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Short Saul Poems

Short Saul Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Saul by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Saul by length and keyword.

Premium Member Ekphrasis METAMORPHIS
the saul
of favres-
became cubist

Georges Braque

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Categories: saul, art, history
Form: Lanterne

Premium Member Saint Paul
Saul named Paul
     Saw Jesus or Father Christ
     To Damascus

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Categories: saul, black african american, christian, devotion, faith, religion,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Witch of Endor

Saul or St. Paul went to the Witch of Endor 
To get her to conjure up Samuel from the dead.

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Categories: saul, black african american, christian, devotion, faith, religion,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Quite A Tumble
The Apostle Paul
fell from a horse as Saul
the voice of Jesus overtook
the rest of the story can be found in "The Book"


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Categories: saul, father, funny, hope, life, passion, religion
Form: Clerihew
Premium Member a VOICE a vignette
He heard a voice from above
Words of Jesus ,filled with love,
His eyes were then opened wide-
Upon his life he heard the call,
The day Saul was to become Paul...

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Categories: saul, christian, history,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member A sinner named Saul
There once was sinner named Saul.
Who was quite overzealous for the law.
He persecuted the church.
Went to Damascus to search.
Where Jesus transformed him to Paul....

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Categories: saul, faith, funny, god, jesus, religion,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Vignette-THE NAZARITE
He heard a voice from above
Words of Jesus ,filled with love,
His eyes were then opened wide-
Upon his life he heard the call,
The day Saul was to become Paul

Full story @Acts 9:1-22...

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Categories: saul, people, places,
Form: Narrative
Faith fervent, bold searching, hearing, obeying Moses, David, Saul, Goliath hardening, rebelling, questioning lukewarm, haughty Incredulity 6/13/2019 Sparkling Diamonds Poetry Contest Sponsor: Joseph May

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Categories: saul, faith,
Form: Diamante
Premium Member Rexie the Lizard
Written: January 2, 2009
Updated: April 23, 2012

There once was a lizard named Rex(ie)
Whose head was always tilted and ready
Sitting next to the glass wall
Patiently waiting for Saul
To feed him tasty hornworm bread(ie).

Note: Part of the Portrait Poetry Collection...

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Categories: saul, funny,
Form: Limerick
Son of David have mercy on my soul
I was blinded by the evil like the known ancient Saul
And now all my enemies want to see me fall
But with your love and mercies you make my ways beautiful

Jesus Christ! Set me free
I am just a branch and you're the tree
It's my humble request only to u I plea
So I give myself away for me to worship thee...

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Categories: saul, africa, christian, faith, gospel, religion, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Motivation Station
We all have to start somewhere.
Brick by brick, tooth and nail, you'll get there. 
You might not be a Saul, you might be that apple
So go on and drink from your motivational fountains
You might not build the Taj Mahal or paint the Sistine Chapel, 
but you'll move the molehills you've imagined are mountains.

This is what happens when I don't write poetry for a while......

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Categories: saul, inspiration, muse,
Form: Rhyme
Saul An Anoited king
The women danced singing:
 "Saul has killed his thousands
 and David his tens of thousands."
(1Samuel 18:7). 

Through envy and perhaps jealousy
Saul pursued David from that day onward;
Causing the Lord to be sorry that he made him 
(Saul) king.

In modern times just as in the old
A gifted or talented feat
Could cause eruption in the same way.
And men do not keep their word.

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Categories: saul, faith, prayer,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member GOOD OL' JOE
Joseph,a levite from Cyrprus,fair
Displayed his gifts with loving care;
A son of encouragment,he was called
This bold Barnbas of old.
The first advocate for Tarsus,Saul
With words he smoothed the path for Paul;
Then to Antiocn,post haste was sent,
To nuture young Christians he was lent;
A teacher,prophet of the Lord
With the apostles he spread the word,
Enduring dangers he fulfilled his call,
A man of principle...example to all.

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Categories: saul, history, people,
Form: Ballad
A Place Called Choice

Saul was dazed by his bloodlines.
Was his fervor wrong -
a disguise?

He blacklisted believers.
What was his motive?
Whence his steel?

God’s great Light transformed Saul’s mind.
What passion stirred Saul’s
blinded eyes?

He came to a place called Choice.
Is this Jesus right?
Is He real?

Praise God for His faithful ones.
Who blazed your thinking
past the lies?

Thank God for servant voices.
Who blessed your path with
godly zeal?


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Categories: saul, allegory, god, life, passion,
Form: Verse
The Blinded Fall to Damascus
Truth has become socially malleable,
personally customized and saleable.

Ruled Politically incorrect,
by the self appointed elect.

We’ve hit that slippery slope running,
led by diabolical cunning.

We're on that horse and galloping like Saul,
persecuting salvation...right St Paul?

The sin is the same as it used to be,
just a different apple tree.

Work out your salvation in fear and trembling,
for Truth and lies are conveniently blending.

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Categories: saul, people, visionary,
Form: Couplet
Let my works live
When life will stop being kind
what will be there to leave behind?
I hope to leave behind my pieces
so my saul rise in peace
lovers say Rest In peace
A life celebrated
My works appreciated.
when Im gone
Hurts torn
My memories gone
in my works Remember me 
in my words Remember me
in mind Have me
you are kind show me.
keep me close to heart
should I go first
I would have done the same
If to me first it came.
My soul will leave
But let my works live....

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Categories: saul, death, destiny, poetry,
Form: Ballad