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Short Characteristic Poems

Short Characteristic Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Characteristic by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Characteristic by length and keyword.

Premium Member History
Arrogance is a characteristic of human 
history with tragic consequences...

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Categories: characteristic, dark,
Form: Epigram

My Bleeding Heart
Conscience seems
not to be
of my breed
what I dare say
is common sense
appears to elude
the free
while I
my heart enraged
is chained
to every tree....

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Categories: characteristic, earth, introspection, love,
Form: Light Verse
Natures gift of love
Diamonds Precious rock Dazzling, delighting, dispersing Allotrope of carbon, Unbreakable in ancient Greek Igniting, Sparkling, Glistening Characteristic lustre Gemstone

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Categories: characteristic, emotions, engagement, love, marriage, nature, romance, romantic,
Form: Diamante
Humans' views about life.
Individuals' thoughts about scenes of acts.
Notions about the chapters of the book of nature
that make the forensic clock of existence
continually tick and characteristic souls,
exceptionally beautiful....

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Categories: characteristic, myth, nature,
Form: Free verse
Generally regarded with a squeamish
Enigmatic perspective by those who are
Not one and those who are seldom
Insinuate this characteristic themselves
Unless called upon to demonstrate a new
Scintillating discovery shouting, "Eureka, I am a genius."...

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© Sue Mason  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: characteristic, funny, people, perspective,
Form: Acrostic

Traveling grape
The traveling grape how you roll along. You visit share & offer yourself. You're tender & offer your superb wayof being yourself. Your skin is part of your characteristic.sometimes you might fall down or roll away. Maybe even get stepped on but you give of you & the best was you....

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Categories: characteristic, fruit,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Winner And Loser
Love and be a winner
Hate and be a loser 

Good is good before its happening
Bad is bad after its happening

Good is the characteristic of creation
And bad is destruction

So, love is love for good creation
Where bad is bad for wicked action

Chattogram © Mahtab Bangalee

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Categories: characteristic, hate, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member OLYMPIC 2020
         OLYMPIC 2020

        Coming Olympic with unique characteristic.
        All spirited excited enthusiastic.
                      Jolly Japan to host.
                  Grand achievement to boast. 
      Medals from E-waste: Technology fantastic.    


 'STRAND SELECT R'  Contest by Brian Stand...

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Categories: characteristic, appreciation, games,
Form: Limerick
''To See Me''
Flawless face.
Yet,abstract thought expressed.
Outward beauty.
Plush lips,eyes that mesmerize through deepest emotion.
Translucent mirrored complexion.
Defines sight of soul within.
I wake everyday to capture the finesse of my face.

    ''Love Me Why? Contest''
theme..''Your Own Best Characteristic
written by..Kacey Greenlee

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Categories: characteristic, visionary
Form: Free verse
Attilas Axe
Attila's axe quick and witty.
Wallering away in self-pitty.

Double edge bladed words,
characteristic of a domestic carp.

I take what you say in stride,
think and analyze.

Calling me ugly names,
is your judgemental opinion game.
You think you've won,
and lowered me to your domain.

Attila's axe so quick and witty,
liquor impaired your judgement
and made your mind scatty....

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Categories: characteristic, character, emotions, how i feel, poetry,
Form: I do not know?
"Erase Negative, Place Positive"
"Erase Negative, Place Positive"
Original By:Falan C. Johnson

When experience endurance-
I find myself searching for insurance creation of inspiration.
An instance of intuition giving intention the permission to submit as follow to commit-
having no limit without being timid.

Being me no characteristic to mimic;
To receive and achieve from that moment believed-
As I free myself being relieved....

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Categories: characteristic, inspirational
Form: Light Verse
Some Sour Puss
Some Soup Puss

A puss he was as well as sour
Had been impatient with no will-power
At all and also he had very thin skin
Which was only a characteristic of men
Breasts get in way while taking a shower.

So women will always take a bath instead
Especially those plump and are well-feed
In shower had catastrophe that was mere
She fell down and did land on her rear
And bathtub now became her new bed.

