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Famous PoemPoetCategory
The Vision of Judgment Byron, George (Lord) Elegy
Laughter and Tears IX Gibran, Kahlil Elegy
The Burden Of Itys Wilde, Oscar Elegy
A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General Swift, Jonathan Elegy
September Song Hill, Geoffrey Elegy
Elegy For My Father Finch, Annie Elegy
Elegy: Walking the Line Bowers, Edgar Elegy
Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard Gray, Thomas Elegy
Elegy Upon Tiger Swift, Jonathan Elegy
The earth has many keys Dickinson, Emily Elegy
An Elegy Pushkin, Alexander Elegy
Elegy I: Jealousy Donne, John Elegy
Some things that fly there be Dickinson, Emily Elegy
Elegy Byron, George (Lord) Elegy
NEW YEAR POEM Tebb, Barry Elegy
DUINO ELEGIES Rilke, Rainer Maria Elegy
Elegy On The Death Of A Young Man Schiller, Friedrich von Elegy
Elegy For Jane Roethke, Theodore Elegy
Duino Elegies: The Fourth Elegy Rilke, Rainer Maria Elegy
Elegy Borges, Jorge Luis Elegy
Elegy IX: The Autumnal Donne, John Elegy
Elegy In The Classroom Sexton, Anne Elegy
Elegy XVIII: Loves Progress Donne, John Elegy
Elegy for an Enemy Benet, Stephen Vincent Elegy
The Doomed -- regard the Sunrise Dickinson, Emily Elegy
Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats Shelley, Percy Bysshe Elegy
A Refusal To Mourn The Death By Fire Of A Child In London Thomas, Dylan Elegy
Elegy Brodsky, Joseph Elegy
Elegy Before Death St Vincent Millay, Edna Elegy
Duino Elegies: The First Elegy Rilke, Rainer Maria Elegy
Elegy X: The Dream Donne, John Elegy
The Life of Love XVI Gibran, Kahlil Elegy
An Elegy upon the Death of the Dean of St. Pauls Dr. John Carew, Thomas Elegy
After all Birds have been investigated and laid aside -- Dickinson, Emily Elegy
Elegy XVI: On His Mistress Donne, John Elegy
An Elegy On The Death Of A Mad Dog Goldsmith, Oliver Elegy
Elegy In A Country Churchyard Chesterton, G K Elegy
Elegy VI Donne, John Elegy
Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady Pope, Alexander Elegy
141. Tam Samson's Elegy Burns, Robert Elegy
28. Poor Mailie's Elegy Burns, Robert Elegy
Elegy II: The Anagram Donne, John Elegy
From Daphnaïda Spenser, Edmund Elegy
Elegy on Thyrza Byron, George (Lord) Elegy
A Satirical Elegy Swift, Jonathan Elegy
Elegy Dugan, Alan Elegy
Elegy IV: The Perfume Donne, John Elegy
Elegy VIII: The Comparison Donne, John Elegy
The Second Elegy Rilke, Rainer Maria Elegy
Dream Song 324: An Elegy for W.C.W. the lovely man Berryman, John Elegy
Elegy V: His Picture Donne, John Elegy
Duino Elegies: The Tenth Elegy Rilke, Rainer Maria Elegy
Elegy Lawrence, David Herbert Elegy
Elegy III: Change Donne, John Elegy
Elegy to the Memory of Werter Robinson, Mary Darby Elegy
179. To Miss Ferrier enclosing Elegy on Sir J. H. Blair Burns, Robert Elegy
March Elegy Akhmatova, Anna Elegy
Elegy VII Donne, John Elegy
Elegy Bierce, Ambrose Elegy
from The Tenth Elegy Rilke, Rainer Maria Elegy
173. Elegy on Stella Burns, Robert Elegy
Elegy on the Death of Lady Middleton Robinson, Mary Darby Elegy
An Elegy , Elegy
Elegy to the Memory of Richard Boyle Esq Robinson, Mary Darby Elegy
Elegy to the Memory of David Garrick Esq Robinson, Mary Darby Elegy
Elegy For Jane Kenyon Valentine, Jean Elegy
302. Elegy on Willie Nicol's Mare Burns, Robert Elegy
An Elegy On The Glory Of Her Sex Mrs Mary Blaize Goldsmith, Oliver Elegy
177. Elegy on the Death of Sir James Hunter Blair Burns, Robert Elegy
Trilogy of Passion: II. ELEGY von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Elegy
243. Elegy on the Year 1788 Burns, Robert Elegy
307. Elegy on Captain Matthew Henderson Burns, Robert Elegy
312. Elegy on the late Miss Burnet of Monboddo Burns, Robert Elegy
66. Elegy on the Death of Robert Ruisseaux Burns, Robert Elegy