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Beautiful Poems | Examples of Beautiful Poetry

Beautiful Poems. Read and share great examples of all types of beautiful poems about women, love, life and more. This list of beautiful poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Share, read, and learn how to write beautiful poetry that will move the hearts and stir the feelings of others. It can transform the ordinary or mundane into the extraordinary. The beauty of verse manifests itself in beautiful imagery that is teeming with emotion and depth. Read short, long, best, and famous examples of beautiful poetry.  

New Poems

Iriomote Cats
Iriomote Cats are listed as, critically endangered They are only found on, the Japanese island of Iriomote and they inhabit, subtropical forests that cover the island and they are a subspecies of, the Asian Leopard Cats Iriomote Cats hunt,...Read More
Categories: animal, beautiful, earth, education,
Form: Rhyme

Iberian Lynxs
Iberian Lynx’s are listed as, critically endangered and are related to the Eurasian Lynx, and are about half their size They are only found, in the southern areas of Spain and their habitat is forest woodlands, which is...Read More
Categories: animal, beautiful, earth, education,
Form: Rhyme
BREATHE DEEP Hugging the earth With you since birth Though invisible Much is possible Fun times in party balloons Less often in hot air balloons Kites built and challenged to fly Planes and blimps enjoy the sky Games played with inflated balls Windmills make energy,...Read More
Categories: beautiful, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Aging Poet
The light behind her now as she grows down the years Clinging moss on northern walls distilled as memories’ tears. Labored breathing cold and ghostly whispered Down the halls with poems uttered, words fluttered; Pounded chisel to...Read More
Categories: age, beautiful, birth, celebration,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Drips of Honey Into My Ears
~ incessant tinkling of wind chimes in a placid zephyr...what a sound! ~ Date written: 11/23/2020...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, metaphor, sound,
Form: Monoku

No more begging angel
Calm down your weeping tears my love It makes your angelic face break I can't help feel it in my wake It reminds me of a tainted dove The thieves among us Keep trying to steal your loving heart And i...Read More
Categories: beautiful, children, i love
Form: Sonnet
my pulse
too many lives to save  no room on the wind  as whispers find fault with the choice made to find a way to keep an exit close  a bullet in the chamber set ready go at all times...Read More
Categories: anxiety, beautiful, betrayal,
Form: Prose
Dance the Doom off
Dance the doom off You cannot be sad Sadness, I Believe Its not meant for you You shouldn't feel so bad You can be bald or hard But doesn't make you bad A dancer Feels not the pain in motion Parachuting the yellow And...Read More
Categories: baby, beautiful, celebration, change,
Form: Free verse
was it Trieste
Was it, Trieste? An odd place half dour Russian and half lively Italian I sat in café drinking beer and waiting for a tall American woman she smoked cigarettes, which back then was a novelty for a lady to...Read More
Categories: america, autumn, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Blank verse
Take off the false hair Take off the makeup Take off the false eyelashes Take off the fake clothes Take off the jewelry Take off the fake lips Take off the fake hips Take off the fake breast Now, You are Beautiful...Read More
Categories: abuse, america, beautiful, birth,
Form: Free verse
Soalas are listed as, critically endangered They are found in the mountains, of Laos and Vietnam and are known as, the Asian Unicorn by the Vietnamese and were only discovered in 1992, as something brand new The Soalas...Read More
Categories: animal, beautiful, earth, education,
Form: Rhyme
Sumatran Orangutans
Sumatran Orangutans are listed as, critically endangered They are found in, in the provinces of North Sumatra and Aceh with only nine populations, that number about two hundred and fifty but because of human populations, their numbers are...Read More
Categories: animal, beautiful, earth, education,
Form: Rhyme
Enchanted by the chirping robin soundscapes as I rise X P Expecting only vernal cloudburst vision for my eyes R I Ecstatic at the thought of vivid seven wonder dawns N C Eventually a sweet dream frolic dance on summer lawns Created and submitted...Read More
Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, birth,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Beautiful Eyes
You have such beautiful eyes. The kind that makes the stars To shine with their devices. They silently send me delirious. When they conjure up such fantasies. I drift along into haunting bliss. When the phantasmic...Read More
Categories: beautiful, emotions, fantasy, relationship,
Form: Romanticism
Moons of Harvest
Moons of many moons a plenty The one moon I love is the harvest Looking at you I'll never feel empty In my opinion you are the far best Your beautiful figure and the face you show The sky you...Read More
Categories: art, beautiful, blessing, deep,
Form: Rhyme

Specific Types of Beautiful Poems

Read wonderful beautiful poetry on the following sub-topics: birthday, daughter, friendship, girl, good morning, her, home, him, life, love, make her feel, nature, wife, wedding, women and more.

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