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Short Expiration Poems

Short Expiration Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Expiration by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Expiration by length and keyword.

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Short Poem Results

Short Expiration poem by RP Kumari| Details |


a state with no expiration 
it will come, stay until it goes
how long, we don't know 
Grief has no sell by date 

Copyright © RP Kumari | Year Posted 2009

Short Expiration poem by Cynthia Alvez| Details |


My heart cannot be silent,
My heart calls your name
In the gloom of endless nights and
Days of longing.

(for my sister who expiration May 16, 2013 )


Copyright © Cynthia Alvez | Year Posted 2013

Short Expiration poem by jill spagnola| Details |


Endlessly revolving
Exquisite in its form
Exists despite abuse
Enjoy a view from space
Entices adventure
Encourages travel
Expiration date real

Pleiades contest

Copyright © jill spagnola | Year Posted 2015

Short Expiration poem by John lawless| Details |

Expiration Fate

Expiration Fate

breath in retreat…
life… denying stasis
of respirations yin and yang -

John G. Lawless

submitted to – Cinquain – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Sara Kendrick

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

Short Expiration poem by Hilary Barnes| Details |

The Old Last Act

The #Old-Last-Act, Act I, Scenes 1 - 13

A flirtation
And prostration

Copyright © Hilary Barnes | Year Posted 2018

Short Expiration poem by cecil hickman| Details |

Requiem of Natures Realm

In the breeze
Swaying to and fro
Waving to the watchers below
Help me if you can my time has been short please I beg.
Though my expiration is not death, just rebirth into natures realm everlasting.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009

Short Expiration poem by Robin Maughan| Details |


Do you have your eternal warranty?
Did you remember to purchase extended maintenance?
Did you see the hidden costs?
Did you know where to search?
Will you expire before your warranty is secured?
Spirited life has no expiration date.

Copyright © Robin Maughan | Year Posted 2009

Short Expiration poem by Johnette Loefgren| Details |

Last Stages of Love

 You're in the last stages
of lost wages,
of empty pages,
of spent rages,

You're in the termination 
of inspiration
of imitation,
of expiration,

You're in the culmination
of emulation,
of exploitation,
of domination

of me.

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren | Year Posted 2006

Short Expiration poem by Eric Oakley| Details |

Heartbreak on the horizon

How I'd like to make it last
Instead of a memory of the past
I cannot disavow
That im happy in the now
The flesh begins to manipulate 
Sadly knowing of an expiration date
The more I'm here the more I wizen
With you heartbreak is on the horizon

Copyright © Eric Oakley | Year Posted 2016

Short Expiration poem by ravi kiran| Details |


The day passes by slowly
when the dream of love caught on fire
drowning in liquor intoxicated to forget
ever so lonely in this old age 
to hold on to the product of life
nearing its expiration date
to let go of or to hold on to?
fatigued to just keep on hoping

Copyright © ravi kiran | Year Posted 2017

Short Expiration poem by Anthony O. Mitchell Jr.| Details |

Death 2K11

Will death show at a moment unannounced? Will utter knowledge bath I post pernounced? Expiration - period? Kissmet Death? Death - a part of life? Life - a part of death? Life - a preparation? Time - illusion? For I know yet not such a conclusion.

Copyright © Anthony O. Mitchell Jr. | Year Posted 2011

Short Expiration poem by Jaquay Atkins| Details |


Open eyes that refuse the truth
Seeing is no longer believing 
Denial has the body in reverse 
Throwing the personalized vehicle in disarray 
The clutch is flooded and the block is cracked 
Truth is the only fuel that will initiate the engine 
Neutral has no expiration date

Copyright © Jaquay Atkins | Year Posted 2017

Short Expiration poem by Robert L. Hinshaw| Details |

Jonah And The Whale

Jonah found himself in a most dreadful fix

   He nearly had an encounter with the River Styx

      He was freed by the whale's timely regurgitation

         Thus easing its bellyache and Jonah's expiration!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2012

Short Expiration poem by Danny Morales Olmos | Details |


Dammed as dead as a dessert of the cruel world expert on expiration and determination of soul searching embracing a journey long lived dust and bones left the decaying of a box determining visiting hours flowers tears regrets expansions of dates 
Black is the theme for no living thing

Copyright © Danny Morales Olmos | Year Posted 2018

Short Expiration poem by ... Gigno| Details |

Everything Now Is

Laying in a pool of my disintegration
I realized that I am not the only one
What you will see when you are ending
Is now everything that has just begun

