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Dislike Poems

Dislike Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of dislike poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for dislike.

New Poems

Not in relative of his position
between each line
each word made point
to cause the other to be listened to.

stories it stands side by side and details the doings of the storied charter
from point to finsh.
It intructs and recalls to remind
aand to allow each word to cause...Read More
Categories: dislike, culture, food, lust, music, red, song, sound,
Form: Ballad

I am on a journey to find the unknown,
discovering things, that are hidden within.
I’m scared and terrified but I must be brave,
what do I have to lose?
Will I find things about me that I don’t like? 
Probably so.
But at least...Read More
Categories: dislike, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I am Not Sure You Will Like Her
Have you met her?
Not yet. I reply.
I’m not sure you will like her, she says, haughtily.
As much as I dislike this person, I want to hear more.
Feeling a kindred spirit right around the corner.

...Read More
Categories: dislike, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member all about 'you'
what you give- 
you receive

what you sense- 
you believe

what you take-
you plagiarize

what you correct-
you equalize

what you speak-
you express

what you touch, 
you bless

what you barter- 
you exchange

what you dislike-
you change

there are many things
in life that balance each other out

may you find...Read More
Categories: dislike, how i feel, identity, life,
Form: Free verse
Disgust :: The Cinquo

of dislike
aroused by harsh

is felt
linking to
the sense of some

feeling by
sense of smell, touch,
~x~...Read More
Categories: dislike, feelings,
Form: Verse

Forgive and Forget
"Forgive and Forget "
(Verse 1)
Everyone has been hurt
Some point in their life
They couldn't drown their self  in misery
Had to get it right(right)
People have did and said things 
They can't take back 
Walking another direction 
Trying to cover they tracks...Read More
Categories: dislike, age, art, beautiful,
Form: Blank verse

Thief, steal not the thoughts within me, but let evolve my dawn unique.

Poetry Contest Monoku 17 syllables
Sponsored by : Bobby May
...Read More
Categories: dislike, poems,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member Epitaph for a Survivor
The trigger was jammed and he prayed to the gods of war

For another bullet before he would say Farewell to Arms

Now he sits at Times Square begging for a few measly coins

Carries his memories and belongings on his scarred back

Rocks...Read More
Categories: dislike, remember,
Form: Free verse
Juniors :: Romblomanon Sonnet

When first met him, he acted like leader,
used to pretend as a great achiever;
sought to bypass the laid down procedure.
Some disliked him for acts as beleaguer;

His working process many did not like
his didactic style workforce did dislike.

His behaviour in office...Read More
Categories: dislike, feelings,
Form: Sonnet
Still same :: Swinburne Poem Form

Yes, I suffer, each night.
After sunset
alone spent time in fright,
makes me upset.
Tell me, why do you blame?
Your acts gave a bad name.
Why you try to defame? I can't forget.

Each night I remember
How you treated.
Afraid of your temper.
You created
atmosphere of dislike.
I...Read More
Categories: dislike, love,
Form: Verse
Questioning My Love
Why do you always 
Have to be in-between?
When I say it’s blue
You say no it’s green
You even dislike my favorite food
Which I think you say just to be rude
I’ll say I’m ready
You’ll say I’m not in the mood
But right now...Read More
Categories: dislike, inspirational love, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Can't Believe the Hatred
I Can't Believe the Hatred
By Franklin Price

I can't believe the hatred  that runs rampant through this land
The supply of it astounding, far exceeding all demand
All because of politics, it's so hard to understand
It's not even natural, it's mass produced...Read More
Categories: dislike, america, anger, betrayal, evil, political, pollution,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Ollyver, My Beloved
"i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go . . . "
                   ...Read More
Categories: dislike, love,
Form: Free verse
Show Respect At Every Turn
S-how respect at every turn, 
H-owever distinct  or similar; 
A-ll men are entitled to his opinion, 
I-nflict not wound and scar.
R-espect others at every turn, 
E-leventh of May Thursday; 
N-ever dislike or down them, neither disfavor nor dismay.

A-llow your...Read More
Categories: dislike, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Small Talker
You can talk about me 
I don’t mind
say what you see
what you find

Dislike me or my poetry
Your freewill and right
can say to those you see
during day and night

But when you start telling all
your love organ looks small
bitter cowardly and cruel
my...Read More
Categories: dislike, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member beneath the frost
this autumn air
leaves me gasping
in the depth
of thoughts

i scrape frost
from windshields
on mornings
that resemble
your heart

the wind
carries the tune
of unsung lullabies
better than you

some days you linger
like october's leaves
the trails of my pain
spiraling in these winds

our eyes meet
in the mirror
as i drive along
trying...Read More
Categories: dislike, death, mother,
Form: Free verse
New meaning to life :: Curtailed Quantrelle

How much peaceful it'd have been if
one accepts herself with no tiff;
If one accepts others in steps
one'll have clear insight.

Lets realize, none is perfect;
accept one with all imperfect
traits, makes rest to learn too; it's true;
ills fade, just no dislike.

And eventually...Read More
Categories: dislike, love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member another reason to dislike autumn

Feverishly sipping thoughts more than coffee
lingering in the less sweeter days of autumn's hue
uninterested in seeing any beauty in its waking moments

stirring like the leaves as they are stripped from trees
endlessly wishing for the warmth the sun brings
as i shiver...Read More
Categories: dislike, autumn,
Form: Acrostic


           Morning appears
           naked street
              bathed, both
           expect to clear the
           dirt of life ...
           The weather warns for
           do...Read More
Categories: dislike, allusion, dream, metaphor, morning, poetry,
Form: Prose Poetry
Well do I know
there's naught to be won.
Desire nonetheless drives
me (and you?) on.

Do you fancy this fight?
I shall not retreat.
So lift up your sword,
and bring on the heat!

You advance with a laugh,
I parry with a smile,
you fade all coquettish -...Read More
Categories: dislike, crush, desire, loss, metaphor,
Form: Quatrain
A brother’s love for his sister;
a brother's love ALWAYS protects you... a sister's love ALWAYS follows you
Must be in placed always;
It’s never tarnished, never blisters;
A brother must along with father;
Protect His, 
For God has loan her to him ( to...Read More
Categories: dislike, analogy, anxiety, appreciation, endurance, for her, for
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member A Seed Of Hate
A Seed Of Hate
Written: by Miracle Man

Satan hydrates seeds of intense dislike,
until springing forth is a fruit called hate.
God didn’t create all beings to be alike,
so our differences shouldn’t call for debate.

Our schisms, we reflect, in vociferant ways,
and often won’t...Read More
Categories: dislike, conflict, god, hate, inspiration, racism,
Form: Lyric
For a day and for love
Night is a day too that lacks light...
Dislike is love too that lacks You...

September 22, 2019...Read More
Categories: dislike, analogy, conflict, lost love, love,
Form: Elegy
Father's Dislike
Father's Dislike
American hero, a man my father would ing hate, was a real golden ball boy. Olympic athlete, he saw and did it all. Jessie Owens, Nazi Berlin, history being made.Making history.Joined the air force. Flying Liberators over the Pacific,...Read More
Categories: dislike, conflict, history, war,
Form: Prose Poetry

I have lately been contemplating taking my life
The question is, how?
I live on the seventh floor with a veranda
The falling is not bad I shudder by the impact
Also, upsetting people.
A shotgun in my mouth blowing my brain out Is too...Read More
Categories: dislike, arabic, aubade, bangla, beach, weather, wine,
Form: Blank verse