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Short Representation Poems

Short Representation Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Representation by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Representation by length and keyword.

river of magic haiku
river of magic
perfect representation
my soul is now calm...

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© Marty King  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: representation, river,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Miniature Representation
internally I minute amidst such dark depths eternally be .

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Categories: representation, age, body, creation, dark, places, space,
Form: Senryu
Provocatively present;
Frame; focus; capture
Eyes hoodwink, smiles beguile

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Categories: representation, business, celebrity, fashion, political,
Form: Cinquain
A representation 
In business buying clients 
In behavior trying fellow human 

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Categories: representation, character,
Form: Free verse
there is no
the gallery is the picture

Ekphrasis on the art of Ellesworth Kelly

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Categories: representation, art, people
Form: Fibonacci

promised freedoms betrayed -
poverty frolics amid laws….

Senryu per contest instructions…no capitilzation, commas, or periods
© September 18, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Categories: representation, political
Form: Senryu
Premium Member IMMORTELLE structured prose
Hitherto unseen chance arrangements
a pictorial fiction, representation immortelle
Banal,but witty yet disconcerting in its
fortuitous resemblance to veracity
A novel way of seeing ,to the jaded eye....

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Categories: representation, change, imagery,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Most Men Live Lives of Misplaced Value
"Here You Lie
Beloved by the Mass of Men"

When you died,
No one cried,
Fewer sighed--
Yet inside--
For you lied;
So you pass
Here, alas,
Lacking class--
As the mass--
One big ass.

January 7, 2022
Verse (Mini-monoverse)...

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Categories: representation, change, integrity, truth, wisdom, work, write,
Form: Verse
the contemporary
                    first glance

  changed drastically

avant garde
     a personal edge...

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Categories: representation, art,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member Representation
streams of thought continue to flow

as ideas endure archaic mindsets

forced silence speaks through the pen

the written word will rise to the occasion

and a Whip-poor-will chant its name endlessly

in enthusiastic appreciation from dusk to dawn...

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Categories: representation, appreciation, inspiration, meaningful, poetry,
Form: Free verse
circles are perfect
they have no start
no beginning
no end
each point an equal
the closest representation
of eternity
as perfect a definition
of the cosmos
as will ever be found
perfect eternity
maybe the only
perfection there is....

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© tom bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: representation, life, philosophy, science,
Form: Free verse
Reflections of a Writer
As a child, I dreamt of occupations
that would take me to the moon,
deepest of the oceans, and most hidden
places in the mind.

Today, I am all I wanted to be as a child.
All the character that I have jotted down
in my stories are my representation.

Date: 4/26/2016...

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Categories: representation, childhood, dream, happiness, identity, imagery, inspirational, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Learning Differentiation if You Please
learning disabled
should be re-labelled
learning differentiation
a much wiser representation

some of the most remarkable actresses and writers
those who think differently and are advocates and fighters
have been labelled this weird label.
I am one of them, no fable.


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Categories: representation, school, teacher,
Form: Rhyme
Post-Culture War
Watching the extinction
of the paleo
as the death
to the crank lab or product
or the prison and psych-ward.

Those that are still here
await Jeff Foxworthy
for exploitative representation
Dale on the the King of the Hill

© S. Wesley Mcgranor...

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Categories: representation, culture,
Form: Free verse
This is Poetry
This is poetry
You can't be wrong
You can't really be right

This is poetry
It is me in words
It looks nothing like me 
Read it how you choose

This is poetry
it has feeling
It has none
It is mine

This is poetry
It is an out of body
Of my soul...

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Categories: representation, poems, poetess, poetry,
Form: Free verse
School bus mahogany
Do you ever stop to think that you're a bus?
No I don't mean a vehicle that would go to toys r us 
I mean an actual bus
Thats a representation of all of us
They stop at red lights 
In spite
Of fights
Lonely nights
A low kite
A repetitive life
Green light, go 
And that's the show...

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Categories: representation, childhood, conflict, dark, deep, depression, life, psychological,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Monsters in the Mist
with red eyes blazing

they race through fog on hot sands

in a dying land . . . 

Barsoom’s white apes transplanted

to an earth where hell broke loose.

Note: Barsoom is a fictional representation of the planet Mars created by American pulp fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs....

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Categories: representation, animal, earth,
Form: Tanka
Shroud of Brethren Blood
A ribbon of peace made of red, white and blue
Had fallen to earth on a breeze
With hopes that someone would take and hold true
The values so needed for peace

Alive in the colors, representation of man
The struggles in life so endured
All sewn together in one tight fine weave
Offering to all, peace assured


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Categories: representation, hope, imagination, life, losspeace, peace,
Form: Quatrain

        I do not wish to be aware of life
        before she finishes ...
        Even death when it comes ...
        All rowing the right time
        to live and leave ...
        We all have our safe haven
        in the indefinite infinite ...
        What do we have here,
        it's just a representation ...
        May we play our role well... !...

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Categories: representation, allegory, allusion, creation, life, literature, metaphor, poetry,
Form: Epigram
Blue Dot
In a field of perfect night,
There is a blue dot.
What is its purpose?
What is the point?
What is it doing here
All on its own?  Is it some
Divine punctuation mark,
Denoting the end of eternity?
Or is it  a concrete representation
Of the oneness of the universe?
What does it mean by its 
Blue silence?  It is a mystery,
This blue dot, out here
In the middle of eternity....

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Categories: representation, confusion, mystery, space, blue, universe,
Form: Blank verse

Of personality
Of nature
Of quality 
Of spirit 
Of tone
Of image
Of ego
Of pride
Of disposition 
Of juxtaposition 
Of morale 
Of frame of mind
Of temperament 
Of attribute
Of mood
Of portrayal 
Of reputation 
Of description 
Of esteem
Of representation 
Of design 
Of sublime
Of divine  
Of character defined 

Marckincia Jean
Free verse 

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Categories: representation, character, humanity, i am, self, society,
Form: Free verse
My Jury

Representation of my Pierian spring,
Attorney of my indelible ink,
An old woman does not get tired
in the dance she knows best;
Life's court sent forth for my jury:

Evidence speaks louder than doubts -
When a child eat a palm fruit
his teeth shows evidence.
Pen is mightier than guns
But my ink is as costly as blood.

Vick Manuel Poetry {VMP}
Copyright © May, 2020....

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Categories: representation, 1st grade, inspiration, inspirational love, muse, writing,
Form: Dizain
Grow your own representation
Taxation, taxation
Where's the representation
Funds are culled, pooled, and drained
Promises abandoned
By the figures in office, on paper
Doing thing people elected
But never considered or voted 

Let's form our own colony
Regulate or own affairs
Simply as responsible humans
No need for watchdog lair

Our interests are not monied
But to perpetuate quality
Reorganize the state
Until it serves our fate...

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Categories: representation, devotion, political,
Form: Free verse
our father
sins that he buried
battered and beaten 
the mockery of the king the romans thought
good or evil
the eyes of god
naked with truths and visions
the healing of the unthinkable
the kingdom of everylasting peace
the representation of human race all bleed on this cross and the scriptures from the bible
ask and he will guide you
act and he will direct you to a path of a given direction
ask and you will receive...

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Categories: representation, happiness
Form: I do not know?
For real in keeping it real.
Ornery man in the political arena -
Xylophone players of classical music support is essential.
Trumping it to be the next in the Oval Office.
Rococo effect you strive for.
Ordinary people are against your representation.
Trump, Donald will be the succeeding President?
Written March 22, 2016 for the U.S.A President Campaign 2016!

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Categories: representation, america, community, culture, environment, future, image, political,
Form: Acrostic