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Long Parallelismus membrorum Poems

Long Parallelismus membrorum Poems. Below are the most popular long Parallelismus membrorum by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Parallelismus membrorum poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Sacred SpaceMaking
Dear Neighbors,
community co-investors,
sharing an outdoor green riverside Commons
and an indoor
historical CommonSpace

Both, and all, sacred
to panentheistic me
and probably more mundanely secular
to monoculturing LeftBrain dominant
verbally rationalistic

And yet, relationships of thought
and feeling always matter
to cooperative
and effective community resilience

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Categories: community, culture, health, integrity, power, relationship,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum

Premium Member DeColonizing Capitalism
We are nearly all macro-economic capitalists
Yet micro-economic cooperativists
with those we trust

S/he said
while burning up
and out.

a Patriarchal Capitalist
has also fully monopolized
his LeftBrain lessons
and monotheistic idolizing faith
in micro-economic,
monocultural tribalist,
nation-state exceptionalist,
straight white male privileged
zero-sum competitive 
commodified consumer relationships


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Categories: bullying, earth, environment, games, health, passion, peace,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Therapeutic Justice
Lori Gottlieb
describes mental health mediators
and dream translators
prescribing more cost-effective therapeutic questions:

Who am I?
What do I want?
What's in my natural health/spiritual wealth
bilaterally balancing way?

What do I want more:
to autonomously control
to be part of some monopolizing,

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Categories: community, culture, health, peace, political, power, religion,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Hey you

Hey you!

Yes, you.
Quick message
on the down low
so maybe not quick enough.

We need to keep us
under the WWW algorithmic
pulsing predative patterns
for suppression,
lack of positive impression,
unproductive repression,
anti-sensual depression,
lack of marketable massive expression.

Why is lack of public health

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Categories: culture, earth, education, environment, health, power, relationship,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Exploring MidTerm MindBodies
Our minds play
an eisegetical game
transubstantiating our debating minds
translating our felt bodies
embodied contexts

Natural/Spiritual environments
felt and touched messages
spoken through ancient metaphoric narratives
sacred histories

egocentrically thoughtful

sacred polytheistically
outside reverence
for all born holy

And secular
patriarchal 1 above

And sacred ecopolitical
root chakra 

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Categories: animal, culture, health, integrity, peace, religion, soulmate,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum

Premium Member DisAbility's Wisdom
Moderation in all metaphysical
and physical declarations
exerting autonomous 
preposterous implementations.

ImModeration in self
as also Other

Moderation in all things,
except continuously flowing integrity

and propelling
compassionate universal regard.

Passionately love wisdom
that diversely
and re-contextually regards
win/win positive co-arisings
and win/lose negative correlations
to bilaterally become felt

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Categories: beauty, discrimination, environment, happiness, health, humor, integrity,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
See below for title
Insomniac attack is back or Animalistical (I'm not even sure that is a real word but F.I.(that is an anachronism that means fudge it( unless you’re an adult then you know which word fudge is...

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Categories: absence,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Right Brained Peace
He could not find
GreenBrained Peace
midst all his RedBrained
trained season
with Prince of Peace
to incorporate,
competitively profit
from punishing
feminist self-elevation,
queer self-revelation
white privilege remediation
civil right-brained peace

s/he applied her RightBrain environmental intelligence
toward co-empathic red-punishing/green-healing values
found in viscerally
and liberally connected trauma/therapy relationships

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Categories: caregiving, health, holiday, mental illness, passion, peace,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Holistic Health Choices
There probably are some psychotropic meds
helpful with win/win rerooted thinking
reconnecting within feelings,
positive and negative

But meth
and alcohol
and heroin
and depression
and anxiety meds
are not among these.

Nor are behavior management practices
hoping to fade out robust addictions
to substances
and victim spiritualities

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Categories: health, integrity, passion, peace, power,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
It's been getting worse
I see the end in the most innocent of items
I dream of death
Death of my family, friends
Ironically never of myself
The hollow inside my chest isn't leaving
self hatred comes easily
unhealthy coping habits are...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, sad, sick, suicide,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Rewarding Inclusion
I doubt it was a philosopher,
more likely an emperor,
but possibly both,
who first explored this sad relationship
between exclusion
and punishment,
and repression.

I'll bet it was a Taoist mother
afraid bad weather would smother
all hope of restoring future peace
who first...

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Categories: depression, happiness, health, integrity, joy, peace, political,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Knowing Nothing
My Math Teacher said:
I know how to teach you about 1
but can't guide you into comprehending None--0

A more sacredly co-arising binomial relationship,
less traveled bipartisan path
to know Zero rises positive toward full
and suppresses negative
degenerating back through

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Categories: earth, education, health, integrity, math, western, wisdom,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
You pious people in your pews
All you reading about the arrival of some wondrously good news
A  new  horizon can’t you see?
Well imagine you...

