbrister

Caught Up In...

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Categories: escalation, anger, death, fantasy, history, technology, planet, drug,
Form: Verse
If beauty lays in the eyes of the beholder, can you allow my sight to hold your face a little longer... cause time seems to perish quicker in moments of my appreciation.  Sightless definitions...

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Categories: escalation, adventure, analogy, art, baby, beauty, crazy, cute
Form: Ballad
Escalating elephants
Is it not pleasurable to endorse an escalation of elephants using escalators in the tree lined shopping centre? Is it not welcomed the sight of strong strength upon steel rotations? Variable tusk equals variations of...

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Categories: escalation, allah, analogy, animal,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member For Survival or Greed? (Co-written with James Fraser)
Note:  Following a rash of local breakins, thieves murdered two people who happened to be 
at home when they entered.  This event produced a lot of anxiety for me and James was 

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Categories: escalation, life, socialanimal, dark, animal, dark,
Form: Quatrain
New Normal
An x-ray view of what was before while looking for the after now
Like a resurrection and afterlife on some biblical prophecy
Be aware on the conscious for its under attack by malware
soon to fully develop into...

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Categories: escalation, change, life,
Form: Rhyme
Android application development
Got bored by using old android applications? Now you can develop your own android app with the help of our development team. Android is a Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones...

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Categories: escalation, business,
Form: Concrete
rudiments of the day progress like every other
matches burning 1 by 1 so quick 
one can lose count &
if the practice is to tally up the path to death
step by step by step
(as if the...

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Categories: escalation, life,
Form: Free verse
Encapsulation Versus Elaboration
Encapsulation Versus Elaboration...

Therefore, I opted to
reduce heavy sedation
within unsuspecting reader rabbit
summarization superseded elaboration,
less reason spurring salacious secretion
i.e. a-z expletive epithet, et cetera laced

verbalization crucifixion subsequently,
neither nameless nincompoop (me)
crossing verboten drive,
nor this ditto anonymous
poetic purveyor to...

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Categories: escalation, addiction, appreciation, beauty, confusion, crazy, creation, identity,
Form: Dramatic Verse
So Poetic
The perplexity of my complexion
Is a God given blessin’
But many have been stressin’
Life’s annoying lessons
That’s in need of correction
But in no need of perfection
Due to the detection
Of affection
In my isolated section,
The convection
Of my teachings
Is telling...

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Categories: escalation, faith, father, life, on writing and words,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Escalating the Muse

"Escalating the Muse"

Written on the body
passive complacence
stretches sharp ink 
etched pain in the soul
then real beauty 
from the 
Book of Truth, 

a page moored
in transparent skin 


tattooed ceremonially
on the tongue
speaks diaphonous

Written on the body

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Categories: escalation, muse, truth, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fleeting Freedoms
Elderly man’s fishing net hangs in his shed
The fish he caught in his backyard stream multiply
Net use was banned; he couldn’t afford a pole
Joy and sustenance gone, a tear falls from his eye

House Bill 875...

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Categories: escalation, philosophy, political, socialprayer, rights,
Form: Quatrain
back into bed with Pakistan
like a lover who cheated on 
another &
the cheatee has little to no 
self-esteem, or in the case of
it just can’t get enough of 
sex with the US
($300 million a year in 
military funding &...

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Categories: escalation, life,
Form: Free verse
Experience and Love
Experience of mine is growing to appearance. 
This boy has shown me a new sort of development.  
A new sort of engagement and patience as well as the 
power of the unexpected.
I can rely...

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© Rose Lil  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: escalation, for him, heart, how i feel, engagement,
Form: Free verse
Fallen Heroes
You remember fallen heroes who died in
 the first and second world wars
Fighters were united and fought above
 political, tribal and racial grounds
Brought forth peace and freedom 
 which we enjoy
Hence, do not water down...

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Categories: escalation, anniversary, death, history, peace, peace,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The Colour of an Uncomfortable Truth
The colour of an uncomfortable truth

Bullets of ecstasy white powder clear spirits
shots into nothingness forgetting looking away
Translucent syringes monochrome devastation
fighting for a better world wholeness surrendering
to psychedelic transcendental illusion
Explosions into Nirvana black darkness oblivion
powerful mind-...

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Categories: escalation, abuse, addiction, war,
Form: Free verse
Night time
I stay late to steal the night air to owl cry, looking on the virgin ideas to rainfalls. August augmented my hope to millennium laughter. Bell rings to escort the escapees from scandals to bloom...

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Categories: escalation, good night, motivation, philosophy,
Form: Personification
the etiquette of selfless
The etiquette of the night stands by the curtain with contentment

Picture of crawling crickets hectic body of voters colored

The darkness of imagination manipulates to dark our constitution to 
constituency zone

The constant condemnation is an umbrella...

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Categories: escalation, dedication, faith, grief,
Form: Ballad
Grand Canyon
Tremendous vastness of Grand Canyon,
the earth drops away in escalation
reveling rims of canyon elevations.
River is slicing rocks
exposing chasm of gorges.
Chiseled by water 
vertical walls of rocks
are descending into abysses.
Canyon rims of mountains chasm,
eroding and falling...

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Categories: escalation, nature,
Form: Verse
tip-toeing Obama
got up this morning &
put on the proper shoes
to tip tippity 
tap tap tappy
dance for
walking the hardline with one
foot, whilst he got the
softline under the other,
telling us all that though 
Israel has the right to...

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Categories: escalation, life,
Form: Free verse
Flying high on the forty fourth plain 
Figuratively free flying 
Wings in the air.

Bought the ticket today taking the
Ten to ten in twenty two hours
Time is ticking to that thrilling

Destination Tahiti
Tickling to test the thirst...

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Categories: escalation, future,
Form: Alliteration