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Long Quintain (sicilian) Poems

Long Quintain (sicilian) Poems. Below are the most popular long Quintain (sicilian) by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Quintain (sicilian) poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Cul-De-Sac

The path led to rose bushes cul de sac.
Early in the morning, we sat down to rest.
Dewdrops are still shining on the track.
At our feet, a swarm of ladybugs, deft. 
Petrichor arose as the July rains...

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, appreciation, bereavement, confusion, inspirational,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

Open the Floodgate's (I serve a living God) pt.2
{Serving a living GOD= Of all the insecure phenominals that has plague our citie's and

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Categories: depression, devotionworld, rain, life, rain,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Remembering

Autumn came in darkness like thieves at night
Recalculated angle of fireball
Flung out a master canvas so, so bright
Readjusted the thermostat to cool fall
Touched the pumpkins just for Halloween fright

He blew deadly frost upon the cool...

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Categories: america, health, seasons,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
The Rainbow
The Rainbow

The world howled and the roaring thunder did clap,
amid frothing waters and whipping winds our vessel marched.
To us whom the boiling sea had unkindly spared there was no stopgap,
the hellish deluge spared us no...

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Categories: adventure, ocean, rainbow, storm,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Bereaved
I wonder why bereaved people even bother with mourning clothes when the grief itself provides such an unmistakable wardrobe. Jandy Nelson

What I scribe assists and soothes the pain.
Conceal my thoughts and jam in my silence.

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Categories: angst, bereavement, confusion, fate,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

Premium Member Training Experience: Novice
*Image of Take In North America by Amtrak.
Training Experience: Novice

All onboard, the Pacific Coast-Liner,
it is seventy-seven, my first leave
of a first year's work. A bit sideliner
on board, the conductor took my bag, "We've
an opened dining...

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© Hilo Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, friendship, memory, together, travel,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Cruise to Alaska II
Cold and icy passageway to trudge through.
Ships and warships sailed thru the Bering Strait.
In limbo 'tween two nations, iced, staid too.
When I first set out,  for thrill I await. 
Where ferocious beasts can hunt and...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, beauty, travel,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Beautiful
"Everything holds a tinge of beauty, something unique,
but not everyone recognizes something beautiful."

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beautiful,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Blissful Ecstasy
You are the fresh pink rosebud when it blooms.
A creek murmurs as it passes past smooth rocks.
such as the hive bees' jig if they're full of perfume.
Curlicues on a vine look like your eyelash locks.

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, appreciation, beauty, confidence, inspirational,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
tell our fathers
They came and walked on this soil,
hands and feet shod in chains.
They marched through unending roads,
a highway of pain and sorrows.
The shackles of slavery burdened their souls.
They awoke each day,
with fears in their minds and...

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Categories: black-african amerchildren, cry, , memorial,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Autumn's Hued Delight

The wisps of the climbing clouds float slowly away, 
brushing the azure of the end-summer’s ashen sky. 
The returning birds bathe in the glint of the blue bay, 
in the twilight gleam to the amber...

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Categories: analogy, autumn, color, imagery, nature,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Its Truffle Time
With skilled search plans, maps and watchful scanning eyes,
The packs of hunters and dogs head off into the pine trees,
Scouring the land carefully, as the dogs yelp their cries.
Digging out strange white-brown and black lumps,...

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Categories: food,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member The Ink Has Dried
Pitifully, it seems my volcano has erupted—Somerset Mougham

Awaiting ink and feather to perform, my volcano has erupted
Gloomy den, I listen to crackling fire, nothing of worth to pen
Suffer to produce work that last forever, an...

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© I Am Anaya  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, writing,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
In Comes Autumn
In the abundance and bounty of our fruited land
my thankful heart overflows with gifts given with love
In the sight of the harvest moons bright helping hand
I feel the root of natures’ essence singing loud from...

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Categories: autumn,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Rejection Can be Good
I have always known rejection and exclusion,
as a half-breed girl I heard the insult;
whispered, as a child it left me with confusion,
it still happens often as an adult;
I liked to be alone and seek...

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Categories: emotions,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Cinnamon Leaves of Autumn
Autumn teases the last cinnamon leaves
clinging to branches with amber fingers.
Seasonal change awakens Nature's thieves,
a wafting breeze that doggedly lingers,
stripping trees bare; a scene that sadly grieves.

Fall sings in a rhythmic glissando voice
announcing it's time...

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Categories: autumn, beauty,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Reaching down to offer eternal life
the Saviour gave Himself, oh precious gift
midst guilt-condemning sins, awfully rife
drawing me nigh toward heaven uplift
with love's pardon from iniquity strife.

So loved to enjoy peaceful freedom grant
my soul abides in...

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Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, relationship, spiritual,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
if less than 123 people view this i will slice my arm latterally so they can't save me

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Categories: lovegod, me, god, me,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Eunuch Encouragements

   Elephant trunk palms column, canopy claps hands
   Undergrowth glad heart shape leaves spiral 
   Navigator vines map branches, brace boa banyan 
   Utile duenna diary with...

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Categories: angel, anniversary, blessing, friendship, happiness, integrity,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

Daily I strolled, past this old man's house
And there he sat, from dawn to dusk
His mien, tenebrific uncompromisingly
Hunched in his chair, dried to the bone
Cold and crabby, waiting...just waiting

And so I dared ask...

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Categories: africa, death, life, literature, poetess, poetry, sad,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member His Voice

Like fireflies, glistening in the twilight
Filling hearts with the sweetest calm,
Coloring thoughts in peacefulness, so I write
Words reflecting the grace, its tender balm
Breathing joy through the soul’s darkest night

Like starlight, hastening to stir the heart,...

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Categories: appreciation, hope, light, moon, nostalgia, star, sunshine,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member An Eternal Star Beside the Moon
In the night sky I admire the moon,
and the moon's ever starry friend;
they travel together and are attune,
above in the dark they suspend;
but I will become that star one day soon.
Oh, have found out...

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Categories: star,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
When With Your Beauty, I Hear Angel's Sing - Valentine's Collection
(Valentine's Collection)


When with your beauty, I hear Angel's sing,
in love's embrace shooting stars 'cross the sky.
In passion's thrall all our love we do bring,
my Valentine, together we shall fly.
throughout the night, to your glory, I...

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Categories: desire, dream, joy, love, night, passion,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Christmas 2020

Our choir cantata won't take place this year.
We lack the space to be six feet apart
on stage or in the choir loft, but the fear
of Covid can't crowd Christmas from ONE heart!
All congregants will sing...

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Categories: christmas,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Light Beyond Darkness- My Touch With Immortality
This moonless night invokes a lonely spell
as I behold the sky of midnight blue.
Now void of light that moon and stars propel,
its deep, dark blanket brings to mental view-
the nothingness beyond what stars foretell.

Such mystery...

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Categories: dark, heaven, how i feel, inspirational, light,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)