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Horror Poems

Horror Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about horror. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for horror.

New Poems

Premium Member Tasmerelda - a fairy tale
Tasmerelda – A Fairytale?
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher

En Tigeray, es Tasmerelda
yearning err the Hooded Elder
and the Knight who rides in white
sighs Tasmerelda through the night

As tapestries sway back and forth
the midnight breeze comes blowing forth
and White Knight stands near hooded horror
Calling...Read More
Categories: horror, evil, fantasy,
Form: Verse

Pale Though Her Eyes: Vampire Poem
Pale Though Her Eyes
by Michael R. Burch
Pale though her eyes,
her lips are scarlet
from drinking of blood,
this child, this harlot
born of the night
and her heart, of darkness,
evil incarnate
to dance so reckless,
dreaming of blood,
her fangs—white—baring,
revealing her lust,
and her eyes,...Read More
Categories: dark, death, desire, evil, gothic, grave, horror,
Form: Verse
Dark Soul
The beauty of a sunset, she had
Clothed in burning scarlet velvet
Stories of her ghost the silent streets
Children feared her,
She got razing screams, mental
Her hands withered life away
Her horse walk drawn men, dead
Alive, they laughed her
She swallowed their joys, sorrow
Black energy...Read More
Categories: crush, dark, death, horror, loss, passion, sad,
Form: Blank verse

Wooo; 2 free tickets for Lapland, should I go
But; what if I get there and, there’s no snow

Rudolf stuck up a tree, drunk on cider apples
You think I am joking, believe me; it happens

Elves' on strike; they are getting paid...Read More
Categories: adventure, holiday, horror,
Form: Couplet
Speechless at Auschwitz
Speechless at Auschwitz
by Ko Un
translation by Michael R. Burch
At Auschwitz
piles of glasses
mountains of shoes
returning, we stared out different windows....Read More
Categories: horror, death, evil, grave, holocaust, humanity, jewish, loss,
Form: Free verse

Mother Earths Death Knell
Was it not God who created man and said go forth and multiply and now we
have over populated this beautiful mother earth, who cries in her distress as
to what God has done to her . . . 

Categories: horror, dark, death, earth, environment, planet, sad, scary,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Diamonds in her Heart
She was the plainest buzzard in the chicken coop.
Man, is she plain, the roosters used to say.
But one rooster gave her a chance. They shared a nest.
She had diamonds in her heart. He told people
But they did not believe, for...Read More
Categories: horror, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Personification
Premium Member And then the guns fell silent
And then the guns fell silent
Smoke and death were in the air
The sounds of echoed silence, so many dead were everywhere
Your eyes were tired and weary but you did not dare break your stare
Friends and comrades lie around us, the...Read More
Categories: cry, death, deep, fear, horror, soldier, world
Form: Dramatic Verse
Tarred and Feathered
Here I stand before you good people of Liberated France,
The Nazi’s have been beaten and it is time to dance.
But we have a job to do before the celebrations begin,
These woman that stand before you are traitors.
They slept with Nazi...Read More
Categories: horror, 10th grade,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Thank I, That Purity Of Heart's Deepest Romantic Trills
Thank I, That Purity Of Heart's Deepest Romantic Trills
(Inspired by verses that came to me, inspired by Nina's blog)

Her soliciting eyes, gift promises of hot flaming Love.
As ruby red, sensual lips offer honey from above
She golden, romantic goddess born of...Read More
Categories: horror, art, creation, heart, inspiration, passion, poets, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Feline Snatches Robin
Shark waits in the bushes, for his opportunity. I am watching the scene in horror, because I feed these birds. There are many robins, sparrows, wrens, cardinals and my bluejay. They all trust me.  I try to get out...Read More
Categories: horror, bird, cat,
Form: Haibun
December Blues

