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Water Italian Sonnet Poems

These Water Italian Sonnet poems are examples of Italian Sonnet poems about Water. These are the best examples of Italian Sonnet Water poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Her to Her to I
In my bedroom the three of us all high:
her, her, and I: pass methamphetamine
in circle, her to her to I, our lean
mannequin forms pressed hand...

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Categories: drug, lost love,

Premium Member Senses
The senses are intended to mislead
a man in love. I know, his watchful eye
can see the angels flying in the sky
but drawbacks of his ladylove,...

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Categories: love, senses,

Premium Member Seahorses
They are the chariots of mermaids, the undersea calliopes
They grace the waves with their ballet
They are the turquoise flash within the spray
They are the steeds...

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Categories: fairy, fantasy, horse, magic,

Premium Member Resurrected
So close to death in Winter's cold embrace
Within a frozen dream I lie below
A pristine eiderdown of  fallen snow
Where ice has formed in patterns...

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Categories: spring,

Premium Member Bellagio Fountains
Two crystal clear streams reach into the night
Give misty waves of intrigue to the eyes
Lazily falling from shadowy skies
Then explode in motion enhanced by lights

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Categories: appreciation, art, beauty, water,


Forlorn, distance roots between you and I;
Carve 'neath fire silhouettes buried grief;
Burn then blurred by irrational mischief;
Has crimson love gone pale and...

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Categories: change, inspiration, love, relationship,

My favorite song
I cant remember the lyrics but it goes something like
then some lyrics about a girl
then the guitar goes
(ba ba ba papapapa
baaa babababa baaaa babababa
then there's...

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Categories: allah,

Premium Member Explosion of Light
A star, so proudly shining in the sky
Bringing out energy into our souls
Shining brilliantly just like some hot coals
One day it breaks free, seeming to...

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Categories: light, stars,

Beneath the Ball-Park Bench
Black markings shade the space beneath green eyes,
for Friday night means football in these parts. 
The name is Simon, snooping is my art,
my reg'lar seat's...

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Categories: pets, sports,

The recompense of war
The streets are empty
the birds stop singing
the children are not playing
the people look wan and scanty

the brooks are dry and frusty
the water taste blood and...

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Categories: dedication,

Waterfall Above
Waterfall cascades from above
And rainbows in the mist we see.
Together, you and me,
Enjoying new found love.
Raging waters push and shove,
Flowing fast out to the sea

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Categories: romance

Premium Member Black Rain
An active storm forecast for Hurricane Season
Sandbags, evacuations can save people’s lives
But offshore in black water a new threat now thrives
Inland states may suffer too,...

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Categories: natural disasterswater, may, power,

Premium Member Earth's Daughter
(I'm Virgo sun/Taurus moon, both earth signs)

My sun and moon in earth means I require
a stable and terrestrial atmosphere.
As constant as the seasons, I adhere

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My Love For You
A pure arousing freshness
Streams through the ocean air,
Crispy icey fingers surrround
The rain pulsates against
Pale fog  fondly caresses
White caps ram down 
Darken caves,
spray splashes the...

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Categories: love

~Wilful Water~
Such sweet sound; soft fall of stumbling stream
like murmur swept along whispered breezes,
this spoilt child, meanders as it pleases
with a wayward waggle of some winsome...

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Categories: nature

dfl on the time
the breathe will be cut
i write in live from my hut
i swim with my words
you fight yourself against these worlds
my ambition is to become a...

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Categories: peace, social, song-

In windy essence
What windy essence belie me so
As the flowers of my eyes stand naked bare
And a darkness about creep to my soul
Seems empty loomness on me...

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Categories: loss, me, me,

sweatdrops of a suffering civil servant

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Categories: sad,