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Strew Poems

Strew Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of strew poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for strew.

New Poems

Premium Member wry amidst the darkness
spry within the shadows you come
wry amidst the darkness you haunt
i care not what it is you want
why is it my soul you still taunt?

do not taint my mind with your past
you have no power over me
spew your wretched words...Read More
Categories: strew, child abuse, childhood, death, memory, pain,
Form: Lento

Premium Member Out of the Woods
Wheels of life dangle from delicate branches

Sway in the wind and embrace in quiet caress

	I used to be an acorn

		Now I am a tree

Seasons coloured in outside their softened contours 

Green yellow orange and red waiting for indigo crowns

	Roots' undergrowth...Read More
Categories: strew, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member March Stew

Mornings are littered
with gnawed husks,
charred mouse-tails. 

March is burning its strew.
The limbless
braid a thawing earth
into knotty threads.

On wet lines flannel shirts 
poach in a warming smaze. 
while gust-hogs 
still attack the hedgerows.

In coddled kitchens
muggy boiled cabbages
a pottage of sky.

Stubby...Read More
Categories: strew, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member With Love for You
Sun flow progressed from east to west,
   with rays of light, the day is blessed.
         Like suns imbue, rays beaming through,
      my heart still shines...Read More
Categories: strew, love, nature, romantic,
Form: Rhyme
Emotional Demons
Emotional  Demons

These entities are never seen, nor speak a word
Though they communicate in a way, never heard
They prey upon feelings of fear, anger and pain
They find you, when you are weak to fight again

These demons seek nothing more than...Read More
Categories: strew, conflict, emotions,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Premium Member Dreaming
Dreaming of sugar spun so high
I could barely touch the sky when
a bird came and sat on my shoulder
she said she was messenger of the
gods of this realm and we (the humans)
of course had forgotten to sow our
souls with seeds...Read More
Categories: strew, inspiration,
Form: Blank verse
My Wife The Paper Shredder
Buried in an avalanche you
might see on "Hoarders buried alive"
back and foreground
white sheet with limited pay per view,
nonetheless sky scraping heap

(Uriah not kid) nsync with a 'U'-
shaped tube anchored securely thru
solid wood - sporting
towering, leaning, bulging, et cetera slew,
sans huge...Read More
Categories: strew, appreciation, april, father, humorous, parody, pride, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Saturn's Rings
Streaks on the Zen landscape of endless treeless came
From Sun's shadow dancing in the sky
Like a child's "hide and seek" game
In layered wind-swept grass so high

The burst of light to strew
The misty clouds of blue and gray
Lingering rain drops made...Read More
Categories: strew, good morning, imagery, spring,
Form: Rhyme
In April time a sea of blue,
A fragrant carpet 'tween the trees
Transforms the ancient woodland view

The silver birch and oak and yew
Have bright green growth as Spring decrees,
In April time a sea of blue

Saplings sailing on a sea of blue,
Their...Read More
Categories: strew, blue, flower, spring,
Form: Villanelle
For how long must the world sufferer fallacious arguments,
that war wins the right to rule, scarlet, the stains of blood,
as leaders eviscerate their people, internal organs strew escarpments,
curious vultures bide their time, waiting till the dying die,
to bewilder, plunge innocents...Read More
Categories: strew, betrayal, innocence, nature, war,
Form: Free verse
There is always monsoon, after the scorching summer heat
Wet eyes dripping drops,
Reddened in the heat of grief;
'O' baby, my baby,
Why were you born,
In this poor man's house?
Nothing is in order,
No stable job in hand; 
The work I know is out dated,
In this modern world;
In my past, 
People lived...Read More
Categories: strew, depression, family, poverty,
Form: Prose Poetry
Destitute roses
For you, 
Roses are honoring gesture;
Enjoy commemoration of past;
But don't realize,
You secede me from my family twig;
The pain I endure when you pluck;
We are pair of roses,
Weep watching own death,
Waning beauty,
Disappearing odour;
We are affeluant, 
Strew odour and beauty,
Make ambiance pleasant,
When...Read More
Categories: strew, love, rose,
Form: Prose Poetry
Step into the Garden
Potash and compost, tomatoes and rose,
Back in your greenhouse where everything grows.
The gurgle of water, filling the can,
To water my memories of holding your hand.

