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Short Noticeable Poems

Short Noticeable Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Noticeable by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Noticeable by length and keyword.

I contemplate this thought



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Categories: noticeable, adventure,
Form: Concrete

clouded skies
from my eyes
but an absent moon
is noticeable
with the same depth
of the emptiness
i feel inside
without you here...

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Categories: noticeable, absence, miss you, missing, rain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Happiness
 Happiness is one of the most noticeable by-products~~
                                                                       of the contented mind.

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Categories: noticeable, happiness,
Form: Epigram
It's the familiar way in which you reach me,
A noticeable glance that hesitates me.
On toward another day,
and you're still here you say you'll stay.
I must consider you're on the way,


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Categories: noticeable, love,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Trials of Love
Answers better come daily,
even for good-hearted individuals.
Justice keeps lives,
making noticeable overtures.
People quietly reach solitude.
Treating understandable voices
with XOXO, yielding zaniness.

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Categories: noticeable, deep, feelings, love, love hurts, truth,
Form: ABC

Seasonal Vignette
Spring creeps into a normal routine
barely noticeable at first glance
fulfilling the beauty that we all yearn
to see and smell with bursting color
spreading everywhere upon the warmth
that summer glorifies and sanctifies.

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Categories: noticeable, nature, seasons
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member -Unibrow and Boogers madness-
unibrow spotted watching her attentively so captivated boogers so noticeable so nasty, should I tell her?
*Carolyn's unibrow and Nikko's boogers combined lol :)* Contest: My Funniest Poem On The Soup 10th place...

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Categories: noticeable, funny
Form: Tanka
ABC Anxiety Poem
Anxiety bursts confusion
distraught entanglements frenzies
grappling hysteria indecisiveness
jitters knockings lows
mania noticeable oppression 
panics qualms rigorousness
sufferings torments unhappiness
valuelessness wretchedness xed
yucky zaniness


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Categories: noticeable, absence, america, anger, angst, anxiety, deep, depression,
Form: ABC
Russell Brand
Ravishing and randy,
Utterly stupendous,
Sexy and sassy,
Silly and fussy,
Eye catching sense of fashion,
Lovable rogue,
Ladies man,
Branded irresistible,
Russell the unmissable,
Anchor to all his friends,
Noticeable sparkle in his eye,
Don't be silly it's a fly!!!...

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Categories: noticeable, funny,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member silent hunter time corner saloon
thought resolution
is noticeable depth
in reality

alien programs
we don't see live hidden deep
below the surface

mortal knot aspects
mixed with unseen answers sought
not of human kind

just things to be seen
but remain mysteries and dreams
outlooks not for us

stan sand...

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© sand blown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: noticeable, adventure, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member silent hunter time corner saloon
thought resolution
is noticeable depth
in reality

alien programs
we don't see live hidden deep
below the surface

mortal knot aspects
mixed with unseen answers sought
not of human kind

just things to be seen
but remain mysteries and dreams
outlooks not for us

stan sand...

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© sand blown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: noticeable, adventure, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Viewing the massive content to be found
A lonely figure immerses itself, nearly drowned
Names become intrinsically entangled and bound
It screams and screams without noticeable sound
Trying desperately to be declared a winner and crowned
Yet revealed as simply someone less than profound...

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Categories: noticeable, people
Form: Acrostic
A Little Summer
Sitting in the shade on a warm summer day...
Oh, there's that friendly breeze...
It's only a matter of time before
there is a noticeable lack of leaves...
I reminisce about my wasted youth,
and love that was all around...
I cry myself to sleep most nights,
now that uncertainty is abound...


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Categories: noticeable, seasons,
Form: Blank verse
               WHERE IS MY KITTY?

         I asked your name and the answer was
             A beautiful one as was your smile, the
             Accent noticeable 

              I welcome you to my city even though
             it is not exactly itty bitty- say where
             Is my kitty?

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© John Long  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: noticeable, animals, family, children, friendship, life, loss, pets,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ONLY YOU NEVER ME
You are very attractive dapper and stunning. I despise you because you don’t have 
enough room in your heart for me. When you pass a mirror all you see is you. I stand a 
foot behind you and look in the mirror hopping that I would be noticeable to you. But 
my image you do not consider you are the heart of your world then there’s just me....

