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Short Busy As A Bee Poems

Short Busy As A Bee Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Busy As A Bee by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Busy As A Bee by length and keyword.

Premium Member No Time For The Flu
How dare that flu bug touch me!
Doesn't it know I'm as busy as a bee?
I don't have time to be sick,
I must be up quick.
What do you mean, it's not up to me?

12/29/11  For Gwendolyn's "The Sneezing Limerick" contest....

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Categories: busy as a bee, funny, health,
Form: Limerick

I am waiting for you like a man for his mail,
I am thinking of you like love for her lover -
You're as busy as a bee, but you would never fail
To realize that this relation's not over
And our love; thousands of flowers will cover....

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Categories: busy as a bee, i love you, i miss you, love,
Form: Quintain (English)
Worried Man
Looking through,--worried man I see
With a mouth  busy  as  a  bee
Commune with astral world it looks,
Mixture of lust and fear ,he cooks
With hopelessness written on his face, Is this me?.

Olusegun Arowolo   Date:9-4-2014

Contest:"Reflections of a Florette" sponsored by Nette Onclaud...

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Categories: busy as a bee, emotions, life,
Form: Verse
Poetrys golden day
I don’t want to be busy as a bee
I want to enjoy and take it easy

I won’t work hard to get rich
I fly in dream like a witch

And go to places where no one can go
And see many things that no one can show

My mind is rich in everyway
If I remain poor it’s okay

I play with the words like Pele
To bring poetry’s golden day

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Categories: busy as a bee, inspirational, life, on writing and words, peace,
Form: Rhyme
As blind as a bat,
as brave as a lion,
and stupid as a goat.

As busy as a bee,
as fat as a pig,
and happy as a king.

As strong as  a lion,
as heavy as a load,
and rude as fool.

As black as coal,
as cold as ice,
and white as snow.

As hot as fire,
as green as  grass,
and sweetly as juice.

All in all,
makes one thing,
common in life....

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Categories: busy as a bee, funny,
Form: ABC

How to raise a son in a challenged life
Keep them busy, busy, busy
busy as a bee!

Let them train a dog
Rent him out to the neighbors-hard labor
Sports-any kind with lots of running/sweating

challenge them to write poetry, paint a picture or a barn.
Muriels, graffiti what ever their flavor-within reason
Encourage them to help other children that are less fortunate

Let me know, what you think!
Will it work?...

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Categories: busy as a bee, caregiving
Form: Light Verse
Soul Mates
Broken souls
To parting souls
Hide in a deep blackened hole
Sold your soul to the devil years ago
Can't move with the flow
Throw in the towl
While having a conversation with a wise owl
Fowl breath
Will be the death of me
Minds racing
Busy as a bee
Will your next life be stuck as a tree?
Than you'll finally be free
And see the light
Under the floor
While walking through a frame less door...

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Categories: busy as a bee, soulmate,
Form: Prose Poetry
One Enchanted April II
In tulips live I,
A little tulip man; 
A cup of stars at dawn,
down the sun at dusk; 

In tulips live I, 
A little tulip man; 
Immortal as a drunken butterfly, 
On nectar and dew befuddled; 
In tulips live I, A little tulip man; 
Indelible and senseless 
Un-busy as a bee full Of honey. 
Maniacal and magisterial 
Elemental and eleemosynary 
Lyrical and lascivious 
A little tulip man
am I. 

Published Suite101- 203...

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Categories: busy as a bee, beauty, emotions, fantasy, feelings, spring,
Form: Free verse
A Candid Answer To the Boss
An Candid Answer To the Boss

By Elton Camp

The boss saw Roscoe daydreaming
So stopped at his desk, screaming

“To do work you have been hired.
Lazy loafers are likely to be fired!”

“What excuse can you possibly give
So you neglect of duty I can forgive?”

Not any lying word did Roscoe try
“I didn’t notice you coming is why.”

“If your approach I did see,
I’d have been busy as a bee.”

The boss showed a scowl, then a grin
“For such honesty, you are my friend.”

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Categories: busy as a bee, humor,
Form: Rhyme