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Short Superficial Poems

Short Superficial Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Superficial by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Superficial by length and keyword.

Superficial girl
Beauty, undeniable
Gaping, empty void

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Categories: superficial, angst,
Form: Senryu

Premium Member The long way
Make love the long way
beyond superficial
almost forever

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Categories: superficial, love,
Form: Senryu
Love's theater
Defiant actor
Passing superficial roles
In love's theater,
Blessed by her charming entry
He's able to play himself...

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Categories: superficial, character, identity, love, soulmate,
Form: Tanka
Ever Change
Glass looking 
Mirror shots
Happy times 
Post mark
Expensing just character
Improvements pattern cast
Dividing superficial power
Melting pot requirement...

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Categories: superficial, inspirational,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member DEVOTION
so potent,
a scarce resource
the essence of
true love,
not by chance,
oust the negative
hold love aloft-
the only antidote
to all things 

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Categories: superficial, devotion,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Single Still
Harold's hope at love was nill and none
A groomsman at fifteen weddings
No pretty gal caught his eye
They seemed superficial
He was a great catch
People liked him
Mom said so

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Categories: superficial, funny love, humorous,
Form: Nonet
Fake Gold
Only fake gold needs to be gilded with gold,
Real gold doesn’t need a gold mask to hold.
To pass the exam entails years of great effort,
It’s no use talking ideals for superficial comfort. 

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Categories: superficial, metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
our world
Love is poison masked as bliss
People change like the seasons
Life ends, oh to soon
Young grows before it's their time
yet,here we are
Living in a superficial world
Oblivious of that that goes on around us....

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Categories: superficial, environment,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member judgement statement or statement about judgement
 These superficial notions of love,respect, and morality have a tendency to tell others how to think and feel about them. Anyone's way is no one else's business, anyway. To a large extent, at the very least....

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Categories: superficial, adventure, africa, anniversary, anti bullying,
Form: Epitaph
Radical Man
FDR said, "A radical is a man with both 
feet planted firmly in the air."
How inspirational.
How impossible!
A radical is original,
Just as long as it's not a 

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Categories: superficial, funny, political
Form: Free verse
Happy in 4,3,2,1
The 'crucial' material, superficial and trivial,
Affects subjects in context of perfected defects,
Venial miracles, remedials for the cynical,
Introspect. Project and infect, this selected side-effect.


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Categories: superficial, happiness,
Form: Rhyme
Touching the divine
Immersed in the Aesthetic
Finding beauty in Simplicity
and a true Wonder in Functionality

to gaze upon true beauty
is to see the Glory within
in lieu of superficial pleasure
free of virtue, free of sin...

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© Syd Floyd  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: superficial, philosophy,
Form: I do not know?
Buying And Selling Tickets
Like Hollywood
politicians play a part; 
not from deep within
nor high above,
their common nature
a superficial ego…

though as poets
we command our seats 
of beauty at all cost--
as God
Our obedience
to enter…....

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© Joe DiMino  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: superficial, allegory, analogy, humanity, poets, political, society, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Further Or Worthier
Further Or Worthier

Maybe impact might have been initial,
Wondering how much to make it official
After analysis which was much further
Decided to facts no one mat be worthier
Looked deeper to see what was superficial.

Jim Horn...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: superficial, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Superficial Wounds

Never known such an obedient dog Our Annie, understands our human dialogue We often have to tell her “Stop biting”, she concurs The flesh wounds are usually superficial, thank God © Jack Ellison 2015

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Categories: superficial, fun,
Form: Limerick
keep it superficial
don't delve deep
focus on 
the external
no need to 
go any further  
limite knowladge 
no need to get to know
the inner person
no need to get to know
the past versions of self 
who truly cares

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Categories: superficial,
Form: Lyric
Of Studies
The ancient men of letters spared no efforts in studies and
Their feats were derived from hard work since adolescence.
The knowledge acquired from books seems rather superficial,
A thorough understanding comes from your own experience.


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Categories: superficial, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
We all think we're more than the scrore
We all think we're more than the score
And we carry that thought to the core.
That we are individuals and deserve the best above all the rest.
When really here we all are veneer--
A superficial glue of material that binds the inferior 
To their exterior...

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Categories: superficial, beauty,
Form: Rhyme
Vested Intrest
Life is a temporary link,
Between the Abyss and the
Abstract, but in-order to take
A vested interest, One must
Avoid superficial condemnation
In exchange for a chance
To assert and secure his own
Eventualities' among
The realm of the living


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Categories: superficial, hope
Form: Personification
Premium Member Love without hope
Love without hope

Promises of love without sincere intention
showered with presents of unique distinction
Dramatic displays of superficial attention
Love without hope drives with no destination.

March 25,2016

For love without hope contest....

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Categories: superficial, heartbreak, hope, lost, love, pain, sad, solitude,
Form: Quatrain
L.A. Vixen
A recent past
your moment is gone

a lonely city of Angels

aimless Souls of fortune

49ers exist - estrogen bred

lusting for fantasy

cat moves
pick & spade

elusive - cunning and lethal

morality unknown
happiness superficial


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Categories: superficial, people
Form: Free verse
Premium Member TRIBUTE

A tribute to a man
I hardly knew
An impractical joker
An inclement clown
Overly cautious
To never reveal
Anything of himself
Hiding under the façade
Of inappropriate humor
An awkward conundrum
A mystery man

posted on July 1, 2019...

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Categories: superficial, character, conflict, mystery, perspective, tribute,
Form: Free verse

Strip away the superficial.
Place political correctness aside.
Forgive hurts of the past.
Erase all tension and harsh feelings.
Seek thoughts of love and understanding.
This is what you’ll find.
I’m you. You’re me.
We are the same
In truth, there isn't a divide.

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Categories: superficial, identity, meaningful, people, together,
Form: Free verse
blurred vision
I may not fit perfection's flawless mould
But don't discard me with a fleeting glance,
Look past the superficial, take a chance
Remember all that glitters is not gold.


Arbitrium Divisa 6 Poetry Contest - sponsored by Gregory Barden

Taken from my poem - about-face...

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Categories: superficial, prejudice,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Superficial Skin
Don't stand too close
I have something to hide
Makeup and lotion masks the wrinkles
on a good day, high moisture

Appreciate an antique from afar
Like a great watercolor
the fine scratches and colors
blend by the eye at a distance.

Don't stand too close
Don't enter my reality....

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Categories: superficial, life
Form: Free verse