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Long Teacher Poems

Long Teacher Poems. Below are the most popular long Teacher by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Teacher poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Mad Molly Shaw
This is the story of mad Molly Shaw
She might be mad now but she wasn’t before
she came home to find her man dead on the floor
She lay down her bible and let out a roar...

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Categories: teacher, western,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Pencils In September
I smell like pencils in September.
After they’ve been brought to that…to the machine hanging on the closet wall where our coats, our boots, our bags, and nonsense lived.

You stared me in the eyes, since the...

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Categories: teacher, 3rd grade, america, betrayal, child, child abuse,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Watering Gaian Grace
One of the least talked about,
yet most problematic issues
for regenerating  

mental and physical
health and public safety

Well fed and watered
to empower and enlighten interfaith
action and reflection,
song and dance
liturgical and fire-circle
contemporary-indigenous wisdom

Is to explore together
how and...

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Categories: teacher, caregiving, community, earth day, education, health, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Chapter 108 -- Damian Dj Delilah Mallory Damali Cj: the New Temple and Djs Birthday
Date:   January 4  2046

Damali and DJ were active in the 
Small house sprucing up for their
Day. "Hey happy birthday partner!"
Damali jostled DJ. In the main house 
Now 11 morning time. Damian had

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Categories: teacher, color, confidence, deep,
Form: Alliteration
Millie's Christmas Wish
Millie's Christmas Wish
Winter Vacation was coming
The kids were all set
They were thinking of Christmas
And the gifts they would get

But, Millie sat waiting
Thinking of nothing but snow
Watching the class clock
That was moving so slow

They did arts...

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Categories: teacher, 5th grade, adventure, america, childhood, christmas,
Form: Epic

Premium Member Chapter 112 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: Damian and the Family Go To Church
Early morning dawn July
"Mallory"  Damian whispered, sliding 
Closer to her. "Mallory" he Whispered 
Again gently caressing. She wanted
To say stop. It was to late
he moved quite quickly. He spread
Like wild fire. Soon consuming her.

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Categories: teacher, angst, devotion,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Fuller Ironic Future
Your true self is intelligence
and the rest of you, only appearance,
don't lose sight of your true self,
don't waste your time chasing trivial
yet unobtainable goals.
Rumi (M Mafi, trans)

Physical is always special case.
Energy is physical
and always special...

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Categories: teacher, math, peace, philosophy, science, violence, wisdom, integrity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Poem For My Algebra Teacher
I know I promised
 no more ‘Make you Cry Poems’
I said I'd never write another 
‘Wipe your eye poem’

 And for three years 
I tried not to retract, 
but after so many tears 
I have...

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Categories: teacher, 6th grade, abuse, betrayal, children, confusion, family,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sunday Morning Joggers
Goodness, I nearly lost my balance on the spiral seashells and broken sea stone chipping matrix.
My quaint obsession with marine life and that skyline paradox blossoming so tantalisingly,  might be a source of some...

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Categories: teacher, age, art, birth, devotion, feelings, heart, irony,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Yvonne's Swan Song
Yvonne was very, very, very happy.
She loved her mother.
She loved her brother Phillip.
And she loved swans.
Oh, did she ever love swans!

She loved the way they looked
With their smooth, fluffy feathers,
And colorful beaks of orange, yellow...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teacher, anti bullying, bullying, children, courage, mother daughter,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member My White House Interview
I was nervous about my newest client.
Not every Permaculture Designer gets a contract
with the WhiteHouse.
But, when the President called,
or twittered,
for an intake interview,
I guess it felt like an obligation
to at least show up,
although perhaps about...

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Categories: teacher, caregiving, earth, health, humor, nature, trust, truth,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member 10 Poems About Poetry
Being a “Poet” Can Be Painful!

I’ve likely told you, more than once, that poetry can be painful, and whined about the need for penning verse

That stems from deep inside my soul...fashions every word...and has become,...

