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Short Shane Poems

Short Shane Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Shane by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Shane by length and keyword.

Action Needs Effort

Topic: Birthday of Shane S. Alcantara (April 15) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: shane, birthday,
Form: Acrostic

What it can do
“One time I smoked pot behind a bush, and then I didn’t talk to anyone for 4 years.” 

-Shane G. 
Former roommate at my 6th drug and alcohol rehab...

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Categories: shane, bereavement,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Equipped
Shane Blaine walked with a swagger
and was viewed as a bragger.
Ladies liked him lots
but kept secret their thoughts.
Awed by his eight-inch dagger....

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Categories: shane, humor, romance,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Mary
 Mary was a lovely lass,
Who gave Shane lots of sass,
She sat in an office up above,
Perched up there just like a dove,
What a girl, with so much brass, 

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Categories: shane, funny,
Form: Limerick
                       Absence by Shane Cogan

                      Lost at summer clock
                       Insomnia blue skies
                       Absent minded bliss


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Categories: shane, absence, beach, beautiful, color, environment,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member JABBERWOCKY
Dedicated to the genius of Lewis Caroll & C S Lewis Alice & Narnia live always in my mind Shane Claws Burbling Jaws that bite Jabberwocky Slain

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Categories: shane, fantasy,
Form: Lanterne
Stages Of Love
Love, elegance,
Love, elegance, beauty,
Love, elegance, beauty, torture,
Love, elegance, beauty, torture, pain,
Love, elegance, beauty, torture, pain, Death

Stages Of Love

by Shane Bennett...

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Categories: shane, love
Form: I do not know?
Africa Ocean Moon

                        Blue waves bursting

                       Tropical musical storms

                            Dusky milky ball

                                     Shane Cogan April 2015

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Categories: shane, beach, smile, stars, storm,
Form: Haiku
Dragonflies Breath
Dragonflies Breath, by Shane Cogan (Haiku style)

                                   warm and cold it flew
                                 purple lake at dawn lay still
                                   wings too quick to see...

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Categories: shane, animal, beautiful, summer, uplifting,
Form: Haiku
Swan Lake

                                Engineless she lands
                                Late sun ripples indigo
                                Solo Proud lake swan


                                                 © Shane Cogan, September 2013 

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Categories: shane, animal, beautiful, bird, color, environment, september, uplifting,
Form: Haiku
Moon River
                                Moon River by Shane Cogan 

                                       Curves of liquid ice
                                    Migratory wings on face
                                       Red moon river swim


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Categories: shane, africa, earth, inspirational, night, ocean, paradise,
Form: Haiku
Irish Morning Mist

                         Magnetic lake cloak

                   Northern Wings summer chatter

                         Carroty dawn pond

                                                                 By Shane Cogan (August 2014)

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Categories: shane, animal, color, happy, imagery, light, water,
Form: Haiku
Essence Of Name



Topic: Birthday of Danica Shane M. Oriente (July 09) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: shane, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member CONQUEST

Dawn’s herald sounds forth,
Night’s ramparts are stormed,
Her daunting walls breached.

Westward she withdraws,
Her keep abandoned,
The conquest complete.

Day’s standard flies high,
Proclaiming rebirth,
Warming the chill land.

Written 13/04/2015
~Shane Cooper~

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Categories: shane, conflict, day, night,
Form: Free verse
Enter the Snowman

Exit gold crisp noise
Whole winter white blanket sky
Carrot pipe smoker

Stressed humans all cloaked
A full moon mirror shimmers
Oddly naked it stands

Cold dawn miasma
Snowball friendly warfare
Magnetic eye gaze

                                      By Shane Cogan (December, 2013)...

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Categories: shane, absence, december, environment, winter,
Form: Haiku
Unraveled The Sundress Poem contest
It was the beginning of a summery season,
In that beautiful dress, adorned with baby blue and pink
Opened back, opened toe sandals; she gave me a wink
That sundress took my breath away, I wanted to say "hello" but lacked  a reason

                                                                        By: Shane Solomon...

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Categories: shane, inspirational, love, romance
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member true friendship

Love first and foremost,
Trust is essential,
Truth also needed,
Honesty in all.

Seen with the heart,
Felt in the soul,
More rare than love,
More worth than gold.


One mind,
One soul.


Written 08/05/2015
Always remember there is still love in this world. 


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Categories: shane, friendship, love,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
I Asked God Why
I asked God why
you had to go
he said one day
you will know

For now you must
trust in me
and one fine day
the world will see

I have no doubt
you love him so
I too, once let
my own son go

I feel your pain
I touch your tears
I'm here to comfort
and calm your fears

So take my hand
and I'll take your pain
I'll lead you home
one day to Shane...

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Categories: shane, death,
Form: I do not know?
Mother,young grandmother,true friend,wife
Sister of Shane and Gaytha
Lover of Roger, flower guarding and horses
Who feels love, lost and pain
Who fears drowning, Gods wrath and being alone
Who would like to see World peace, lost friends and Hawaii
Resident of Holly Pond, Alabama

Just a note to say I don't fear God just his wrath....

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Categories: shane, introspectionlost, lost,
Form: Bio
For My Son Kylarr Shane Brown

Kylarr is my life

Kylarr is my love 

Kylarr is my world 

Kylarr is my joy

What i do i do it for him

Kylarr is my life

Kylarr is my love

Kylarr is my world

Kylarr is my joy

He's my son and I love him

He is so sweet and everyone wish they had a son like him 


Vanessa N Brown

Copyright ©2005 Vanessa Brown 

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Categories: shane, family, love, son, son, love, son,
Form: ABC
The Kingfisher's Stare
                                                The Kingfishers Stare


                                                   shy blue halcyon
                                       caught your stare under moonbeam
                                                   ripple over splash

                                                                      © Shane Cogan 2013

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Categories: shane, beauty, bird, fish, river,
Form: Haiku
Predictable Porcupine
                                                 Predictable Porcupine

                                                  Porcupine strolls by
                                              spikes glowing only at dusk 
                                                 always the same route

                                                                               © Shane Cogan, 2013 

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Categories: shane, adventure, journey, nature,
Form: Haiku
Shadows by Shane Cogan (2013)

Silently it lunged forward, then backwards
Hesitating, it reached out and touched its prey
Alarmed by its own reflection, it’s feet gave way
Downwards it began to fall, until it reached the darkness below
Overtly large, awkward and blinded, it searched around
Wasted, decayed, overgrown, it sensed its new surrounding
Shadows encircled the being; a final tour de force

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Categories: shane, absence, birth, leaving, peace, voyage,
Form: Acrostic
Losing you left a 
hole in my heart
like a void that
will never fill
you were taken 
from me so 
sudden never
giving me a Chance to say 
good bye
As time goes on
my sorrow lessens 
but never leaves me
I'm ever morning what
could have been 
but never was
I whisper your name to the
wind hoping you know
you'll always live on in my 
Good bye my friend
until we meet again...

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Categories: shane, death, lost love, love, me,
Form: Free verse
Life moving quickly,
Reflexes out of control,
Chewing piece after piece of gum,
Smoking cigarettes one after the other.

Thinking a million and one thoughts per second.
Paranoia has the best of me,
Missing my love to the worst extent,
Typing faster than a hurricane can blow.

Sweating like a pig,
Or so it feels.
Not comprehending what others are saying,
Becoming nervous and wanting more.

-Shane Bennett...

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Categories: shane, health
Form: I do not know?