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Death Sonnet Poems

These Death Sonnet poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Death. These are the best examples of Sonnet Death poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Dozing the Depths
Written: February 26, 2024

Our slumber, a rock falling swiftly overnight,

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, dream, sleep,

Premium Member Men of the Sea
I’ll speak of me past, of stories once told.
Of men that rode waves out in the cold.
Tales of the strong, the courageous, the bold.
Most of...

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Categories: adventure, courage, horror, life,

Premium Member Compassion Fatigue
Compassion Fatigue

Resentment looks a lot like Narcan in a sharp
and feels like it’s forcing out my will.
I grab them both; Naloxone and the tarp,
the outcome...

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Categories: addiction, faith,

Premium Member The way we are
The moments that have passed, have been erased,
in as we’re always present here and now
and as breath by breath, we are by grace grazed,
vibrant, pristine...

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Categories: how i feel, i

Premium Member Fearing the Storm
The dark night did his fearfulness arouse,
While flashing-booming-crackling filled the air.
This night of trepidation fills the house; 
breath shortened running fingers through his hair.

Dark fear...

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Categories: anxiety, fear, storm,

Is it lax, laziness, lethargy, sloth, or stagnancy?
Or is it like the calm quietness of a crocodile?
Is it a temporary entrance into fantasy?
Or is it...

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Categories: endurance, peace, silence,

Premium Member Nothing's Left First Draft
The day of birth had come with all its glow
another world, another time so old
a passing shadow through years would follow
"till" tomorrow's end will at...

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Categories: introspection,

Premium Member The Demise of a Newborn Dragonfly
Its delicate wings no longer wet, it stretched well,
And flew up high holding onlookers in its spell.
Round and around it danced over the eerie pond

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Categories: destiny,

The Mary Rose, Andrea Doria, Estonia,
MV Doña Paz, RMS Titanic, and the Endurance
Wasn't, in techno craftsmanship, each a utopia?
Wasn't, yet, the cause of their wreck...

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Categories: death, life, nature,

What Are These Words
What are these words that rage with hate and war
That scream with bullets’ searing, lethal roar
That slash with livid flames the midnight sky
And with a...

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Categories: anger, conflict, confusion, death,

Resilient Re-Scenting
I thought I had grasped it once, like the Arabian myrrh.
Then it started fading like dew before the morning sun.
Legends say that the musk of...

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Categories: life, love, relationship,

Unseen is the dark sky midst the pitch darkness. Owls howl-hoot.
Vampire bats fly around. I sit, staring at the red moon.
What has happened to me?...

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Categories: life, nature, riddle,

Existential Crisis
I thought, like a net unknotted, puzzles would be solved.
With the question, 'Who am I? What's the purpose of my life?
I was wrong. Like the...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, death, life,

Premium Member Perpetual
"Not many things are perpetual. Real love, God, and hope in Him are some of the few." by poet

Perpetual means lasting forever.
Not many are the...

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Categories: philosophy,

Precious Moments
That inexplicable moment, when like a weak seedling
Or like a bundle of miracles with flesh, blood, and vein
Or like a newly hatched birdling with no...

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Categories: death, life,