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Long Pastoral Poems

Long Pastoral Poems. Below are the most popular long Pastoral by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Pastoral poems by poem length and keyword.

by Michael R. Burch

Toss this poem aside
to the filigreed and the wild tide
of sunset.

Strike my name,
and still it is all the same.
The onset

of night is in the despairing skies;
each hut shuts its bright bewildered eyes.

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Categories: extended metaphor, fantasy, happiness, hope, hyperbole, i
Form: Pastoral

Premium Member Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 36
I sung all the night with the Devil,
It seemed harmony had found itself spooning with dissonance
Not indeed needing to be one or the same
Yes—the light indeed could sustain itself in the midst
Of what then was...

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Categories: pastoral, appreciation, dark, desire, endurance, inspiration, literature, meaningful,
Form: Epic
Raid versus woe
Raid versus woe

Black flag(s) show up
on social media platforms
when potential homicidal maniac(s)
communicate(s) intent to strike
with ambush and ready
read - able, eager, and willing
to embark upon murderous rampage.

Prospective killer armed to the teeth
usually a young bucking...

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Categories: pastoral, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st
Form: Rhyme
June 12th 2017 TRANSITION revisited and revised today 4 2 2021
June 12th 2017 TRANSITION revisited and revised today 4/2/2021

While scrolling over outdated docs
(i.e. namely OpenOffice documents)
derrière seated upon hard backed chair,
yours truly came upon following poem
to share with anonymous readers,
whereby slight modifications 
got made to...

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Categories: pastoral, adventure, angel, anxiety, blessing, conflict, husband, july,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Inspirational Blessings and Greetings for the New Year
Greetings to each of you my dearly beloved brothers and sisters. Please read these seventeen blessings rendered for you in God's grace:

I. May God’s love for the new year grant you joy and inspiration overcoming...

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Categories: bible, blessing, devotion, inspirational, jesus, love, wisdom,
Form: Pastoral

Desperate message to Kim jong un
Pardon any absent adulation, bequeathed capitulation, devoted dedication, indiscretion, blabbering peroration, improper salutation or any unintended vexation if this unknown earthling sent a nearly identical message. He over-looked a small number of errors and hoped...

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Categories: pastoral, abuse, dark, emotions, evil, hate, war, world,
Form: Free verse
And still i drive - Part two
Stars fall under failing skies...stars fall...stars fall...
But stars do not cry.
Into Ochs valley, through the Vale of White Horse...prancing 
besides a Dragons Hill;
It was here that a Roundhead - did a Royalist Cavaliers blood in...

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Categories: pastoral, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Search for the Hidden Spark
The old man stood;elbows resting on the old stone wall
Wistfully he gazed over the snow laden field,
Watching the sheep nibble on bales of hay,
He thought back remembering his working day.

In his leather like work hardened...

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Categories: pastoral, age, allegory, imagery, loss, magic, memory, riddle,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Faded Dreams
Since my early teens until I reached about 45,
I had pursued my life's dream of working fulltime
in the Gospel Ministry.  There were many aspects
whereby such a dream could express itself and be
fulfilled.  For...

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Categories: pastoral, america, career, christian, freedom, happiness,
Form: Narrative
In The Minds Fixed Eye

In the minds fixed eye I see five newly discovered graves,              
Headless lions sat atop an impregnable "Triumphal Gate";   ...

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Categories: pastoral, myth,
Form: Rhyme
Over yonder pastoral realms, with heaving mounds of green
Birds of variegated colors shine, where.streamlets gleam with opal sheen.
In circles round, fleetfooted Zephyr sweeps the laurelled ground
With footfalls that loom, a sweet scented voluptuous sound
Which gently strike...

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Categories: pastoral, beautiful, encouraging,
Form: Verse
My acquaintance with poetry in general and the simplistic literary brilliance of Robert Frost in particular, came at a relatively early age. My mother would ambivalently imply that I was too young to remember, however...

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Categories: pastoral, age, perspective, , cute,
Form: Bio
Catholics Are Born Again Christians
We Catholics are Born Again Christian because we genuinely repent from our sins
and are baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Catholics are born again Christian because we believe in Lord Jesus...

