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Life Sonnet Poems

These Life Sonnet poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Life. These are the best examples of Sonnet Life poems written by international poets.

Premium Member SIMPLICITY
An empty space,filled by light
brings simplicity to life,
the empty heart,fills with pain,
cries out why,again,again,
and still the emptiness remains;
Simplicity forgotten
in complexity will drown,
darkness overwhelms the mind,

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Categories: art, inspiration, poetry,

Premium Member Shadows of the Heart

That sad enchanted Lady saw the world
As shadows in a glass, a faint reflection
But thence a magic tapestry unfurled
Showed disconnected lives in...

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Categories: heart,

That Time Borrows

That Time Borrows

So many bright tomorrows have crept by 
becoming lost.  So many sorrows
to gather in boxes that time borrows
from earth’s storehouses with no...

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Categories: age, emotions,

Learn from the nature

Let us learn from the nature the lesson.
Nothing in the nature lives for itself.
In life, lets follow this lesson as well;
Accept nature's rule as our...

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Categories: nature,


What's purpose of life - thought provoking question.
Guidance stated by many is confusing.
Advice received doesn't give any direction.
Some say to find happiness or love people

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Categories: god,

Premium Member From A Sad Book, A Poet's Deep, Heartfelt Lament
From A Sad Book, A Poet's Deep, Heartfelt Lament  

Fear I, morn brings not glistening of dew
That in youth's vanished seeds of demise
Wisps of...

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Categories: art, dark, death, future,

Be grateful

Right now, are you feeling unsatisfied
with whatever you have in possessions?
Always feel stressed, some sort of depression
for not having what's desired, to be pride.

Feel of...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member Chilly And Dark
A faultless tributary lowered in frigid water.
There is no exact development profound inside.
The chaotic life above is evaporating blunter.
Inside, the eternal silence is deafening, sighed.


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Categories: analogy, character, confusion, magic,

Premium Member This Wild Water
What of this water, this reason, this rhyme
coursing over minds, our hands, our land;
that takes no shape yet changes for all time
waking to the wisdom...

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Categories: god, nature, ocean, power,

Lessons in disguise

We take a lot of decisions daily.
Some bring happy results and we feel charmed;
Some decisions do fail makes us distressed;
These bad decisions really suggest
causes, once...

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Categories: happy,

Premium Member Morning Reflections
The stillness of the morning is complete
The very tips of Aspens make no tremble
As though all nature holds its breath, replete
With harmony, no conflict to...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member I Am I Was
The hole in my soul has finally gone
As my years of joy and sadness have passed
I awaken now to a dimmer dawn
And wonder how long...

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Categories: death, life,

Sonnet 2 -Morning Dew Scent
Gloaming hast come to greet min once again
Thy scent must have faded in my mem’ry
Longin’ for the old days cloying-cold pain
A stolen gaze of serendipity

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Categories: love, memory,

Premium Member Season Change
The leaves of Alder now are taking on 
Fragility of finely woven lace
 As Nature bids the sun: ‘Not yet be gone!
‘But stay awhile!’ though...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member There Was a Time
There was a time when I was at my best
I can recall no question about my success,
Now I have reached the stage called rest
The time...

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Categories: life, me, perspective, psychological,