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Categories: teacher, poetry,
Form: Verse
Premium Member A Poem For My History Teacher
I wanted to write
 The best slavery poem   ever written—
Perhaps win a Pulitzer or Faulkner. 

I had every intention of conforming 
To the standards 
Of modern verse and composition, 
Lyrics fluidly written, 

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Categories: teacher, assonance, forgiveness, history, holocaust, humanity, memorial, slavery,
Form: Rhyme
A Night On a Wharf
A Night On A Wharf

The couple decide to walk. The boardwalk still lit at this late hour guides them. They walk hand in hand,..whispering softly with small talk...solemn.,. lonely , yet together. The walk is...

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Categories: teacher, blessing,
Form: Carpe Diem
Unidentified Extraterrestrials Willingly Abducted Me
Unidentified extraterrestrial(s) willingly abducted me

As a divergence 
from the apocalyptical, dialectical, 
geomorphological, judgmatical, 
metaphorical, philosophical...,
I share an out of this 
(webbed wide) world,
light hearted anecdote 
ye may find far fetched.

Believe me you,
an unspecified number of...

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Categories: teacher, absence, adventure, august, blessing, confusion, courage, dream,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Growing Up, La - Part 2
- - Chapter 2: Adult Responsibility (With Some Breaks) - -     

By ten years old, no weekends off, 
Or Saturday cartoons, 
Although I did have cash to spend, 
I felt my...

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Categories: teacher, life, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Remember When
Remember when you were very young,                             ...

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Categories: teacher, fun, games, life, love, remember, today, youth,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Teachable Momentum
we left off yesterday
to pick up
where speaking non-violent principles 
too often neglect to listen
to liberally artistic,
green and active
yet non-reactive
compassionate healers
may need to co-invest more
in co-operating democratic research
and for
WholeEarth DiaLogical Matriotism.

Excuse me,
but co-passioned listening
to silence
speaks not...

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Categories: teacher, caregiving, green, health, light, nature, passion, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member The Ghost Dance Part Iii
Wovoka in the Feverland

In the Dying-Grass Moon came another winter to claim the old and sick.
This was when the first messengers came
To the desolation known as Pine Ridge.
They came riding in at the end of...

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Categories: teacher, emotions, heartbreak, native american, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Used To Go To This Bar
Red light, the neon beer sign on the distant wall reflects off the long expanse of polished bar top, overpowering the quiet brown wood. It’s after lunch, only a few people in to stir the...

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Categories: teacher, addiction, beauty, drink, religion, society, solitude,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Straight To Hell - a Short Story
I was a seventeen year old senior in a coed, catholic high school.  Our gym classes however were still all boys and all girls.  My senior year we had gym every other day...

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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, day, school, teacher, me, old, class,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Caregivers Among Us
To receive care
that best meets your needs,
and also,
by the way,
everyone else's too,
we look first
to where and when we have given such care
since our original longest reborn journey
down Mom's birth canal,
prepared just in time for our...

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Categories: teacher, care, caregiving, happiness, health, immigration, love, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member I Want a Doggy
Oh how I want a doggy, 
a bundle of love and fur.                       ...

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Categories: teacher, dog, friend, love,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Misguided Meditations
I am sorry
about my judgmental,
sadly disdainful,
in earlier messages.

Even worse,
I remain embarrassed
for spreading it out
for key staff
and leaders
to well-positioned see
and hear
and feel,
touched by wounded toxicity.

My training 
and experience
includes victimized by homophobia
and healing through community mediation.

Within this...

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Categories: teacher, anxiety, appreciation, health, humor, motivation, peace, power,
Form: Political Verse
Yoga In Poem a Novel Approach Step 6
Yoga in Poem A Novel Approach Step 6

Brahmari Pranayama or Humming Bee Breath

IMP. NOTE: Temporarily I am stopping new episodes 
of Yoga in Poem due to personal reasons and will try 
to restart Yoga in...

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Categories: teacher, health, life, love,
Form: Free verse