Laying in a pool of my disintegration
I realize we are together in oblivion
What I cannot see after my expiration
Is now everything for you to envision

Copyright © ... Gigno | Year Posted 2011

Short Expiration poem by janetta harrington| Details |

Rods colors (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

the cigarette is always burning
your mind always turning
your bigger than most people
not too big for me
when you squint at me that way
I don't wonder what you think
I see me in living color
I see me on the brink
I wonder why you stay
I'm past my expiration
I guess you're alot like me
your here for the duration

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2007

Short Expiration poem by Tom Wright| Details |

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

S.C.A. Limerick Written: by the Protected One 7/7/2018 I’m one, who has survived Sudden Cardiac Arrest, About eight percent survive this most harrowing test. You shouldn’t be here, the cardiologist said, For a short time ago you were clinically dead, God extended my expiration date and I am blessed;

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2018

Short Expiration poem by Elaine Gonzales| Details |

Love Beyond Time

Love can travel across a thousand mile
Yet its signal remains clear from afar
Never goes obsolete and out of style
For a love worth keeping shines like a star

A love through time past no expiration
Like a sun glowing always at its prime
Years bring forth an enduring devotion 
As love goes beyond the passage of time

13 Dec 2017

Copyright © Elaine Gonzales | Year Posted 2017

Short Expiration poem by John lawless| Details |



Alas it was too much – the revelation
that charisma has an expiration date
cold discomfort of the scalpel - beauty’s fate
the paragon of pulchritude – deception.

Lust’s blazing passion age cannot sustain
yet reflection over time reveals the core
of hearts all lover’s first learned to adore
slow walking in a cold September rain

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2018

Short Expiration poem by Jerry Golden| Details |

the photographer

Writing for pictures
This false reality
Commits you blind
It’s okay
We never really wanted
To see this world
This living 
This heavenly prison
A crystal ball
To tease, a god
To no longer breathe
Or listen
Mission accomplished 
Our days have grown tired
Our dream purges expiration
A date due of intense aggravation
World I simply wish you the best

“writing for pictures”

Copyright © Jerry Golden | Year Posted 2008

Short Expiration poem by Jasper Matthews| Details |

Remember me

Remember me

Remember me
for I may be gone
but not forgotten
but also remember me
as I shall forever keep
you in my heart

Remember me
for I may not be
there when needed
for it was you who
not pleaded

Remember me
as your inspiration
for in your mind I
shall not be an expiration

Remember me now
today and forever
for I maybe soon
be forever kept
in your heart

Copyright © Jasper Matthews | Year Posted 2014

Short Expiration poem by Augusto Munoz| Details |

one L

...I bring your name up
 in one-sided conversations 
 that take place in empty
 rooms. Four walls, no windows
 1 canvas.

 I am sending you postcards
 from watercolors
 that wash away 
 with ease---I am chasing your memory.

 You loved with an expiration date.

 I am loving now in permanent


Copyright © Augusto Munoz | Year Posted 2014

Short Expiration poem by Jared Pickett| Details |

Never An Expiration

She is:
beautiful &
everything i'm looking for

We kiss:
extraordinary &
surely, I want more

I have spent so long 
imagining your style

I want you because your strong
unwilling to cramp my style

In your memory
I've written a Limerick
a Senryu
maybe two

On the phone 
I speak in rhetoric
with lustful words 
to you....

JP_____AsAvvy1 4/3/06

Copyright © Jared Pickett | Year Posted 2009

Short Expiration poem by Tera Brown| Details |

A Single Rose

A single rose,
For a friendship everlasting,
To a beautiful soul,
With no expiration,
Holding you close to my heart,
Safe and sound,
Thank you for always making me smile,
And not making me frown,
A single rose,
From me to you,
I will never forget,
And I will always love you,
A single rose,
That is always soft and sweet,
Thank you for your friendship,
Of being a blessing,
And being kind and sweet.....

Copyright © Tera Brown | Year Posted 2017

Short Expiration poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |

Expiration Date

  	Expiration Date

I thought the words so witty, they
Would last more than a day.
Their wisdom touch so many hearts 
They’d never fade away.

After posting them I waited for
The answers to appear. 
Ignored, unread, they disappeared,
Into the great somewhere.

Some poems live on and some expire
Before the ink has dried.
This is my little funeral dirge
For that small verse that died.

By Joyce 4/22/03

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2010