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Long Conceit Poems

Long Conceit Poems. Below are the most popular long Conceit by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Conceit poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Life's Fading Light-Part 1-Heroic Crown of Sonnets

When orchids bloom in beauty life's aglow
to hold emotions locked in deep repose
in young desire and love warm thoughts will show.
Affection holds its ardor as it grows
to burn inside young hearts in evening tide.
In darkest...

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Categories: conceit, age, death, love,
Form: Crown of Sonnets

Premium Member Lord Of Long Shadows, Master Poe And I
Lord Of Long Shadows, Master Poe And I 

Lord of long shadows had invaded hearth and home
sauntered in amidst cracklings of hot fireplace flames
Saying, " I like this sad place, may I freely roam
you know...

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Categories: conceit, art, fantasy, imagination, judgement, surreal, symbolism, writing,
Form: Rhyme
This Is Where The Money Is
I circled around the park three times and continue journeying towards the west
On my first cycle I met a couple sitting on the corner watching me like big brother
The young man shouted at me in...

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Categories: conceit, betrayal, corruption, education, endurance, environment, father daughter,
Form: Narrative
Accumulating Anger: The Ugly Beauty
The enemy draws near
I will not shed any tears,
For I'm stronger than fear
My cup is filled with cheers

The ugly beauty inside me will see me through
This shame and calamity that ended up in rue
The ugly...

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Categories: conceit, anger, angst, betrayal, courage, emotions, hope, pain,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Bone Music

Last night dinner
        with four other couples
                 and a drunken single girl


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Categories: conceit, confusion, dark, fear, girl, hate, moon, silence,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Acute advice to those who would be King from the THIRUK-KURAL: Valiarithal K475
Acute advice for those* who would be King from the THIRUK-KURAL: Valiarithal - K475
[*like presidents, prime and chief ministers, dictators or even modern-day "emperors" under the guise of revolutionary leaders of oppressed peoples]

Note: In this...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conceit, abuse, political, power, tamil, , cute,
Form: Epigram
Glory Days
Waited patiently for you
Hold up, I think this is true…
Feeling like I’m losing my pride
Something in me, again, has died

Going crazy, so back track to our good times…rusting like ancient dimes
I spent my days in...

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Categories: conceit, dark, deep, emotions, hope, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
The Question of why
one three letter word
why did you climb Mount Everest
because it's was there

Dad why do we have thunder and lightning
with knowledge of the time
perhaps his father answered
because theirs a God in the clouds


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Categories: conceit, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
The Arrogance of The Present
How, I wonder, do present people not
realize that what they do has been done?
That all their new fads, their new ideas,
have all had their day under the sun.
That we have lived without religions,
that gay unions...

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Categories: conceit, humanity, people, philosophy, political, truth, vanity, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
A Mandrake's Gesture vol. VI
Nowhere now, Geinere
awaited her day of 
unrightly judgment,
her only hopes of 
victory brought thoughts
of remorse and 
further difficulties
for herself and her dying
love.  No embrace
could be made.
Her silence would 
remain, for accusations
of such made, was...

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Categories: conceit, forgiveness, life, love, mystery, love, may,
Form: Epic
Can't decide if there's anything ever  worth sayin'
Done a lot in 23 years but feel like I've done nothin'
Opportunity cost, I hear the clock tickin'
Killin' time in Vietnam people watchin'
Seeing the way these ppl...

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Categories: conceit, change, community, corruption, courage, universe,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member MY MIND MY CHOICE

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Categories: conceit, appreciation, assonance, conflict, engagement, forgiveness, hope, how
Form: Dramatic Verse
Think before you do
Poem shortened due to size limit
Full Poem:

"Hold on my child! Watch your step!" 
My father could say enthusiastically to me
"Think before you do!" 
"The more you think first, the more abundant your life will...

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Categories: conceit, god, hero, humanity, leadership, society,
Form: Free verse
Is so amazing and cool
I know i can act like a fool especially in school (:
You are pretty inside and out
You know what I'm talking about - 
You are sweet and you aren't filled with...