HO HO HO - Santa is on his way
OH OH OH - There goes my pay 

Indiana Shaw . . . : (
...Read More
Categories: christmas, horror, humor,
Form: Couplet
Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Version - 2 - 13
Before the great golden gates,
in the long ago,
battle was to be waged on Badicha plain,
Soldiers of the Dark Ones come,
to destroy the lands of light,
upon the mighty silver parapet, 
many stood and watched,
an angel stood,
sweet womanhood,
in her wondrous prime.
Her soft...Read More
Categories: horror, dark, death, dream, fantasy, light, love, war,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Let's FACE It


When it dreams it's  Wonder,
When it snores it's  Thunder,
When it smiles it's  Beauty,
When it pouts it's  Cutie,
When it shines it's  Twinkle,
When it frets it's  Wrinkle,
When it fears...Read More
Categories: horror, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Stuck In A Christmas Globe
Faint light
  muffled voices
      excited giggles
          air enters the box
               as...Read More
Categories: child abuse, children, christmas, horror, humor, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Drops in the dust
And as I walk behind the crowd
	burden by the memory of my sins
red drops of mud did I see
	of the dust in the blood he shed

and I wonder at the price
	that he paid for my sin
each cut of the whip...Read More
Categories: horror, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Dark Ones Are Coming
Out of the gloom the dark ones rise
Into our future we go,
We're just ourselves, don't you dare judge us
And we will be sure at sun rise
How we discovered the glow
Pride's on the shelf, have you not seen dust
Like glittering stars...Read More
Categories: allusion, anxiety, corruption, drug, horror, murder, violence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Take One Off For The Scream
They all sit there lined up in a row 
Not knowing when exactly when to go 
Decisions are made on the image they are looking for 
As the applicants mumble at the door. 

Mommas got cash 
Let those pass
The Agent...Read More
Categories: beauty, death, film, fun, horror, money, sexy,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Amid the Jagged Shadows
"Amid the jagged shadows of mossy leafless boughs; " 

                              ...Read More
Categories: fear, horror,
Form: Free verse
Mi muerte fuiestes tu
Que solo soy un muerta  sobre la faz
Que no me he dado cuenta nadamas
Que mi estancia en el mundo se acabó
Mi misión persona simplemente fracasó Puras culpas y desilusiones y tristeza cargo en mi alma 
Que voy a conocer...Read More
Categories: horror, absence, adventure, anger, courage, cry, death, depression,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Be Us The Sentinel
I sing to the Sun with a thousand songs to atone
For her loss of strength and glow that's faded thin
And has exiled the strength of her rightful throne
To convey the sunset in the demise of our children

I drift aimlessly with...Read More
Categories: horror, earth, environment, eulogy, forgiveness, garden,
Form: Rhyme
Whose Sword Lands The Blow, Part I
Mercury Delgado ruled as a drug lord,
a title that he had earned violently,
started as a dealer, worked his way up
by killing his foes mercilessly,
there was no end to his power and greed.
But a hero cop had him in his sights,
so...Read More
Categories: horror, anger, conflict, confusion, dark, death, drug, violence,
Form: Narrative
b movie horror
as i was
being an adult
of responsibility

i took my
grandson of
six to a bar be
cause they made

great sand
wiches which
is why we were
there not for drink

the friar
tuck of a
made easy

friends with
my pooh bear
young one who
said my mother is

going to
have a baby
as he watched
the...Read More
Categories: horror, muse,
Form: I do not know?
I Wished I Had Stayed In Bed

Isn’t there just days you wished you had stayed in bed
I went to the shops and, a seagull crapped on my head
Everyone laughing, saying you know it means good luck 
Not quite what...Read More
Categories: bird, horror,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Dreams of Halloween
Dreams of Halloween

Like a shadow moving in the darkness…
It is something seldom seen.
A total act of malevolence,
as monsters haunt your dreams…
As the sun goes down 
before tonight’s full Moon. 
A low rolling fog spread
feelings of foreboding and doom.
Ghouls and Goblins...Read More
Categories: dark, halloween, horror, rap, roses are red,
Form: Rhyme