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Short Compatible Poems

Short Compatible Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Compatible by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Compatible by length and keyword.

Premium Member Green and Blue
          cool harmony
compatible tones and hues 

        missing passion


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Categories: compatible, color,
Form: Senryu

Like a lyric and a song
Like a lyric and a song
Our chemistry our electricity
green and water
are very compatible

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Categories: compatible, green, love, water,
Form: Free verse
Compatible Spirits
A man's grace is to see beauty from the start,
To see love in her face,
And read it with his heart.

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Categories: compatible, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Goblins and Grizzlies
Goblins live in caves
Secret corners in the back
Grizzlies know they’re there
They are compatible in fact
Waiting to eat me and you

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Categories: compatible, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
I am to you
Natural compatibility you are, I am 
Songs written, Paintings painted 
Memories shared, children enjoyed 
Returning to us
We are one to be compatible, I am to you. 

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Categories: compatible, life,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member chirps
compatible chords 
cerise colored cardinals 
singing in the snow



Nature Haiku with Alliteration Poetry Contest 
Sponsor Tania Kitchin 

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Categories: compatible, bird, nature, song,
Form: Haiku
Metal and Flesh
My knight in shining Armour,
My sword,
Bittersweet and sour.
Harmful, yet harmless.

My executioner when I’ve wronged,
My savior in my distress.
A compatible pair;
Metal and Flesh


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Categories: compatible, nostalgia, war,
Form: I do not know?
Ode to Nora

Never been encountered, 

desire so much desired

On the verge of being so wanted, 

attractiveness becomes attraction

Ravished at natures’ skills, 

compatibility made so compatible

Acclaimed with the right appeal, 

lust turns to love!

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Categories: compatible, love,
Form: Ode
When Samora Left
EXISTENCE is compatible with chaos.
The chaos’ time is never to be lost
whilst being an unconscious step towards more steps.
It fits extremely with tiredness,
while a wild fantasy drives body and spirit
across the unknown brighten jungles,
a coercion without handgrip.

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© Kanour Med  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: compatible, america, art, autumn, bird, blue, break up,
Form: Prose

A gentle breeze
Resonates me
At heartstrings,
Sets a quiver
Of emotions,
Quaffs all my 
Nipping life
Into me,
Retreads my 
Rambunctious self,

A gentle breeze,
A keepsake,
Is dainty 
And compatible,
Jiggles and
Evokes aspirations,
Exhilarates ,
A zephyr !!


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Categories: compatible, wind,
Form: Free verse

Lionise longing love,
Sprawling supercilious stuff,
Crystalline compatible craving,
Romantic rapturous revealing,

Inevitable intrepid iridescent,
Memorable mystic magnificent,
Vibrant vivacious vitiates,
Salubrious succour speculates !

Written on 5/7/14
Sponsor- Dr Ram Mehta
Contest- Alliteration

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Categories: compatible, blessing, love,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member vignette-HIS INNER CIRCLE
Come dine with me this night
Upon the  bread of sweet thought
And the wine odf delight-
The invite to William's select few
Spiritual friends,his mind's eye drew.

Tribute to William Blake-Artists & poets of his past,who he felt compatible with and referred 
to as his spiritual friends (see more about William in my blog today)...

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Categories: compatible, art, on writing and words, people
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Sign from Grandpa
We get along great
But how will I know?
Grandpa said there will be a sign

We are compatible
We have the same sense of humor
I wish Grandpa were still here.

I meet her for an early morning ride.
She is wearing a pretty jacket.
She turns around.

It has a copy of grandpa’s most famous painting on the back.
Thank you Grandpa!

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Categories: compatible, spiritual,
Form: Free verse

One is what we done
Having always done
Again and again, it must be done
Without and never ending love.

Delicious Love
Is doing it with love
No condition and no prejudice
No more no less but seem adequate.

Delicious love is definite
When enjoyable, compatible and memorable
An indulging couple as one
Not withstanding forevermore.


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Categories: compatible, love
Form: Rhyme
My life is filled with Leos;
Astronomically, that sign
Is described, if you believe it,
As compatible with mine.

Several people quite beloved
Have their birthdays in that range
Which, although I am a skeptic,
Doesn't really seem too strange.

So this Aries sends out wishes
To the Leos who await
Late July and most of August
For their chance to celebrate....

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Categories: compatible, august, birthday,
Form: Rhyme
Real Man
The earth will end in fire
So says the Sire
For in scoatch all turns ash
Ceasing the evil in gnash
Annilating all immoral bids
In Creators' stupendous deeds
But in wintry i see love
The compatible of hand and glove
For if you hustle in chill for work
 Face in musk hiding a smirk
Then a victor you are you need a coffee mug
For real man in winter conquers the rag.


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Categories: compatible, black love, celebration,
Form: Couplet
The Sword Of Our Good
Unseen; unknowable
What's held in reserve
Til with helpful urgency
Hoisted to preserve
By this self's myth: angel;
Sentry; squiring knight.
Which role-forging is of
A gold-breasted might.

Unimagined moreover
To deem compatible
Ourselves for! Low and cheap!
Pluckless; unpolishable!
Til before each distress
Each in turn has swelled!
By which sword-play, tear-wiped
Sympathy's, dazzled....

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Categories: compatible, character, sympathy,
Form: Rhyme
See Me Tonight
I’m so glad you’re with me tonight, my sweet. I believe we know each other quite well. My feelings grow stronger each time we meet. It’s as if you control me with a spell. We are quite compatible, I can tell. I should show you another side of me. Here’s how nature intended me to be. I don’t pretend to be knowing and shrewd. I am opening up for you to see. Take a good look at me totally nude.

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Categories: compatible, love, passion, me, me,
Form: Dizain
Premium Member Being Compatible
Being Compatible Written: By Tom Wright 10-1-2019 When a marriage, Evolves into a continual fight. Compromise is erased, And transcends our sight. If we’re derelict in putting, A significant other needs first. We’re stifling hope for the best, While facing more of the worst. “It is not the lack of love, but a lack of friendship, that makes unhappy marriages” Friedrich Nietzsche

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© Tom Wright  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: compatible, friendship love, marriage,
Form: Lyric
Call a spade a spade 
Leave to cut to blade
So to have a better shape

Ears should hear
Take action and beware 

Procrastination's a 
Grab your copy before that only compatible one gets sold
Regret comes when beauty gets old
Life gets aged
As minutes fade

Life's beautiful
Only when it's meaningful
with riches so bountiful 

To enjoy man's enemy....
You just have to call a 
spade a spade 
And leave a waste to 

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Categories: compatible, absence,
Form: ABC
She humbly embraced a sweet and sorrowful song of her life; a truthful concord with self-loathing and proclivity.

With wings, mighty unrelenting winds carried her down bountiful roads of sin and recourse.

Although sore and broken, she stayed destined in a world of darkness.

She was a tough and beautiful frail, and the harsh winds whispered her name,
for she was compatible with their nature.......Storm.

copyright 2016 Torstional Storm...

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Categories: compatible, endurance,
Form: Narrative
A commitment of love shared by two,
The butterflies i get standing next to you.

A compatible reality on pre--exhisting love,
As if GOD made you for me,
Sent you from the high skies above.

As i gaze into your eyes,
Look at your powerful stare,
I understand our commitment
And feel you'll always be there.

As if our love was an initrinsic plot,
An overflowing river,
It just never stops.

In this joining nieghter would ever bail,
With love in marriage it should never fail....

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Categories: compatible, marriage,
Form: ABC