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Vows Wedding Poems

These Vows Wedding poems are examples of Wedding poems about Vows. These are the best examples of Wedding Vows poems written by international poets.

Joti a poor Punjabi girl makes her wedding vows

By the Moon that reflects in the tranquil waters,
By the Golden Temple of Amristar ,
I promise myself to you.

Let us face the tigers of doubt...

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Categories: wedding, 10th grade,

Premium Member White Roses Subtle Elegance
White  roses  stand  in  subtle  elegance, 
simplicity with no neutral color, but splendor. 
Very formal in reverent sheer awe of...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: garden, love, rose, wedding,

Premium Member Wedding Vow
To you I write this to
To you and only you
These whispering words
That are entering your ears

Will travel to your heart
Staying forever
Until it’s last beat
Through all...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wedding,

Premium Member Our 20th Anniversary- QD
         Parallel to loneliness was I,
then day broke and I awoke with ease-

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beautiful, day, wedding,

Premium Member Weddings- A Pleaides
White satin with lace trim,
Will make the perfect dress.
Wait until the groom sees!
With bouquet in hand you'll
Walk down the aisle with Dad.
Written vows are then...

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Categories: husband, wedding, wife,

whats a kiss between lovers
whats a kiss between lovers
whats a sweet little mention
you and I together
baby pay attention
lets dance the night away

we stopped to share a kiss
smile at one...

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Categories: wedding, beautiful, culture, encouraging, inspirational

Premium Member ''Ring''
Couple exchange vows:
he puts ring on her finger;
till death do they part.

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Categories: wedding, for her, husband, love,

The skies turned dark, the thunder boomed
And lightning zagged above, 
A prelude to a celebration
Of two souls in love.

The hail poured down and bounced around

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Categories: wedding,

Premium Member A Unique Wedding Ring

A Unique Wedding Ring

BRIDES have wedding rings so lovely:
in all colors, some with precious stones,
But you may not have mine, it's too
BRIDES really are their...

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Categories: wedding, adventure, heartbroken, husband, i

The bride’s inflorescent bouquet, cascading —
a tropical tease of Chamorro charm
in the Marianas Islands.

A circular celebration arch
of bougainvillea and golden wedding bands,
preened and prepared, to...

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Categories: celebration, flower, senses, wedding,

My Wedding Vows To You
Today I stand before you
No longer your admirer
No longer just a lover
I have just discovered,
What I am worth to you 
Standing here with my arms...

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Categories: wedding, friendship love, husband, love,

Vows for my wedding
I found a love,
I am happy that it is you,
The timing was perfect,
It's my chance to love, care and tend to you,
You are my rock,

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Categories: wedding, 11th grade,

Premium Member It's Christmas and I Think of You
It's Christmas and I Think of You

It’s Christmas and I think of you my dear,
During this season of red, green and snow;
A time to reflect...

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Categories: wedding, christmas, faith, family, marriage,

In Remembrance Of My Wedding Day, June 5, 19--
When we met, I was  seventeen, he was twenty.
We spent three years together, happy to be free--
then suddenly it came to us, why shouldn't...

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Categories: wedding, appreciation, children, father, marriage,

Premium Member Still the One
Forty-five years ago, on a sunny day
My life changed in the most beautiful way

Dressed in my best I walked down the aisle
My heart pounding proudly...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wedding, husband, kiss, marriage, poetry,

My Wedding Day
It was to be a most memorable day
of course, one's wedding day should be
this was on Friday 27 April 1990
all that time ago 28 years...

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Categories: day, memory, wedding,

Premium Member Blind Hearses
Blind Hearses

Another dubious nuptial at sundown, 
Sequestered beyond the rolling tribal hills,
South of Spring Street across the bridge,
Down the road aways, maybe seven miles.
Another ceremony...

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Categories: death, wedding,

On this very special day
So began the rest of your life.
One of you became a Husband
The other became a Wife.
Some say marriage is an institution;

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Categories: wedding, dedication, love, marriage,

Premium Member Two Roses
On our wedding he gave a crystal rose
Flowering forever, enrobed in glass
Ballerina's grace in delicate pose
Guardianship of tradition, of class

Witness of first years, of paper,...

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Categories: wedding, flower, husband, i love

Premium Member Love Vows
As we stand hand in hand
As the wings of LOVE
enfold our hearts as ONE
under the arboresque 
Majesty Of LOVE
Utterly at the ineffable abode
Under the trellis...

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Categories: wedding, cute love, i love