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Categories: angstdaughter, daughter, men,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Mixing Politics and Religion
My grandfather
seemed wise with years
walking his rural spiritual path
in a relentlessly white
Christian dualistic church
dividing sinful nature
from sacred spirit.

He counseled:
Do not mix
religion and politics.

I wonder
how he would feel
about this mix
of sacred and profane
if he were to...

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Categories: christian, grandfather, health, integrity, passion, political, power,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Christmas Torch Aloft
Season of dream haze and arctic signpost.
Chill and chap brood whose scattered offspring plummet thermal values as welcome mat for “whiskered” chimney guest awash with bounty.
Thief of sun filled days without a twinge but that...

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Categories: art, beautiful, birth, celebration, character, christmas, color,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Blank Page Syndrome
Blank page syndrome
feels like full page longing
to be done with some work project
that will not slowly grow worthy 
of my time
and certainly no captivated reader.

I feel victimized,
tortured, actually,
by blank page syndrome

Where I want to feel...

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Categories: beauty, community, extended metaphor, humor, inspiration, integrity,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Planning with Integrity
Integral Permaculture Design,
like restorative EarthJustice therapies,
and compassionate communication skills training,

May become aptly applied
to both private
and public
ecological business planning
for optimizing health wealthing resilience.

So, you say,
my monotheistic creation teacher,
but these inside/outside healing classes
may require unspoken prerequisites
of openness...

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Categories: anxiety, caregiving, culture, health, integrity, peace, psychological,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member PolyTheistic Surfing
PolyTheistic birds chirp
and caw inviting
warmly co-operative round 0 sounds

Resounds of monotheistic predative 1 scares
staring songs of YangStrong polarity
urgent need

PolyTheistic remanding
ecofeminist systemic 
matriarchal flow,

Inhaling information
enlightening pregnant seeds 
of co-passions' wisdom

Sun-splayed overlaid
empowering crusty eggs
born of GrandMother Moon...

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Categories: earth, health, history, integrity, nature, wisdom,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Loftiness And Lowliness
From loftiness one becomes lowly
.   and from lowliness one becomes lofty.

Consider the highest of the peaks; 
.   it has nothing but rocks and snow only.
Consider the lowest of the plains; 

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Categories: allegory, devotion, faith, hope, inspirational, nature, philosophy,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Deep LightHeartedness
Noetic integrity
of LeftHemisphere verbal dominance
represents polypathic resilience

With poetic empathy
of RightHemisphere nonverbal harmony
co-arising polyphonic resonance

Together contributing to our 
ecologically enlightened,
politically empowered,
bilaterally co-engaged worldview
of EarthTribe fabled sentience
back toward pre-historic native
natural/spiritual co-arising experience

Just as an interpersonal connection
of deep...

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Categories: analogy, anxiety, earth, health, identity, integrity, psychological,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Silent Spaces Sacred
I'm noticing
you're not noticing
I'm starting to look for
what you've already heard
with anticipation
overpowering my internal anxious voice
with calm
and kind compassion

When Other disharmonious human voices
speak of win/win choices

Or sing
a right-handed dance
within my balanced EarthTribal range
of listening
for sacred...

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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, earth, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member EmPowering Dusk
This darker side
of dusk's sacred
empowering mystery

Unlike enlightened ecospheres
more urgent dawn emergent
pink yellow anticipations
of matriarchal
cooperative history

Not consciously felt
yet pre-traumatically imagined
and hallucinated
back through preverbal mammalian time
emerging AnthroRidiculous
moralistic elitism

This darker side
of dusk's sacred mystery
not unlike enlightened bio/ecospheres
returning from...

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Categories: dark, day, deep, health, nature, night, spiritual,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member EarthWisdom
Elder indigenous RightBrain
peak resonant experience
is eco-synergetic,
so not ego-centric

Because interdependent organic systems
are EarthTribally animistic
not monopolized by mono-anthro
LeftBrain monotheistic dominance.

RightBrain prominent ecstasy
fulfills win/win co-invested play
of ecologically interdependent
cooperatively sacred
polycultural wu-wei

Democratic energy neuro-systems
secular health Left
embracing sacred wealth integrity
reforming bicameral...

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Categories: culture, health, integrity, peace, power, wisdom, woman,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Edit (Second prize
By Free Cee on 10/19/11 at 9:28am 

While walking when the southern wind changes in my direction
and become nor-easters such as a festering infection
I have not...

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Categories: death, education, faith, fantasy, children, health, me,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Wounding World
I've seen Earth's epitaph:
S/He did more than Her share
to heal a broken world

Which sometimes seems to invoke anger
because I can touch what's broken
and other times provoke merely sad
because I can only feel inside
who is also...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, earth, earth day, fear, health,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum