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Lord Of Long Shadows, Master Poe And I
Lord Of Long Shadows, Master Poe And I Lord of long shadows had invaded hearth and home sauntered in amidst cracklings of hot fireplace flames Saying, " I like this sad place, may I freely roam you know friend, I do dearly love playing sad games". And with sardonic laugh, flew around and about breaking mirrors so no image was reflected Shall we see just how many pains I can churn out shouting, "let me remind, sad woes you've neglected". I questioned, asking if it would once be so kind, for I the master of hearth and home had some rights Shadow said, "ask away poor soul, I do not mind I oft get deeply bored on these cold wintry nights". Searching for something to give me some kind of sway for these darklings, can bring epic pains and sorrows I queried, "did you plague Master Poe night and day seek to destroy his joys and all his tomorrows"? That sardonic smile, and hideous laugh roared back I see you too like to play clever little games Somehow you figured out my past and are on track shall you be seeking any more great poet's names? Shall that triumph of my destroying power do to strike proper fear into your old, aching heart I shall advise, lets recall your woes, set your dues tis best we gaze at your love's losses for a start. Then with twinkling flame-red eyes, power to thus cast shadow snapped fingers, removed its covering mask This beauty was your first and you then swore your last need I give angelic name, dare you even ask? Through tears I saw my love, so many years passed on those dear blue eyes and her smile that I now so miss Then shadow showed her fiery death and bleached white bones asking, "would I want to touch, her decay now kiss"? I could not reply, the pain ached in me so hard my sobs echoed and gave shadow such immense glee Shadow cursed and cried, "you dare call yourself bard when you can not bear these sorrows, I gift to thee". Would your Master Poe not in deep dismay thus frown at this pitiful wretch, just one lost love has wrought You act as he, seeing Annabel's bloody gown knowing her sad death, has so much of his fame bought. I then saw envy in shadow's arrogant mind how it despised all poets and Poe's fantastic fame A great weakness, for such conceit makes one stone-blind seeding a crack in its misery birthing game. My thoughts interrupted, shadow had more to show it cast forth delicious picnic by a blue lake With it, image of my love Helen laughing so yet again this was more than this lost-soul could take Now begging, please, please, show me such losses no more I recall each true love that in my youth I failed Shadow have mercy, this one act I now implore save me from what, past death scene daggers have impaled With pride out of sight, it stooped to look down and close as it gazed I said, "your art and you are adored." Such was my chance to deliver truth's overdose you destroyed Master Poe yet more you have implored. Its rapt attention, flattering words soon did gain with guile I asked, why this world, your fame now denies For my poet's heart found words to shower like rain with, why does wicked world, ignore your righteous cries. Sent you to torment poets like Master Poe and I as a ghastly shadow, form devoid, with no name Its hideous face changed, tears formed as if to cry as it saw it too was victim, we were the same. I hid my smile, seeing rage and bitterness set in for shadow now felt wrongly used and thus betrayed Shadow felt my words, their true weight, knew just then his game lost, how by this loser he had been played. With a curt and dismissive bow he said goodbye proclaiming how my kind he'd visit no more Yet would greet me after my mortal coil shall die and with sardonic smile said, " to even the score." Entering my room on beam of glittering white from within Raven's painting out came my friend Poe Saying, "I told you we would have such great delight, that was same wicked shadow that dealt my death blow". I replied, "thank you grandfather of my dear muse, shall we drink or out that window at the moon shout For your guile, insightful words I wisely did use shadow now knows its pride, has been kicked about". Master Poe smiled and laughed saying, "what a grand treat your wicked shadow once won its game against me Now dearest friend, with our words we gave its defeat and we have for now set your poetic soul free." With fine advice, Master Poe bade me this goodbye write my friend, even dark poetry if need be For heaven hears poetic words artists pen-cry prays sweet blessings upon those believing as we. Robert J. Lindley, 11-19-2018 Rhyme, ( Long Shadow's Defeat and Poe's Revenge) (ORIGINAL VERSION STARTED IN 1978)
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