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Categories: noticeable, workheart, heart, mirror,
Form: I do not know?
I got one unique smile;
Noticeable even from a mile.
Behold me with your eyes
sure, blood bathes my face

Don't mistake my closeness
nor ever encase me in sweetness.
I am no enchantress
as this my widest grin...

Smiling in joys and pains
as though nothing in vain.
Love, hope and faith I retain.
Indeed, keeping me sane.

(c) Olive ELoisa...

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Categories: noticeable, life, smile,
Form: Quatrain
How happy is the medieval life!
Never forget the knightly and gothic life.

The occurrence that's really noticeable,
Above all others is the disappearance.
Are you upset by how conspicuous it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the disappearance so strong?

Decease is, in its way, the of modification.
Never forget the yellowish and dishonourable decease.

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Categories: noticeable, addiction, age, allegory, analogy, angst, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
A structure forms a foundation
Foundation, of what
May I ask
Of things to become
Become, what things
If I may
Things that were written down on a scroll

As the hands move around
The eyes keep on piercing through
Bravo, its noticeable
Emphasise it

A navigator forms a journey
Journey, of what
May I ask
That leads to
To what
If I may
To leadership...

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Categories: noticeable, africa, age, blessing, character, culture, future, international,
Form: Free verse
The Stench of You
I smell regret!
I smell it on your clothes
and in your hair,
on your hands
and in every stitch, 
every fiber,
every twist and turn in the path of your goddamned
train of thought,
and it is especially noticeable in the carpet,
but then again,
that could just be the milk I spilled
when I caught a big fat whiff of the aforementioned regret......

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Categories: noticeable, angst, confusion, education, food, health, husband, nature,
Form: Free verse

Pretty, sexy legs
more noticeable
wearing a red dress,                                               
catching a man’s eye                                              
causing jealousy
or lovers quarrel.

3/27/21       Tableau 2 Poetry
Photo #3      Joseph May

Used:  PS Syllable Counter and Grammar Checker 
          How Many Syllables...

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Categories: noticeable, emotions, jealousy,
Form: Verse
I ask Myself
You say you don't love me,
You act as if you don't care,
How do you really feel about me?
I ask myself?

You just walk by me everyday,
You don't speak a word to me,
How do I cope with this?
I ask myself?

You smile at other girls,
You look right through me,
How do I make myself noticeable?
I ask myself?

Finally, you look at me,
Strange, but I feel nothing,
Why? Why?
I ask myself?...

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© Pam Hicks  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: noticeable, depression, husband, lost love, wife,
Form: Verse
Step Forward
There is The Door,
That world,
Step forward
Into that time,
One can do that even here on Earth.
The night calls,
The fading light.
The music comes alive,
More noticeable than in the 
Noise of the day.
Unless one becomes still enough to truly listen.
Music of the spheres, extension of
Heaven's serenade among the different shades 
Of purple sky.
Time to choose,
Step forward while you may....

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Categories: noticeable, beautiful, blessing, christian, destiny, devotion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Faces
We all have faces
Not one us the same
Some are very pretty
And some of them are plain
We have different colours
Faces of various hues
We are simply born that way
Our colour we cannot choose
The colours that we come in
Are white, red, black and yellow
It doesn't matter what sex you are
A woman or a fellow
This is only noticeable
From others outside view
Everybody inside
Is exactly the same as you...

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Categories: noticeable, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme


Floating in the western sky 

God’s smile  in the looking  glass
Of time, 

Our eternally  shimmering  radiant
Confronts the darkness.

15  April  2020

NOTE      In the darkening sky, in recent months, the remarkable evening brilliance of Venus has delighted  everyone, including  me.   Breathtakingly noticeable and amazing in her shine.


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Categories: noticeable, beauty, metaphor, , western,
Form: Ode
THE RACHEL QUINN acrostic-Italian sonnet 11-7-2012
Tinker Bell dwells well in my mind,
Helping me find the words to use,
Endearing enough to help choose
Radiant qualities that blind.
Alluring my mind from behind,
Charm is in the arms of my muse,
Handing me lines I can not lose,
Engaging enough to be kind.
Lyrical miracles flow free,
Qualified to be the unique,
Uncommon qualities we see.
Incredible enough to speak
Notably of? Enough for me!
Noticeable enough to seek!...

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Categories: noticeable, dedicationme,
Form: Italian Sonnet