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Bride And Groom Wedding Poems

These Bride And Groom Wedding poems are examples of poetry about Bride And Groom Wedding. These are the best examples of Wedding Bride And Groom poems written by international poets.

Julie's Wedding
When you attend a wedding,
You’d expect, one would assume,
That the planning would be geared for friends
Of both the bride and groom.

So it’s always a surprise,...

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Premium Member For the Bride and Groom
Two hearts so united
Should never be divided.
May the love you both feel now
Ever continuously grow,
And this fleeting moment of bliss
Evolve into eternal happiness....

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Categories: wedding, happiness, heart, love, marriage,

Thanks For Nothing
The invitation spelled my name
“Eileen,” which I don’t do.
We’ve never met the bride and groom;
Her parents, though, we knew.

We skipped the wedding; sent a gift.

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Two Hearts
They say that love is like the sun
Lighting up the moon
Two hearts eclipse and beat as one
On an evening late in June

In azure skies where...

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Categories: wedding, love, romance, romantic, romantic

Premium Member Forever
Once upon a time, one of the most heartbreaking tales
ever told - Snow White will not wake up.   Forever,
her husband bruised, as if...

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Categories: death, sad, wedding,

Wedding Blessings
On this day of love and joy,
We gather here to celebrate
The union of two hearts entwined
In a bond that will never fade.

With eyes that sparkle...

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Categories: wedding, family, love, marriage, prayer,

Two Hearts Entwined
Gather 'round, dear friends, and hear this tale,
Of two hearts entwined, a love without fail.
On this blessed day, we witness their vow,
A promise to love,...

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Categories: wedding, family, love, marriage, prayer,

Premium Member Ode To a Theme Wedding
A couple are wed
At a tiny chapel
On a country road
The guest are waiting 
Outside to congratulate

The guest gather outside
only the wedding party
Are allowed inside
For the...

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Black Tie
I’ll never understand it
When an invitation states
“Black tie.” Who cares what’s worn
When everybody celebrates?

If guests must follow certain rules
About the way to dress,
It’s taking out...

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The ceremony is over,
The register has been signed:
Two people, very much in love,
Walk slowly down the aisle.
The bride, radiant and happy –
The man she loves...

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Premium Member The Bride and Groom
In a long white satin dress she walks in
  given in honour and betrothed to be -
to bear for and new alliance begin

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The Bride
The bride was really lovely
And her face was all a’glow.
Her beaded dress was fitted
So her pregnancy did show.

And yet she danced and partied
With her unborn...

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Premium Member Not Thrilled To Wed
The photographer did not have to tell this bride and groom to not smile.
He had not photographed such a dour newlywed couple ever in his...

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Premium Member Popping the Cork
The bride and groom, about to pop the cork
But the label read -- Pig Juice, Pure Lean Pork
   The newleyweds were concerned

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Categories: emotions, humorous, wedding,

Premium Member Snowflakes
Snowflakes falling gently
Like a brides veil touching her face
A path now covered in snow
Like a trail of white covering the steps
leading up to the Aisle.


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