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Categories: bible, encouraging, inspirational,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member Christianity And Racism
During the second century, there were many Christians who were tortured and put to death for being Christian. There was one named Sanctus* who, when tortured, simply answered, "I am a Christian."  By my...

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Categories: pastoral, america, racism,
Form: Prose
Tonight the act of naming fell through the floor.
We speak permeable solids inflect’d by light.
Things move indistinctly: a pine palette floats
momentarily from semi truck’s bed, crosses
its body with windshield; ovidian shift from a
Forest to an...

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Categories: pastoral, angel, art, assonance, beauty, myth,
Form: Blank verse
The White Rose
The shepherd stood on the field, frail,
He knew not what to do when and why,
As the wrathful sun did steep down,
The confused chap followed his humble sheep.
Then one man neared and asked his name,
He gasped...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member See Sea Rider
I had never before glimpsed the sea, and I had often felt the lack,
As rainbows sense the lack of luster, so they keep on coming back.

I dwelled in a pastoral area, quite far from any...

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Categories: pastoral, adventure, fantasy, imagery, magic, nature, sea, vacation,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Sufi Monk Credentialing
This self-explanatory English poem of mine was originally drafted Monday (evening) August 5, 2013, while I was still in Independence, Missouri. I revised it a bit in November and December of 2014, while “traveling” in...

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© Moji Agha  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: community, courage, fairy, freedom, funny, islamic, political,
Form: Pastoral
I Pray For Mother
 Taken from the Novel, ''The Thirteenth Year''  By S.T Nchindo

Dear mother
I seek no special day
I need no remainder
I set no alarm
To bring you to thoughts
Each day, I know you are gone
My heart soars...

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Categories: daughter, death of a friend, dedication, fear,
Form: Pastoral
I Pray For Mother
 Taken from the Novel, ''The Thirteenth Year''  By S.T Nchindo

Dear mother
I seek no special day
I need no remainder
I set no alarm
To bring you to thoughts
Each day, I know you are gone
My heart soars...

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Categories: daughter, death of a friend, dedication, fear,
Form: Pastoral
Cybersurfing netizen flounders
Cybersurfing netizen flounders...
analogous to a fish out of water

Ever since being a little gull hubble buoy,
I bobbed (while donning square pants)
like spongy flotsam and jetsam at sea.

Now as one decrepit
humble lumpenproletariat neopoet,
I experienced existence
with pronounced...

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Categories: pastoral, 12th grade, adventure, age, angst, animal, anxiety,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Fly Away Home
I enjoyed traveling greatly, and I had been countless places,
Like lovely fireflies of twilight, on their mellow moonlit races.

On my time away from work, I often went someplace exotic,
Like astronauts out in space, viewing galaxies...

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Categories: pastoral, april, family, fantasy, home, imagery, nature, travel,
Form: Couplet
Botticelli Dreams of Sweet Purple Calicoo - And You
Your image appears through a purple-hued haze of silence… 
weaving its whispered dreamy spell, while you re-connect the strings of my sleeping heart
You go about undressing my soul as I watch your image drift in...

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Categories: pastoral, color, dream, emotions, , sweet love,
Form: Free verse
All In The Name Of Progress
All In The Name Of "Progress"

The wrecking ball long since
demolished boyhood house zen
located at 324 Level Road,
a once nonagricultural,
pastoral, rural residence,
which soulful yen
I called home while
veritably sequestered, quarantined, positioned...
sprawled atop spaciously shingled roof
countless years (B)efore...

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Categories: pastoral, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, absence,
Form: Rhyme
July first 2023 will celebrate
July first 2023 will celebrate...
our sixth anniversary at Highland Manor Apartments
Subtitled: The perspective of one festive folky fellow
friendliness ofttimes prompts me 
when crossing paths with another to say “hello,”
whose demeanor trends toward being mellow
courtesy about...

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Categories: pastoral, absence, abuse, america, anger, angst, animal, anxiety,
Form: Rhyme