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Categories: conceit, beauty, cute love, emotions, encouraging, for her,
Form: Rhyme

What am I, a product of a mad man's obsession to play God?
A cross breed’s creature between medicine and science?
For the whole of my parts taken from convicts, and social rejects,
Sown together by skillful hands...

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conceit, betrayal, conflict, confusion, halloween, history, imagery, science
Form: Free verse
Donald Trump the annointed one
President Trump You are the Annotated One - found poems from right wing christians 

God has anointed Trump 
as our leader
in these dark dangerous times
who am I to disagree
“I literally went to the Throne...

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© jake aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conceit, bible, fate, god,
Form: Free verse
Fallen Angel
To say her goodbyes, she was forced to wait,
'til final mourners long since departed.
Twin jet-black feathered wings shaken out straight,
forever alone and broken-hearted.

Celestial voyeur she'd once proudly been,
observing Mankind from Heavenly seat.
Had focused on one,...

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Categories: conceit, angel, bereavement, death, fantasy, first love, heaven,
Form: Rhyme
The Unceasing Question: What If

What if you were an inhabitant of a world
Where there's no hate, greed, jealousy, envy, and pride;
And one is not enraged by the prosperity of another?
What if conceit and enmity are erased from the course...

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Categories: conceit, anti bullying, black love, discrimination,
Form: Free verse
Humpty Dumpty starred in a nursery rhyme…
His fall accordingly was the talk at that time
Soon it was labeled as a mysterious crime
Needing solution thru wisdom’s prime!

Here am I submitting my document
Compliant to prudent investigative requirement.

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Categories: conceit, character, cheer up, faith, inspirational, meaningful, nursery
Form: Rhyme
Where Do I Turn 7-30
I've said the same things in my head about 24 times in the last minute but every time it meant something different.
These words might not make sense
BUT I'm still typing to fill some void I...

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Categories: conceit, angst, black african american, confusion, good night,
Form: Free verse
Life's Fate
Old servile sleep descends on heavy wings
From laden summits wrapped in icy clouds 
When, glassy-eyed, the owl cold midnight rings
And snowy mist the starry light enshrouds. 

Atop the ancient firs, the birds lie still
And cling...

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Categories: conceit, death, earth, life, nature, philosophy, stars, ,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Big Blues and Baptismal Alice
“The Big Blues and Baptismal Alice”

In the land of the dirty politician
Steely resolve was borne bidding
farewell to thinly veiled conceit and division
that particular brand of milk had long in the tooth turned sour
in her red-hot...

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Categories: conceit, courage, freedom, imagery, journey, love, woman, women,
Form: Free verse
Fair Game
Fair Game
I am The All-Mighty, The Ever-Exalted, The Supremely-Eternal.
To me belongeth the universes, the heavens, the earths, what dwells in-between.
Jinn and Men, I have created, for a sole purpose; duties internal and external.
Worship, glorify, bow,...

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Categories: conceit, god, religion, universe,
Form: Sonnet
What the Butler Heard
What the Butler Heard
Extract from a memoir

Lord Illustrious Penge of Lampwicker Hall,
Welcomed local Toffs, to his Name-Dropper ball.
Noses upturned with a touch of conceit,
Hob-Knobbing with gentry and gentleman elite.
Colonel recalled, his luncheon with Churchill,
Discussing backbenchers...

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© Kevin Shaw  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conceit, character, england, humor, satire, society, voice, word
Form: Couplet
To Tan A Ripper Hyde
As the receding 
nestles of dying
in full bloom,
sadly blown away.

The seasons of 
the massacreing 
tides of Autumn,
the soothing winds
of change,
now gently at bay.

As love's decree
of passion 
resides at chamber,
felt within the door.

To conjure...

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Categories: conceit, angst, confusion, introspection, philosophy,
Form: I do not know?