Bahraini Poems and Poetry from Bahrain

Bahraini poems and poetry from Bahrain. Read examples of Bahraini poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

MIDNIGHT BLACK BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz06/15/2014
To my wife BahrainiBahrainbenali, abody04/09/2014
my heart BahrainiBahrainbenali, abody03/01/2014
march 1st BahrainiBahrainbenali, abody03/01/2014
love you daughter BahrainiBahrainbenali, abody03/01/2014
the heiress BahrainiBahrainbenali, abody03/01/2014
My final journey BahrainiBahrainTrivedi, Bharat01/18/2014
Prowling Through a Whore House BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel10/15/2013
Curtains BahrainiBahrainTrivedi, Bharat08/21/2013
A woman with numerous names BahrainiBahrainTrivedi, Bharat08/13/2013
In praise of my Beloved BahrainiBahrainTrivedi, Bharat07/30/2013
Reincarnation of Tears BahrainiBahrainTrivedi, Bharat07/28/2013
Passion Flower BahrainiBahrainTrivedi, Bharat07/24/2013
All night long BahrainiBahrainTrivedi, Bharat07/21/2013
Death of a Poem BahrainiBahrainTrivedi, Bharat07/21/2013
KAZAKHSTAN ON MY MIND BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel05/08/2013
Burning Embers BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz02/17/2013
In A Hotel Room BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz02/13/2013
ON THIS TREASURE HAVEN : CONFESSIONS OF A SOUPER BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz02/04/2013
Haiku BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz02/01/2013
A Life Lost BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz01/28/2013
Thank heavens, the winter that bit is bygone BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz01/28/2013
Dancing Eunuchs Of India BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz01/12/2013
Is Love A Choice,Or A Mercy BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz01/11/2013
NOT I ,THEN WHO BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz01/04/2013
Done , is 2012 BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz12/31/2012
Greed Wins BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz12/30/2012
Passionately Yours, BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz12/26/2012
Mother, Middle Aged BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz12/18/2012
A Kiss In My Dream BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz12/08/2012
HOW I MANAGED not TO BE A DOC BahrainiBahrainVeetil, Mehnaz12/07/2012
ODE BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel02/07/2012
Melting In The Sun BahrainiBahrainSword, A.R.01/17/2010
Burden BahrainiBahrainSword, A.R.01/08/2010
Nine Eleven, 2005: In Memoriam BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel09/26/2009
West of the Moon, East of the Sun BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel09/26/2009
MADONNA OF THE RUBBLE BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel01/20/2008
The Brave Bear and the Brown-Haired Boy BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel01/09/2008
A KISS ON VJ DAY BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel08/20/2007
TRANSIT LOUNGE BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel11/01/2006
Beautiful Black BahrainiBahrainWilliams, Joshua03/17/2006
My Sixth Sense BahrainiBahrainWilliams, Joshua03/17/2006
TO BEND THE DATE PALM BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel07/27/2005
OZYMANDIAS II BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel07/27/2005
DREAMING OF BABYLON BahrainiBahrainMendoza, Miguel07/24/2005