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Contest Judged:  5/13/2020 11:42:00 AM
Sponsored by: nette onclaud | Send Soup Mail
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Contest Description



 Lunes are haiku-like forms designed for English- American poets…  this creative task will use the Collum Lune with 3 lines :  the content has 3 WORDS for the first line, 5 WORDS for the second line, and 3 WORDS for the last one , thus,  3/5/3 …

let us do 2 stanzas only!

There is no need for the usual ‘ku cut in the end THOUGH a strong ending is required by this sponsor.


an aged  woman

feasting on past autumn image

observes migrant bird


wings  flutter, gone

as  her lonely  evening droops

in empty nest



visual 1

Broken Hearts/Sad Violin 2 - YouTube


visual 2

Beaches 'spoiled': Should rock stacking be banned? - BBC News

Do not capitalize the poem

Title must be LUNE with a thematic word, like ‘ LUNE --CRYSTAL’

Both stanzas must be related to each other for a cohesive thought

Include title of contest, sponsor , date, and visual selected

Categorize as VERSE

Write a NEW, original piece for this comp


              be extraordinary and have fun, dear soupers!