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Her Last Client, Part II
...This caught her off-guard, so she asked, “What’s wrong?” He said,“Aren’t you setting yourself up for hurt? Women with many partners don’t pair-bond well, there’s quite a low chance your marriage would work.” She was confused, and said, “What do you mean?” He said,“There’s been studies showing this truth, it’s harder for women to love one man if they have lived a promiscuous youth.” She growled and said,“That’s such sexist crap, I see men sleeping around all the time!” John said,“Yes, but we evolved to do that, there are real differences in female minds. “To a man sperm is a dime a dozen, we can inseminate and just skip town. A woman must commit at least nine months, if she keeps it that’s eighteen years tied down. “Our outlooks evolved based on this difference, To ensure that human offspring can get care—” She interrupted,“You misogynist! Can’t you see that’s incredibly unfair!” He sighed,“When has nature cared for fairness? We selected for what helped us survive. Why, for so long, were virgins so valued? Did you think all those traditions were a lie? “I didn’t think such things mattered to you, why else would a woman chose to work here?” She scowled and leapt up out of the bed, said,“I think you really should get out of here!” He got dressed quickly, headed for the door, said,“Despite it all, I do wish you luck.” As he disappeared, she grumbled to herself, “All of this time…he was a sexist f-ck.” But she didn’t let that get her down long, since the girls were throwing a go-away bash. She walked in and found their smiling faces, and her sour mood improved in a flash. Her working years done, she moved to Texas, a low tax state, great place to start anew, within a year she had met a good man, an actuary, went by the name Stu. She didn’t tell him of what went before, Stu was good enough that he didn’t ask, the two of them had walked down the aisle a month after another year had gone past. And things were good, the two got pregnant quick, soon enough a pretty daughter was born, though she brought Roxanne unchecked joy, she accidentally would cause her to mourn. Because looking at that cute little girl made Roxanne realize what real love felt like, and that what she felt for her own husband was a fraction of what she felt for the tyke. She ignored it at first, pushed it back hard, just lived the life she thought most women had: Childcare, preschool, play dates with her friends, but deep down she couldn’t help feeling bad. CONCLUDES IN PART III.
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