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Long Preschool Poems

Long Preschool Poems. Below are the most popular long Preschool by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Preschool poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The THC Ordinance
I am fairly new to this Norwick community.
If I recall correctly
we have about forty thousand households here
where the Connecticut River
conjoins the Mohegan and Iroquois Rivers;
originally deep rich virgin eco-forest 
of and for harmonic rhythm and...

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Categories: preschool, community, earth, family, growth, health, humor, integrity,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member I Want A Doggy
Oh how I want a doggy, 
a bundle of love and fur.                       ...

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Categories: preschool, dog, friend, love,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member My Alphabet
A a 	big A little a
                   What words start with the letter A

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: children, kindergarten, preschool,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Watering The Garden Of Dreams
What a beautiful filled garden with gorgeous colors,                           ...

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Categories: preschool, dream, flower, garden, water,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Where Did You Come From
Where did you come from,                              ...

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Categories: preschool, angel, dog, heaven, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Happy Birthday Dear Sister
Happy birthday, my love….
Today you turn forty-seven years old, dear sister... 
May your wings shine brighter today than ever before.

May my smile bring you joy and laughter. Oh, how your laughter saved me so many...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: preschool, birthday, death, dedication, sister,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Child once more
Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up one morning
To find you were still a child
So much energy jumping up and down upon your bed
So many wonders and thoughts swirling through your bed
No responsibilities
Just fun and...

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© Peter Dome  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: preschool, adventure, child, childhood, fun, funny, growing up,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Does Anybody Care About Her Life
When I was young,                               ...

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Categories: preschool, care, old, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Oh my dog, another yesterday May 23rd 2020 spent inside
Oh my dog, another yesterday (May 23rd, 2020) spent inside

Anomalous earthling inhabited 
mancave quarantined
cocooned gamesomely 
knowingly protected travesty
impossible mission sidestepping, 
thwarting, zapping
eventuality, inevitability, 

opportunity utilitarian death
crowning glory fêted within 
netherlands immortality
granted courtesy biological 
proliferation offspring...

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Categories: preschool, adventure, celebration, father daughter, forgiveness, i miss
Form: Free verse
Have You Heard about the Preschool Rap

By  Dr. Tina Medina
Copyright Protected

Have you heard about the Preschool Rap?
It’s all about Jesus and him filling in the gap.
Have you heard about the Preschool Rap?
It’s a fun and easy song that...

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Categories: preschool, adventure, appreciation, friendship, spiritual, strength, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Bears
As a child I loved playing with teddy bears,                          ...

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Categories: preschool, child, love, sky,
Form: Free verse
PI - Inspired by the movie
THREE year olds know about circles. They play
ring around the rosy and here we go round
the mulberry bush. And if one should say 
that in reality nowhere is found
a perfect circle, they either don’t hear

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Categories: preschool, death, faith, history, life, mystery, philosophy, social,
Form: Chant Royal
Coffin Trees- Part One
In the small town of Willowsberg, in the 1950s, it was said that the ground was magic. The rumor was that if you buried a man with a seed in his hand, and watered the...

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Categories: preschool, dark, grave, tree,
Form: Prose
In his Arms
A story of Faith..
How does anyone explain why they believe the Faith they have .
I can only tell you through the eyes of a 5yr old child .
That child being myself 

so let me rewind...

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Categories: preschool, allah, christian, christmas, forgiveness, god, heaven, miracle,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Felt Facts We UnLearn
What are some things you learned
along life's way
better before you went to school
as compared to after?

Oh, you mean like love
of cooperative natural-spiritual learning
rather than
mistrusting ego's essential competitive nature,
divorced from cooperative spirit,
required to out-perform my siblings

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Categories: preschool, caregiving, education, health, humor, integrity, love, school,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Glass Half Full Glass Half Empty
Take a glass and fill it half full of water.
We have often heard by some the glass is half full,
by others the glass is half empty.
Now which is it half full or half empty?
It is...

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Categories: preschool, books, day, games,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A Lull
As I slept a spell fell over me                           ...

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Categories: preschool, dream, music, storm,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member Dorothea A Nun
When I was very young,                              ...

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Categories: preschool, child, scary, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Day My Life Changed
The day my life changed when I was seventeen,                          ...

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Categories: preschool, dad, food, friend, hurt, life, marriage, sister,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Music Food and Love Play On
The music of the clanging from the chilled glass of wine,                        ...

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Categories: preschool, food, love, music,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Looking Down
As I look down                               ...

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Categories: preschool, friend, heaven, kiss,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member As I Am Looking
As I am looking what do I see,                           ...

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Categories: preschool, beautiful, kiss, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Somewhere behind you
Lays a boy who needs a friend
With a broken dream and a loose end

Somewhere behind you
Lays a man inflicted with affliction
And a little girl that needs affection

Somewhere behind you
A lady is fully dressed...

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Categories: preschool, hope
Form: ABC
Premium Member I Am In A Pickle With You
Here we sit all cold and wet,                            ...

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Categories: preschool, best friend, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Lamenting Life Lost Before
Lamenting Life Lost Before...
Last Rays Of Flickr Ring Candlelight

Approximately a dozen
orbitz around the Earth
(since mcmlix), the year
of my birth, an aversion
(stayin alive) constricted self worth

gripped (strong as strangling
choke hold), where 
even to this day 

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Categories: preschool, absence, age, cry, grief, growing up, heart,
Form: Bio