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Long Pastoral Poems

Long Pastoral Poems. Below are the most popular long Pastoral by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Pastoral poems by poem length and keyword.

Prayer Against Coronavirus and for God's Healing
Today, as I rest for a while from my daily prayers, consisting of walking and sitting meditation,  bowing with my forehead touching Mother Earth like King Jehoshaphat, seeking God’s help (2 Chronicle 1-20), and...

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Categories: bible, faith, god, gospel, prayer, religious, spiritual,
Form: Pastoral

Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 36
I sung all the night with the Devil,
It seemed harmony had found itself spooning with dissonance
Not indeed needing to be one or the same
Yes—the light indeed could sustain itself in the midst
Of what then was...

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Categories: pastoral, appreciation, dark, desire, endurance, inspiration, literature, meaningful,
Form: Epic
Inspirational Blessings and Greetings for the New Year
Greetings to each of you my dearly beloved brothers and sisters. Please read these seventeen blessings rendered for you in God's grace:

I. May God’s love for the new year grant you joy and inspiration overcoming...

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Categories: bible, blessing, devotion, inspirational, jesus, love, wisdom,
Form: Pastoral
Desperate message to Kim jong un
Pardon any absent adulation, bequeathed capitulation, devoted dedication, indiscretion, blabbering peroration, improper salutation or any unintended vexation if this unknown earthling sent a nearly identical message. He over-looked a small number of errors and hoped...

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Categories: pastoral, abuse, dark, emotions, evil, hate, war, world,
Form: Free verse
And still i drive - Part two
Stars fall under failing skies...stars fall...stars fall...
But stars do not cry.
Into Ochs valley, through the Vale of White Horse...prancing 
besides a Dragons Hill;
It was here that a Roundhead - did a Royalist Cavaliers blood in...

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Categories: pastoral, travel,
Form: Rhyme

Search for the Hidden Spark
The old man stood;elbows resting on the old stone wall
Wistfully he gazed over the snow laden field,
Watching the sheep nibble on bales of hay,
He thought back remembering his working day.

In his leather like work hardened...

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Categories: pastoral, age, allegory, imagery, loss, magic, memory, riddle,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
In The Minds Fixed Eye

In the minds fixed eye I see five newly discovered graves,              
Headless lions sat atop an impregnable "Triumphal Gate";   ...

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Categories: pastoral, myth,
Form: Rhyme
My acquaintance with poetry in general and the simplistic literary brilliance of Robert Frost in particular, came at a relatively early age. My mother would ambivalently imply that I was too young to remember, however...

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Categories: pastoral, age, perspective, , cute,
Form: Bio
Catholics Are Born Again Christians
We Catholics are Born Again Christian because we genuinely repent from our sins
and are baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Catholics are born again Christian because we believe in Lord Jesus...

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Categories: bible, encouraging, inspirational,
Form: Pastoral
Sufi Monk Credentialing
This self-explanatory English poem of mine was originally drafted Monday (evening) August 5, 2013, while I was still in Independence, Missouri. I revised it a bit in November and December of 2014, while “traveling” in...

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© Moji Agha  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: community, courage, fairy, freedom, funny, islamic, political,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member The White Rose
The shepherd stood on the field, frail,
He knew not what to do when and why,
As the wrathful sun did steep down,
The confused chap followed his humble sheep.
Then one man neared and asked his name,
He gasped...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty,
Form: Pastoral
I Pray For Mother
 Taken from the Novel, ''The Thirteenth Year''  By S.T Nchindo

Dear mother
I seek no special day
I need no remainder
I set no alarm
To bring you to thoughts
Each day, I know you are gone
My heart soars...

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Categories: daughter, death of a friend, dedication, fear,
Form: Pastoral
I Pray For Mother
 Taken from the Novel, ''The Thirteenth Year''  By S.T Nchindo

Dear mother
I seek no special day
I need no remainder
I set no alarm
To bring you to thoughts
Each day, I know you are gone
My heart soars...