Prize-winning carnations, striped candy floss pink,
Clove scented blooms, you give me a wink.
I step into the...Read More
Categories: strew, flower, garden, grandfather, remember, rose,
Form: Rhyme
Paul Dice
Ameliorate the sensation sans being caught 
   between the devil and the dark blue sea,
This tethered to the oblate spheroid earthling 
   doth strive toward savoir-faire re:
As the fickle finger of fate flicks this mortal being...Read More
Categories: strew, angel, appreciation, blessing, character, encouraging, friendship, hope,
Form: Ode
Gusset of rose
Gusset of rose I am,
Tender the body of mine;
Petals yet to rise,
'Touch me not'; 
I am yet to bloom; 
Odor of juvenility,
Yet to snoop out of me;
Smell of mine, 
Yet to strew in ambiance, 
For you to love;

(In Hindi)

????? ???...Read More
Categories: strew, beautiful, beauty, innocence, kiss, love, love hurts,
Form: Prose Poetry
book dream
I open book, 
And am in world of dreams;
Eye lid shuts,
And am in journey to illusion world;
I fly, I swim and I strew, 
In depth of sleep;
The book as lullaby, 
Makes me go in deep dream;
For some, 
Books for seeking...Read More
Categories: strew, books, dream, sleep, , Lullaby,
Form: Prose Poetry
If I had fallen in your divine love
If I had fallen in your divine love
I also could have known
that how twinkling stars 
in the moonlit night
could strew their amazing illumination 
in the whole universe
that how the moon in the milky night
could embellish its beaming smile
that how austerity...Read More
Categories: strew, beauty, relationship, romantic,
Form: Prose Poetry
Thou a pretty saaqi
Thou a pretty Saaqi*,
Pour some nectar wine;
By thine supple mina*,
Of ecstatic ardour,
Into my saagar* of platonic yearn; 
Thine floret blooming petal lips, 
Open wide, invites to kiss;
Odour of incense,
Strew in maikhana*, 
Lure to seek the heavenly bliss;
My yearn to consume...Read More
Categories: strew, beautiful, love, lust, nature, universe, world,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member R o s e s - The Dove's Cooing Style
(Dove's Cooing)

Red roses 
a tribute 
to loved one 
roses have 
very long 
legend says 
that Eve gave 

a kiss to 
a white rose 
in Garden 
of Eden 
Cupid bled
on roses 
cause lost love 
instead then 

Another says 
Cleo strew...Read More
Categories: strew, beautiful, emotions, love, romance,
Form: Free verse
Wimpole Street, Part 1 of 7
(Wimpole Street, in the West End of London,
has been the scene of many interesting events,
from the elopement of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
to The Beatles composing "Help!")

The Long, Unlovely Street

It’s such a straight and long, unlovely street,
not quite the retail zone, not...Read More
Categories: strew, london,
Form: Sonnet
Hey ye juvenile rose
Dedicated to those teens, out of desperation end up committing extreme acts, ending life. My dear sweet children keep one point in your mind. Life is to both lose and gain. In both ways you gain, bring memorable experiences in...Read More
Categories: strew, childhood, children, depression, emotions, grandparents, kid, teenage,
Form: Prose Poetry
Peace dove
Dove flew high in sky,
Olive Branch in her beak;
Thought would strew,
Peace in the world,
But far away,
A hawk On the tree, was,
Calculating distance and timing,
To catch it's pray;
Dove watched from height,
Said "Hey you don't kill me,
I am on mission to spread,...Read More
Categories: strew, peace, war,
Form: Prose Poetry

When we met, I had a feeling
I would know you long and well
Your white magic set me reeling,
my dark logic caught your spell

Water falls on dirty dealing,
bursts a bubbles fragile shell
Sun shines in a pool revealing
secrets we will never tell

Taking...Read More
Categories: strew, betrayal, desire, passion, romance,
Form: Rhyme
Dreaming of you
I wish
I could dream of
My thoughts a-strew, in the magical
Loom of the moon...
A nightly gift i wish
Of dreaming of you....Read More
Categories: strew, dream,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Endless Time, Endless Beauty
Once upon a time
My lady called 
I stood mesmerized 
At ocean’s cusp

Glinting, glimmering, gleaming
Thousands of sparklers 
Dot her sequined dress 
Look at me!
Look at me!

Breathless ripples strew pebbles at shores edge
Cormorants perch on hips of slate
Eyes of diamond reflect starry nets
Starfish mouth warm honeycombs...Read More
Categories: strew, beautiful, muse, spiritual,
Form: Free verse