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Groom Wedding Poems

These Groom Wedding poems are examples of Wedding poems about Groom. These are the best examples of Wedding Groom poems written by international poets.

The Chuppah
A chuppah is a canopy
Beneath which couples wed.
It could be made of cloth, a shawl
Or flower boughs instead.

Tradition called for chuppahs
To be held up, using...

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Premium Member To the Rescue
  Happy to see my friend, Penelope
  'Neath alabaster wedding canopy
    But the horrid-looking groom
    Penelope's ruined...

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Wrong Sent
I went to a church filled with white
Beds of roses scattered in the site
I stepped aside for the dashing bride
Coming down the aisle, a rushing...

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My Son's Wedding Day
September sixteenth, wedding change of gears.
I wait my turn an usher by my side.
Surprise! my arm, the groom now commandeers.
Revised rehearsal plan requests his bride,

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Premium Member Witnessing Earth's Wedding
richly green mountains
of germinating
Jeremiah prophetic strength

Before we formed you
in our valleyed womb,
we knew you

Before you came to life
we consecrated your humane species

We witness your
polycultured prophecy

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Categories: wedding, earth, green, health, integrity,

Premium Member Briding Her Groom
We witnessed a wedding
of Groomed BridePassion,
Yanged Yintegrity

Groomed co-enlightened strengths
in cooperative economic space
with Bridal co-empowering flow
through sacred inter-generational time

Throughout each organically wedded network
explodes summer's green emphatic...

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Categories: wedding, culture, earth day, health,

Premium Member The Bride and Groom
In a long white satin dress she walks in
  given in honour and betrothed to be -
to bear for and new alliance begin

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Premium Member Our Wedding in 1971
Ending in a flouncy ruffle, I married in a brown crushed velvet dress
This was 1971. Only six people were there, maybe one less.
My groom was...

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Premium Member Jills Wedding Cake
Jill’s wedding cake reflected her eclectic personality
Perky, pretty with prominent polka dots
It included stripes and flowers

Jill is an artist the groom’s side explained to each...

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The Bride
The bride was really lovely
And her face was all a’glow.
Her beaded dress was fitted
So her pregnancy did show.

And yet she danced and partied
With her unborn...

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Premium Member the big day
groom nervous in black
bride dressed in her wedding whites
together they smile...

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Premium Member Any Color Except Orange
I would like any color except orange, the groom admitted.
The bride smiled, knowing one thing for sure.
He was flexible, and open minded, and he would...

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Premium Member Not Thrilled to Wed
The photographer did not have to tell this bride and groom to not smile.
He had not photographed such a dour newlywed couple ever in his...

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Premium Member Shy Bride
We were used to seeing shy brides.
But this one was near to fainting.
She was an innocent.
We looked on in wonder.
Some feeling sorry for her groom.

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Premium Member Pride of Place
As the onlookers stare at the bride and the groom,
The tapping piano keys start to resume,
The couple dance elegantly in a formal costume,
Taken in by...

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