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Motivation Poems

Motivation Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about motivation. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for motivation.

New Poems

Premium Member Those Slithering Serpents Of World's Hidden Abyss
Those Slithering Serpents Of World's Hidden Abyss

Through pleasant meadows they slither and soft hiss
pushing down nubile flowers as they go
they of dark, giver of serpentine kiss,
sowers of blackest curse that hatred grows,
a malignant force, masquerading as Light
of corruptible hearts, beasts...Read More
Categories: art, conflict, emotions, humanity, motivation, perspective, rude,
Form: Rhyme

No Fear
Now enough with excuses 
you’re just a useless loser 
making no effort stuck in a routine 
bad habits need a new thing no magic 
use your uses for this 
alike when you abandon booze and cannabis 
grew strength to abandon...Read More
Categories: motivation,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member THE POET

he’s not the winner of any
popularity contest
his closest ones
resent him
he’s aloof
likes his privacy
doesn’t crave their company
his friends are sparse
and far between
he’s the
annoying reminder
that their life feels empty
and without passion
that nags
them quietly
in the middle of the night

posted on February 17, 2020...Read More
Categories: character, confidence, judgement, motivation, poets, solitude, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member DREAM BIGGER - LM

"Reality is something you rise above."  - Liza Minelli

Today is nothing less than your blank canvas
So splash those colors never meant to harness
Reality is just a bland and neutral tone
You’re meant to dare and soar alone
So spread your wings...Read More
Categories: color, confidence, dream, inspirational, life, motivation, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tug of Self-War
Written on February 17, 2020
By Gail DeBole

I read a quote the other day.
It said you must improve today.

I read a quote the other day.
It said to love yourself – don’t change.

Which quote was right?
Which quote was wrong?

Both made me weak.
Both...Read More
Categories: happiness, health, hope, inspirational, motivation, psychological, strength,
Form: Rhyme

There's someone behind me
Following me,
Copying me,
As same as me.
I looked behind,
There was nothing.
I looked down
And there was she,
As usual.

But she’s not loyal
She only lasts in light
And leaves in dark.
And if not
Then makes me afraid,
Of course, That’s just my shade.

But it’s...Read More
Categories: motivation, body, dark, desire, for teens, inspiration, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Jagged Edges
With any storm comes carnage, darkness and despair
Some of its imagined, but the rest of it’s right there.
As the fury ran its course, I’ve clung to what I know
It’s in these tests and trials where true colors often show

as the...Read More
Categories: motivation,
Form: Free verse
I feel that I’m climbing, while rocks they all fall.
Though I’m barely moving, at not even a crawl.
I keep to the shadows, under cover of night.
It’s only in daylight, where I truly feel fright.
there blinded by radiance, I’m stripped to...Read More
Categories: motivation,
Form: Free verse

 Red Wine

on thee
roars ...

on thee
it's furor


it's color

and I am
for you


you paint
in me...!...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, emotions, literature, love, motivation, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Valentine's Season Again
I was laughing so casually …
Everything was perfect for such a long time.
Then I caught a pair of eyes searching in the crowd.
It amused me…his eyes rested upon somebody.
He was cracking a joke about some fair lady.
He looked flirtatious but...Read More
Categories: motivation, 8th grade, age, appreciation, beautiful, birth, inspirational
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Lull
I lay me down in the land of a languorous lull,
A leisurely liaison laxing amidst the silenced still…
No weeping words wander upon the constructive canvas.

The day mourns the nebulous neglected nestled night,
Where the shadows sustain the seductive sorrows…
Condolences for a...Read More
Categories: absence, identity, missing, motivation,
Form: Tristich
Kobe forever

Mamba, you were, are, and will be a legend,

You have introduced many to the game,
we learn your extent of perseverance and, determination,
without disruption, 
not easy to replicate,
yet, we try to emulate.

