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Short Quintain (Sicilian) Poems

Short Quintain (Sicilian) Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Quintain (Sicilian) poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Quintain (Sicilian) poetry form by poem length and keyword.

The Romantic
When Dad

Brought Mum flowers,

He would root cuttings, then 

Plant them in her garden to grow.


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Categories: father, love
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

Premium Member Determinant
Who am I meant to be,
In the world, intrinsically?
Forsake opaque a mystery;
Reveal to me explicitly!
What is my ministry?...

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Categories: how i feel,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member The Watch End
You struggle with right and wrong
I watch and worry so
With prayers I helped along
Now time for me to go
Who will pray when I am gone...

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Categories: children, faith, life,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Dream Again
Where do dreams go ever they die
To memories that stay the years
Memories fade as the tears dry
Dream again despite all your fears
A dream will give life a new try...

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Categories: depression, hope, life,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Our Life Story, Like a Zebra For Us,
Our life story, is like a zebra for us,
A black band, a white band, then a big arse,
And in the end, as everybody knows,
Prepare to receive by the hoof the final blow!...

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Categories: life,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

On Living and Working
Living this life and trying to make a living
Is sometimes hard,
And it requires taking along with some giving,
With due regard
To the fact; you’ll need to do some adlibbing....

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Categories: life
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Ww11 Mothers Day Wish
i'm somewhere in rome
quite far from home 
though many many miles apart
across the sea and into your heart 
i send my love and wish for cheer
to abide with you from year to year...

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Categories: mother
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Finding Joy

Oh I find such endless joy and never tire of life
Each day reveals a new found friend
Some souls vow man and wife
Loneliness will twist and bend
But love defeats black strife...

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Categories: introspection,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Determination
So, begin all over again, I say,
The potter’s wheel is still turning
Make an exquisite new vase today
Advance yourself, no more yearning
You can do a lot more than bray!

Written June 23, 2022...

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Categories: perspective, philosophy,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Have the Cake and Eat It Too
Tranquil eye in need of a makeover,
shifts baton of awareness to the heart,
enabling zest and zeal to takeover,
whereupon we feel bliss ignition start,
that engaged in life, soul rests in clover....

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Categories: joy, peace,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
A Prelude
Shy is the February sun Above the frazzled fatherland However hearts are not undone Giving instead a warmer brand Holding one closer under the sun.
A prelude to Valentine's day.

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Categories: love,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member A Tragedy
A tragedy, a train derailed. 
Not far in deep grief of the scene; 
homeward-bound it so tried, but failed.
Burnt cork smell and images seen 
veiled as they lay upon cold ground.


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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, imagery,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Celestial Songs
Chords  upon strings are played with finesse
bringing forth celestial  songs
As angels their slender strings caress 
 A symphony of harps played by heavenly throngs
soothing the soul  while they bless...

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: faith,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member All I Want For Christmas Is .... Christmas
It disappeared, we gave it away.
I’d like to find it again, for sure.
A good old fashioned holiday,
one without the digital manure,
the hype and verbal foreplay. 

© 03 Dec 2010   Charles Henderson...

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Categories: holiday
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Determination Route
Endless choices you make daily
Deciding between many paths 
Choosing the one that is satisfactorily
Leading to a bypath
Making to decide more carefully

Nayda Ivette

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Categories: life,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Equal Opportunity
Anti-abortionists never a dearth Of carrying placards to harass; As to the young child’s worth, We must demonstrate in mass Supporting life after the birth!
Written July 18, 2022...

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Categories: birth, child, perspective, philosophy, proposal,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Mistaken Identify
Mistaken Identify

Jerri had a funny doggie
Who saw his shadow. Yep, so scary!
Barked, “Ribbet”. Sounded froggie? 
Jumped high to fly. Would not tarry!
Ran home to nap. Did exit groggy!

November 23, 2020...

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Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, anxiety, confusion, courage,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Dare I
Dare I hold thy hand gently within mine
And speak this day of my love great for you
Can heaven high above withhold dawn’s sign
Of light repelling night’s dark grasp anew
Or wanting sweet lips most cerise as thine....

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Categories: romance,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member A Moon In June
I shivered on the shore where first we met,
and watched the broken moon dance on the lake;
this solstice eve, as memories beget,
now always drift the moment I awake - 
with peace within a heart that can't forget......

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Categories: memory,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
With your head on my lap, your breath falls deep.
My gentle fingers swirl and twirl your hair.
A hidden smile conveyed by your cheeks.
My hand then lowers to your face with care.
And beautiful eyes are now lost to sleep....

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Poetry Contest
I'm gonna enter a poetry contest,
Let me grab my dictionary and thesaurus.
My poem has to be better than the rest,
No crowd that will say, "You bore us"...
Just one judge that thinks that I'm the best!


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Categories: appreciation,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Milkshakes
I fear I lack a certain angst I ought, prerequisite of any proper bard. I’ve started losing sleep over the thought why milkshakes bring the boys out to the yard? I’m hoping now my rhymes are nice and taut.

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, silly,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Fallen
A fragile nestling, far too young for flight, unable to respond to mother’s calls, is grounded, unaware of its harsh plight. Indeed, if God knows when the sparrow falls, a holy tear is shed on high tonight.

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baby, bird, sorrow,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Tasting Bliss
Is buying good wine just a pleasure, a joy for the whole world to see? Or is it a personal measure, to satisfy no one but me, then kept, as a personal treasure! ~
For Andrea's Catch-Phrase Dazzler Competition....

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Categories: passion,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
a hunch
Dripping over with the magic sense, you
With violet wings soar unnaturally low.
I split with your cloud's grief my own adieus—
And the words that can hold your barbed mind close,
A place where there's dreams— I hope— to shed to....

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© Paige Hind  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dedication, flying, humanity, innocence, light, lonely, love,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

Book: Reflection on the Important Things