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Categories: daughter, death of a friend, dedication, fear,
Form: Pastoral
Botticelli Dreams of Sweet Purple Calicoo - And You
Your image appears through a purple-hued haze of silence… 
weaving its whispered dreamy spell, while you re-connect the strings of my sleeping heart
You go about undressing my soul as I watch your image drift in...

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Categories: pastoral, color, dream, emotions, , sweet love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member QUIET TIME WITH GOD A COLLABORATION WITH Curtis Moorman--Viv Wigley-- James Edward Lee Sr
A COLLABORATION WITH Curtis Moorman--Viv Wigley-- James Edward Lee Sr.

In the quiet time of the evening at the end of the day;
I hold communion with God while I kneel...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, devotion,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member An Invitation Toward HealthCare
I would like to invite you
to participate in a cooperative interview
with other local health-optimizers.

Our healthcare optimization plans
will open our conversation
to moving from current WinLose side-by-side
competitions and shared-turf truces,
to active WinWin cooperative planning,
and inviting wider community...

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Categories: pastoral, deep, earth, education, environment, green, health,
Form: Political Verse
Animal Chain Atocities
Animal Chain Atrocities

No longer a bucolic photo op
bedecking a cover of Life magazine

Free grazing
pastoral images
now but bewildered enslavement

Animal commodities
factory farms and feedlots
CAFO habitats raising
sixty billion a year for dinner tables


Hi-Tech slaughter
football fields long
alethic poor
four walled...

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© Odin Roark  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: pastoral, animal,
Form: Free verse
Put them out of sight now
Lay down your old ink pen...
Rise from the table...
Push back your chair.
Gather them all up...
Put them out of sight now...
Place them safely in the cupboard 
Wrapped in stiff brown paper,
Strung tightly together
With thin white string;

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Categories: pastoral, nostalgia,
Form: Rhyme
The green village, the colored city, the ever familiar locality
Each path, tree, house, turn, each native I have left behind
But creepers, hedges have entangled with my leg and hand
The green crops fields, green hills, fruit...

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Categories: birth, childhood, memory, youth,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member A Summer Romance
I sat upon a wooden bench 
    to rest my weary limbs.
And marveled at a Thrasher's voice
     who sang a pastoral hymn.
Where joggers passed in groups of two...

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Categories: pastoral, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Amazing Week on the Farm
My uncle's farm lay nestled in the central Wisconsin hills
A beautiful location sure to cure this city boy's ills
So imagine my delight when invited to stay a week
During summer vacation, this was certain to be...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, cat, dog, farm, summer, teenage, vacation,
Form: Pastoral
dizzying hullaballoo linkedin Parochialism touting Xmas
breeding frenzied jawboning 
nastiness, rock'm sock'm vermin 
zealously, dizzying hordes kickstart 
outrageous trampling, xMen busting

displays, heralding luminary 
pastoral times, Xing Bethlehem
figurine Jesus observes sacrilegious 
wackiness anarchy.

* * * * * * * * * *...

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Categories: pastoral, abuse, allusion, boxing day , celebration, hilarious, hip
Form: Light Verse

The oldest Warrior Angel
                Of them all
          If not for Him

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Categories: confusion, death, satire, travel, war, house, house,
Form: Pastoral
Ezemony: Part I
Grow old along with me:
The best is yet to be!

See! Ben Ezra stares Rubaiyat in the eye,
	In a debate so hot and ever fresh;
Their porters seem in the semels to lie!
	Are they also gone or...

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© Canny Amah  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: epicheart, tree, dark, dark, heart, me, tree,
Form: Pastoral
breaking loose
Time and again he flashes those images before me;
The sin that so easily besets me
You should think that by now I get the picture
That I now understand his whims
That I can say “get behind me,...

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Categories: addiction,
Form: Pastoral