Jim Horn...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: characteristic, humorous,
Form: Limerick
triskele* at half mast full military honours no birdsong is heard Jan Allison 17th July 2015 Country – Isle of Man (* pronounced tris –kel 2 syllables) 5,7,5 SYLLABLES CHECKED The triskele symbol (as found on the Manx flag) is very characteristic of the three interlocked and conjoined spirals found in Celtic art throughout Celtic north western Europe Contest:- You Country’s Flag - Skat

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Categories: characteristic, community, death, pride, soldier, , western,
Form: Haiku
Dawn's Deliverance
Start Feeling Awareness Beginning now Characteristic Of sensation anew That is velvety bolstered. Upon the rise so translucent, Shows another’s sculpted perfection Traced around morning dews undulation, Reflecting imperfections in luster, Briefly angular and attractive, Quickly becoming defective, As its form goes transparent, Delivering nature, Gentle nourishment, For welcoming, Gossamer Seedlings Birth

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Categories: characteristic, life, nature, time
Form: Verse
They aim for simplicity
to purge memories
of political uncertainty
poison relationships
with no escape hatches
the characteristic relaxed
easy-going atmosphere
blurred pages unread
self-help books
chasing primary designs
brands to be mobbed
twenty-eight percent faster

*A found poem. I Googled 'refresh', took phrases from the titles and content of about six returned news articles, lined them up, and modified as I thought necessary....

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Categories: characteristic, imagery,
Form: Imagism
Food for Thought
Our word usage should be thoroughly examined when explaining or even teaching

Whats being said to others more than likely can be misleading

"The truth is hidden between the eyes, but its the mouth that tells the lies"

Wisdom like speech is imperative when it comes to raising youths to men

Being that the woman follow the men by their characteristic behavior

In scripture The Creator said, "Believe in Him, I AM the only one there is no other savior"...

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Categories: characteristic, mystery,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Texas Wildflower Haiku : Widow's Tears
sun’s heat sunders sand
clustered lanced leaves green hug
widow’s tears collapse

Widow’s Tears is the common name for Commelina erecta var. angustifolia, they bloom on 
Texas beaches in sand or clay, and have the characteristic of flowering early in the morning 
and fading by noon. The bloom in all seasons but I chose spring to be more commonly 
approachable. [1]

[1] Wildflowers and Other Plants of Texas Beaches and Islands, Alfred Richardson...

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Categories: characteristic, death, depression, loss, nature, travel, wife,
Form: Haiku

The basic characteristic of hate
It's the power of corrosion.
Inside us,
Cups and more cups contain it:
Poisonous liquid flows through a pipe
No special storage conditions.
The inner manipulation of fury
It helps us to promote the harmony of cholera in our organism.
It is a weapon that requires instructions.
But we don't need a manual that teaches us to hate,
usually our victims walk away scared,
for we give warnings with our own eyes....

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Categories: characteristic, hate,
Form: Free verse
Neverending Foolishness

There are times,when I can get too serious,
unrelenting,I suppose is my characteristic fashion.
but,venting in such a manner,is better than becoming furious,
especially when there's nothing but, jukin'n jivin,duckin'n dashin',
all for the sake of,"the gimmegoogoos",goggling,
drooling'n strolling for their next bamboozling...

Supposing that we all have our own version of importance,
we'll continue this dance of guffaws,along with the present tense......

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Categories: characteristic, people, social
Form: Free verse
Earth, water, air, fire,
Fundamental elements of Universe they are;
They form the basis,
Of all substances in Life’s course.

Atoms, Protons, Neutrons,
Are often indulged in a dance;
When come together,
They form a substance.

The properties of a thing,
Are decided by its elements supreme;
Its form, shape and color,
Is the basic characteristic.

In a Human body,
Often wonder the elements;
Personality and Character.
Two basic traits most evident,

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Categories: characteristic, change, identity,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Anal Retention
I think it’s time I stopped paying attention To those who suffer from anal retention, Who are stuck in a rut of raw vengeance Penning verses out of jealous vehemence, And lashing out with tirades of cattiness Written with their characteristic nastiness, Seems they cannot abide my liberal stances They’d rather regress than make advances, They tout protecting their individual liberty No concern for what’s good for you and me.
written January 20, 2022 ...

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Categories: characteristic, freedom, poetry, writing,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The mask
Attractive characteristic designs
All out to change your images
Leaving two holes for your eyes only
Your feelings and emotions if any
Leaving two holes for your eyes only 
Playing hide and seek
Leaving two holes for your eyes only
Birds of the same feathers flock together
Leaving two holes for your eyes only
Amidst the group 
Friends or enemies
But don't be inquisitive and mischievous
God can see you anytime
With or without mask...

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Categories: characteristic, character, god, image,
Form: Free verse
The Lioness
I am the lioness
My individual unique style
All my hair is worth the while
Beautiful, astonishing form
Wildlife the habitat, where I belong
Teeth as sharp as life
What I am I can not describe
My characteristic traits are not hard for me to hide

For I am the lioness
I roam around
My head's in the clouds
I was mining my own
Then suddenly
Out of the blew
I was trapped
Locked away in a cage
Never to be seen in this world so cold
Thrown away to be on display
While runing away from my own dismay...

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Categories: characteristic, animals, nature,
Form: I do not know?