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Revolutionary Story

They called their gang The ReVolutionaries, my Father Sun and Mother Earth drew time with them, but they often called themselves Yang and YinYin, respectively and mutually respectful yet privately erotic, not so much politically and economically where Yang could not fit in for rabid competition and YinYin could not alone float her dipolar WinWin health-care priority boat. Where was I in my Creation Geneology, YinYin? Once again you did not get past much of a preliminary introduction, without me, Sugar Daddy Yang. Oh yes, Father Sun and Mother Earth got together co-gravitationally, first creating a nondual revolution out of spacetime's co-arising and revolving implied-fractal-seasoned syntax, natural systemic order of healthy evolution, as not-not pathologically dual-dark devolution, probably too much Yin-recessive in this Yang-dominant Creation Story. Even so, Father Sun with Mother Earth revolved their bilateral health potential. Then, next time you know, here you are, bangin around with too-dominant Left-brained Yang, slippin' in some wise ol' tough love, stirrin' up your Owl with your Moose Medicine for stronger regenerative tissue issues, still struggling between SunPowerLens and EarthFlowLens, primally RNA-balanced informating regenerative health and therapy relationship re-issues articulating as bicamerally climatic neural-temporal boundary tissue, or is it the other way? So confusing all this time travel appositional and dialectical health language, like RNA, pointing toward your lovely and always mindful DiPolar EcoPresence as HereNow Time in self-refining, reiteratively flowing, spring of love's rich nutritional water and incarnate soil, soul mating Heaven's fire warm photosynthetic transformational co-redemptively climaxing air of sweeping surfing elating Time's Full ReGenerate Occupation, living still within our TransParent Elders, of which we each share equal DNA/RNA neural-temporal regenerative-fractal Implicate-Concave Orders of rhythm and pattern and syntax, folding and unfolding, holonic-Holy Exegetical Syntax Scripture teleologizing enriching enculturing composting time's revolutionary health through TransParent CoOperating Golden Rule of Prime (0)-soul/soil, ego/eco, Interior/Exterior, Fractal PolyCultural Relationship. That's nice, Daddy Yang, having said all that, I'm wondering if I might add that as I most kindly remember, there are two sides to every Creation Story, one is Ego's Yang Exterior Universal view, while EcoOther YinYin echoes our Interior Landscape nondual co-arising love for empathic capacity as rich nutritional experience, co-elational syntax-voices of primal feeling and knowing Yang/Yin is healthier as LoseSome BusinessAsUsual to WinSome YinYin Tipping Point CoOperative Wisdom. Yet even this wu wei PostMillennial TaoZen Bicameral Hybrid Story is not the Fat Lady Death's Door final message you are fearing within YinYin's WinWin EcoRevolutionary 0-soul Creation Story of a bicamerally self-optimizing health and safety global network with local cooperative poli-economic communication guilds, nutrient 0-interest investment through implementation polycultural local ecosystemic-balancing glory, cooperating our WinWin Mutual PolyEnculturation Story. YinYin, namaste for your generous and kind-natured right-time reminder, to win dialogical Solitaire, not only does Yang Ego think therefore I Win, but nondual co-arising of Right-time's sequence and dialect syntaxed cards of Other cooperatively win this balancing fractal 4 spacetimed principle of steering co-gravitational positivity, implied predelivery doctors and progenitors of ReGenetic-Health Optimization Time, most sacred Positive BiCameral Psychology of more humane natural ecosystems, RNA-iconic as ionic, CoMessianic Cross with Tao-Time Universal Black full-diastatic and dipolar synaptic absorbs WhiteNoise Aptic EcoPresent TransParentcy, and vice versa with reverse-temporal imaging ecoconscious capacity. We are both GooeyRight and PricklyLeft more truly balanced as positive/negative deviant equity seekers, healthy optimizers ecotherapeutic lovers of peace with ecojustice, evolving an Ego/Eco Deductive/Inductive ConScience of BiNomial (0)-Centric 4D spacetime as our CoOperative Creation Story. Group Theory's Zero-bilateral symmetrical implied dipolar function as bilinear double-bound soul could be RealTime expressed: fold, unfold, refold, pregenitive full-4 revolutionary closure Byte-Fold Balance, inside-double-negative with outside double-boundaried dynamically revolving, waving-linear Tao-sign, principle of thermodynamic balancing dipolarity. PolyNomial ++ evolves WinWin equivalent to LoseLose (--) NotNot PolyNomial 4D spacetime prime 0-centric Origin Point of Language and Scripture toward future's (0)Mega Point Bicameral Creation Story as EcoPresent Now, our timeless invitation into full healthy love, life as co-empathic bicameral love-positive, restrained only by its absence, cognitive-affective neural informating health/pathology-dissonance, heading toward climatic long-term TransMillennial effects of chronic stress, sleep deprivation, overly competitive ecosystems of all paradigmatic and polymorphic varieties, and crappy nightmare claustrophobic death and dying dreams. Yang space flows through YinYin Time's Light as Time's syntaxed memory folds and unfolds, refolds and prefolds revolutionary ecosystemic transitions, emerging Full-PolyCultural Diastatically Elational Climaxing Beloved PolyPathic BiCameral Communicating Interior Landscaped LoveNow-EcoTherapySpace. Was that my Fat Lady YinYin? Now you know I am just right for you; you're the one getting too hefty for your own internal and external balancing capacity. Maybe I need more exercise. Maybe you need to get off me, and help me paddle... Did I say "paddle"? Yes, love I know, you mean to flow your Revolution Creation Story right through PostMillennial cooperative enculturation.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 1/28/2016 9:33:00 AM
The bliss from this page cannot be exhausted. This is incredible and wonderful. Great lines and an awesome 7
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Dillenbeck Avatar
Gerald Dillenbeck
Date: 1/28/2016 10:59:00 AM
Thanks for sharing the bliss. Always good to hear good news, just as it is always hard to hear bad news. But, it's all good, as long as we keep learning how to communicate, or so it seems when the news is good.
Date: 1/25/2016 6:01:00 PM
This is an incredible poem!!! I enjoyed it from the 1st line to the last line. Thanks for sharing.
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