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Life's Fading Light-Part 1-Heroic Crown of Sonnets
Youth When orchids bloom in beauty life's aglow to hold emotions locked in deep repose in young desire and love warm thoughts will show. Affection holds its ardor as it grows to burn inside young hearts in evening tide. In darkest night the heat will burn and rise till naked, love's sweet flower blooms inside and once again my love the past implies. I'm not the dreaming soul you think you've known, this willing need that cannot be denied, is naught if not in love my feeling's grown, as sad, the winds of change cast hearts aside. Is not the pain of youth our last great stand as time, with heavy brow, is nature planned? Time As time, with heavy brow, is nature planned, to start the quest the instant life began. It ticks each moment past with second hand through infant life, to youth, and then to man. The years go by as sequenced seasons pass and miss each gentle touch of mothers breast. As hair of grey like waves of grain amass, we enter life's most cruel and crucial test. How quick the mind in once unfettered thought is now but clouds of muddled pother dust, and as the time moves deep in minds hard fought, the turning wheels soon slow to so much rust. No thought for life and love can further grow. Too soon the beating heart begins to slow. Passion Too soon the beating heart begins to slow as passion spent prepares to take its toll, and shooting stars burn down to subtle glow, the mind's illusions dream of heart and soul. Yet warmth and need can still ignite the flame if sparks in coals of burning love remain. Though slow the beats count down each ardent frame our need for touch and fervor we retain. For what is good without loves sweet caress on lonely night or stormy sullen day, to tightly hold each moment we possess and guard the heart from anger and dismay. The light of heaven's long goodbye's unplanned when passion's ember burns the gentle hand. Love When passion's ember burns the gentle hand, so, too, pure hearts can suffer in loves pain, but lessons taught, no matter how well planned can lead us down this broken path again. Emotions find the cracks in crystal yen then ebb and flow in watered essence's glow, and grow the seeds of doubt to wonder when through chinks in life's burst dam our love will flow. But fill each crack with heart's warm trust and truth and once again love's flower starts to bloom like soft bright petals only found in youth, we feel the sun burn past our time of gloom. Through life the warmth of pain awaits each day with flames of love that flicker old and grey. Age With flames of love that flicker old and grey the hope of life's sweet nectar I once gave. With you in pleasured touch we both would lay and from my lonely heart my life you'd save. As time moves on, though wisps of shadows fade, like honey to the bees love yet tastes sweet but tender touches lost in dark of shade remain recalled reflections of conceit. Let not the scourge of time erase the stain of need for heated pleasure so ingrained and loves mosaic tender heart's refrain then end to end our love we'll share unchained. As brown the leaves float free from trees unmasked. but moments gone, as youth filled questions asked. Sorrow But moments gone, as youth filled questions asked, no more of young loves wonder we request, for in our soul the answers are unmasked when stars align to find the lover's quest. In length of day, like shadows, darkness grows engulfing heaven's promise lost in fear, and clasp strong hands of those we hold so close from moistened cheeks we wipe a lonely tear. No soft and tender touch upon the brow when, tick, the clock calls out the lonesome hour, can change the path of fate we follow now, when life's sweet taste turns bitter, tart and sour. As we in fervid dusk filled evening lay the feelings lost to seasons never stay. Feelings The feelings lost to seasons never stay and life grows cold as little sand remains. But, o'er the heart the mind has little sway when strong emotions bleed through burning veins. Does anger, love or hate in time still lie, awaiting passion's burning deep inside, or ease in mellowed thoughts as days go by to tarry in the place where senses hide? The smile upon my face may turn in joy though deep inside my heart my feelings burn as eddies swirling lost in loves sad ploy awaiting their frenetic fierce return. Like comet's tail our hearts burn bright and fast for in the end it's just one soul that's passed. 04/19/16
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