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The THC Ordinance
I am fairly new to this Norwick community. If I recall correctly we have about forty thousand households here where the Connecticut River conjoins the Mohegan and Iroquois Rivers; originally deep rich virgin eco-forest of and for harmonic rhythm and blues. So when I interviewed the eco-forest Mayor, I asked him Why write the Norwick THC Family-Friendly Ordinance? This came from nowhere. No one from the local Democratic Party Committee had mentioned we should soon expect to look in this dramatic re-inhaling direction. "Well, the more active committee members tend to put their wallets where their mouths and noses are currently ingesting, if you follow?" OK, so you were all in this together and it didn't occur to any of you this might induce a national spotlight? "No, we thought the Norwick Ban on Alcohol Sales to Those Under the Age of SixtyFive would probably do that. The THC Family-Friendly Ordinance, What's so unusual about family-friendly ecopolitics?" Well I think a critical question from massive media markets is where is your well researched positive outcome evidence that THC is more family friendly than is depressive alcohol? "Have you tried both?" Have you? "OK, we can do this the long way. If you have done both, and have a family, then that is your primary evidence. If you have only done THC, then you probably wouldn't have asked that question and you would be wondering, as am I, why this is not well-reported and academically taught and therapeutically resourced and economically developed in other eco-friendly centers, like your ego-eco SelfIdentity of BiCameral Fractal-Consciousness. But, if you have only tried alcohol, then your evidence may be in damage to your depressed family relationships. Now imagine only grandpas and grandmas controlling who gets the booze in family markets, and who does not because young fools will drink and drive when they can't even balance on a bicycle! And, if you have tried neither, then I guess your best evidence is to come to a Democratic Town Committee Meeting, over at the Senior Center, for lunch and we'll give 'em both a try, but consecutively, never simultaneously, while watching redundant Washington afternoon debates on immigration and taxation and climate health v pathology and health care giving and receiving to see and hear what you suspect they were drinking and not smoking during their patriotic red meat power lunches." No, thanks. You had me with the first option. "That so. So why did you bother to ask?" Because that's what I wanted to know? "You wanted to know why we passed a THC-Friendly ordinance yet didn't think this was even controversial from a public health and safety perspective?" Well yes, but I'm also wondering why there wasn't even any Republican opposition. "You're new here, aren't you?" I'll concede that question. So how's it going so far? "Well, the police and the courts and lawyers and maybe even the Emergency Wing at the hospital, and the ambulance drivers and EMTs are feelin' kinda bored and left behind. Playin' a lot of cards and not generating the fees and fines and insurance reimbursements and fake non-profit donations to the Punishing Chambers of Political Commerce." That doesn't sound encouraging. "On the other hand the Senior Centers are filled with smokey stories about, well... it's often difficult to say, but certainly happy about WinWin nutritious outcomes, so we don't worry a whole lot about the synergetic details." Anyone else doing better? "Mainly the poor and suffering, single-parent low-income households, homeless and hungry and at-risk building cooperatively-owned residences and salvage and entertainment and renewable energy industries, producing song and dance and rhythm and story telling and creation parable swelling street opera sectors of and for ecopolitical cooperative outcomes. These are all deeper and wider and probably higher than healthcare giving and receiving prior to unanimous Town Council outputs." So what are your thoughts about the remaining under-employed, restorative mercy now overwhelming retributive justice, for our medical and legal pathologist depression problems? "We were thinking of Anger Management ego-eco therapeutic classes through Left and Right as Yang and Yin co-arising glasses." I worry I may know what that means. "The reforesting police are supervising and supporting growth of neighborhood permacultural parks and gardens. They are also hosting organic interior and exterior wu-wei design classes, for optimizing both ego and ecotherapies, yoga and chi gong classes too, some held at the schools, from preschool through Norwick High, and our community college and the technical high school, and some of the Sabbath and Sunday Schools. We now have an herbalist division over at the hospital that seems to pick up the slack for their Emergency staff. And the ambulances transport more plants than people, seeds, small fruit trees for our edible reforesting projects. It's called finding the economic cooperative WinWin solution within the politically bicameral competing Either/Or problems." How do these outcomes look for replication elsewhere? "That would be a better question to ask elsewhere." So that's how you want to end this interview, with criticizing my culminating question? "Sorry. That is an excellent question, not that you asked for my opinion, but one I cannot answer as I am not elsewhere at the moment." Anything else I should have asked? "Do I really want to write about why the Mayor wrote this Norwick THC-Friendly Ordinance?" Oh, I did ask that question. "And what did you hear?" Maybe yes, Left patriarchal; Maybe notnot doublebinding no to Lose wealth now and Lose health later, as before Right matriarchal. "Hmmm... Just enough to restore more vulnerable Tipping Points of re-acclimating faith in MotherEarth's original Green Estates for THC-DNA-RNA extended family friendly fractal reforesting alliances."
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