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Contest Judged:  5/25/2020 9:01:00 PM
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Contest Winner Medal 1 I AM -- nette onclaud
Contest Winner Medal 1 i am Gregory Richard Barden
Contest Winner Medal 1 I Am Aditi Mishra
Contest Winner Medal 1 I am, Constance La France
Contest Winner Medal 1 I am DM Babbit
Contest Winner Medal 1 This Is Who I Am John Watt
Contest Winner Medal 1 I Am Joyce Johnson
Contest Winner Medal 1 I AM Connie Marcum Wong
Contest Winner Medal 1 I Am Jeanne McGee
Contest Winner Medal 1 I AM Mary Taylor
Contest Winner Medal 2 I Am Paula Goldsmith
Contest Winner Medal 2 I Am Subimal Sinha-Roy
Contest Winner Medal 2 I Am Michelle Faulkner
Contest Winner Medal 2 I AM Shirley Hawkins
Contest Winner Medal 2 I Am Reason A. Poteet
Contest Winner Medal 2 I AM Regina McIntosh
Contest Winner Medal 2 I Am Eve Roper
Contest Winner Medal 2 I Am Larry Bradfield
Contest Winner Medal 2 I AM Ann Gilmour
Contest Winner Medal 2 I AM Line Gauthier
Contest Winner Medal 3 I am Gideon Idudje
Contest Winner Medal 3 I am Jesse Ponnambalam
Contest Winner Medal 3 I AM Anisha Dutta
Contest Winner Medal 3 IN GOD, I AM WHAT I AM Beata Agustin
Contest Winner Medal 3 I am Casey Miccio
Contest Winner Medal 3 I AM CayCay Jennings
Contest Winner Medal 3 I Am Mohan Chutani
Contest Winner Medal 3 I Am Jenish Somadas
Honorable Mention I am Thomas Harrison
Honorable Mention I am Sarah Hassarati
Honorable Mention I Am V. Deepa
Honorable Mention I am Kai Michael Neumann

Contest Description

What to Submit?

A list poem entitled I AM (1-25 lines tops).(I AM must be your title!) Last month, I came upon this sweet bio poem by Sam Kauffman. I would say that it fits the definition of a list poem (which I show at the bottom of this post).  I would like you to pattern your poem after Sam's poem; however, I want you to express your information about yourself as creatively or poetically as you see fit. You can repeat "I am" for each line, or you can do in Sam's style (I prefer if you do not use Sam's method of writing " - give" on each line); add  another element of your own to make it more interesting; whatever you do, it needs to be consistent. Each line is defining WHO you are (how you view yourself in this world by the many hats you wear). Last rule: do NOT write lines that are so long that one idea carries into the next line. Each item you list about youself is PER LINE. That means you should avoid long lines!

Finally, You may add a concluding line or two on the end as Sam has done, but it's not a requirement. It should be fun to learn more about you all and how you like to describe yourself in List form! All are winners! (unless you do not write a poem as I just explained it, use horrible grammar/spelling or do not follow the rules)!


I Am


I Am…

Woman – give me life to nurture
Wife – give me two lives made one
Singer – give me arias of symphonies
Poet – give me words to move the heart
Dancer – give me waltzes and tap shoes
Joker – give me whimsy born of laughter
Dreamer – give me bright visions to follow
Worker – give my hands tasks every morning
Leader – give me visions to plan
Athlete – give me grace to soar over hurdles  
Explorer – give me unmarked roads to ponder 
Artist - give me scenes to remember
Gardener – give me seeds for future harvests
Crafter – give me scraps of life to weave together
Seeker – give me puzzles to solve
Lover – give me a heart that reaches out
Mother – give me lives to encourage
Child of God – give me brothers and sisters to cherish
Believer – give me the joy of Heaven’s prayer
Prophet - give me sight through the fog

I am…. Made of yesterday, today - maybe tomorrow.
I am not I AM but long to see this face.

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A list poem is simply a list. This could be a list of single words, or it could be a list of sentences.

These lists do not necessarily need rhythm or rhyme.

What separates a list poem from a list, I would offer, is subtext. It’s not enough for things to just be listed. They must have a relation to each other, tell a story or offer commentary.


A list can be a highly accessible way of introducing poetry to an audience, but the poet should remain considerate of the list’s purpose.

In the hands of a master poet, the list poem can be a surprisingly insightful form, though its true strength lies in how ordinary it is. It is simple to grasp the notion of a list, and it is easy to write and therefore also a good form to practice if you’re starting out in writing poetry. List poetry shows people they can write, and that poetry doesn’t have to be anything super-elite or overwrought, but it can also demonstrate the scope that is possible, even within the simplest writing. List poetry is a perfect gateway into poetry. There are no rhymes nor meter to adhere to. List poetry is simply a list.

A Note to Poetry Contestants

You are welcome to enter this contest, whether or not you won a prize in one of my previous contests.