Remember, the story doesn't end here,
your motivation and legacy will...Read More
Categories: motivation, basketball, bereavement, farewell,
Form: Prose Poetry
searching for motivation
searching for motivation 
looking inwards but its no
were to be found
looking outwards still its 
no were to be found
why is there no motivation 
any were where has it all gone
oh wait that´s right it was never there
in the first place
...Read More
Categories: motivation, introspection,
Form: Lyric

 I love everyone
with joy,
I love someone
with truth
I love and love
I love the day,
love the night,
I love the weather
and its
against times ...
Love the life
that perceive,
I love the afterlife
I wonder why
I love the future ...
I love what I am,
I love what...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, dedication, emotions, love, motivation, poetry,
Form: Free verse
make a difference
It's quite pitiful what these People must go through. Recklessly they run to Their death as if running to Their  primary prize . Seriously who does that . Just Ask the one who made Russian roulette . Sinisterly The...Read More
Categories: encouraging, motivation,
Form: Free verse
Fired Out, Fire At Will, Depression Kill
I am fed up of falling this failing fall 
no person has fallen this far before 
have fallen through the very floor 
can’t force further (crack) there’s more!

How much farther can I take? 
rather damaged worn down straight,
dumbstruck as to...Read More
Categories: cheer up, hope, inspiration, inspirational, motivation, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ghost Writer
Like anything
There are two edges to this sword
The ragged one has, for now, cut too deeply
The reality of its cleaving
And the intent of the hand it is wielded by
Thickens the blood that weeps from its wounds
To collect in a puddle...Read More
Categories: motivation, analogy, introspection, metaphor, poetry, wisdom, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ever Beautiful
Ever Beautiful

l...o...v...e... you. 

(long passionate, embracing sound, 
not of voice, but only closely related, 
to the resonance of beating hearts... 
as we have heard and know...)

I did not see it before. 
I have been blind with age. 
The sweetness of...Read More
Categories: fate, growing up, motivation, new year, nonsense,
Form: Sonnet
O so languid the flesh ...
the bottle of champagne and its bittersweet curse,
sapping all strength but desire to touch,
soft skin of a lover, then fade into sleep.

Life is but pleasure.
Life is but pleasure ...
Life is but pleasure -

Philosopher cease! Trouble...Read More
Categories: motivation, peace, sleep, wine,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Leading Star
Let’s forget about the hatred, spreading like a disease
Let’s not give in or let ourselves appease
One by one with an act of kindness, we can overthrow,
This ongoing mentality that continues to grow
Spread the smiles, caring gestures, near and far
Believe that...Read More
Categories: encouraging, love, motivation,
Form: Rhyme
Friends rightly choose Poetic form: Contrapuntal Poem

One can’t be surrounded by negative minded friends;
Needs to choose friends with right frame of mind.
Some friends will criticize your thoughts unashamedly;
If you guided by unwanted advice, you’ll not make attempts.
So called friends intentionally spoil the mood to act right;
Neither...Read More
Categories: motivation, friend,
Form: Verse
Premium Member A Wooden Riddle
A Wooden Riddle

I walk through walls, 
but I'm not dead. 
(as they are unfinished) 
I try to keep the plans, 
locked in my head. 
From the morning I wake up, 
until the time I hit the bed. 

green board,...Read More
Categories: blessing, education, husband, motivation, people, perspective, seasons,
Form: Free verse
I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings;
For beginning is the most important part of any work.
I struggle, persevere, toil and wrestle,
I spare no effort to achieve the unachieved,
To reach greater heights and new...Read More
Categories: appreciation, character, inspiration, motivation, philosophy, strength, success,
Form: Blank verse
There are clock of all shapes and sizes, 
Clocks that are given as prizes
Clocks that hold surprises,
Clocks that are collected by misers.

There are clocks slow to unwind,
Clocks that can withstand the wind
Clocks that readily spring to mind.

There are clocks that...Read More
Categories: addiction, age, beauty, dance, desire, irony, motivation,
Form: Didactic
Mastering My Fate
I am the master of my fate - William Ernest  Henley

I once wrote a tribute to my oldest brother who passed on several years ago.              ...Read More
Categories: motivation, destiny, fate, god,
Form: Prose Poetry