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Eisenstein quote, p. 80, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition, 2011, Evolver Editions, Berkeley, CA.

Today we begin with a quote from Eisenstein with commentary in brackets informed by Bucky Fuller's cooperative metaphysic of Synergetic Steerage. "We have a[n intuited, autonomic systemic] need to stay in contact with people with whom we share emotional and economic ties. In past times, these people were usually close by. A hunter-gatherer or fourteenth-century Russian peasant would have had little use for a telephone. Telephones [and www] began to meet a need only when other developments in technology and culture spread human beings [even] farther apart and splintered extended families [and neighborhoods] and [national through] local communities [as resiliently eloquent ecosystems]. So the basic need they meet is not something new under the sun." [Basic communication need has evolved to global cooperative scale because technology's deductive path has evolved a co-arising economic/ecological imperative.] What Plan B Fuller eco-comprehended as an implied Universal First Principle of Positive Synergetic Balance: all Primal Principles must be universally co-informed, comprehensive, "cooperative" defined as ergodically and ionically regenerating full-fractal, resilient and resonant RNA-dynamically syntaxed, to achieve integrative, healthy, Spaceship Earth synergetic wealth optimization, as resiliently positive life-trend energy, form, and revolutionary eco-cultural dialectal design and development, and ecto/endosymbiotic correlational landscape evolution toward health and safety away from pathology and high risk economically illogical dissonance, divestments suboptimizing polycultural outcome planning and therefore delivery of co-empathic mindbody dis-ease, chronic stress with climatic paranoid peaks trending upward. Economists and eco-logists recognize production of newly commodifying need-systems co-arises with creation of consuming/absorbing/nutrition-extracting evolution of ego-need v. eco-want constellations and priorities. The difference between a Plan A Competitive Win-Lose need-based economist, gamer, strategist, logician, policy analyst, weather forecaster, and a Plan B Cooperative Win-Win gift-rooted eco-nomialist, gamer, strategist and logician and linguist, policy and planning analyst, permacultural designer, ecofeminist economist, sacred matriarchal ethology ecologist, weather forecaster, restorative justice advocate, is Left-Right dipolar balance as negatively correlated with cognitive dissonance; Deep-learning comprehension instead of Win-Lose as suboptimizing health and wealth compares to a work-toward midway double-negatively reiterating thermostat, decompositional analysis trending reverse hierarchical tree of unfolding regenerative, resonating flow strings, including binary trend QBit 0=squared/fractal-centric time as function of mutual subsidiarity positive-default comprehension as Win-Win bicameral informational system's balancing ecological, economic, and permacultural uracil-yang/cytosine-yinyin b-ionically deductive/inductive zeroistic design r-evolution. We can approach the further related question of optimizing Polynomial syntax and form and function as equivalently and dipolar self-defined by -(-P), binary RNA syntax of analogical economic polynomial trend QByte-octave double-elliptical fractal rhythm and patterned 8-fold holistic balance. We might pose this question with fractally 0-squared digital information as ecological trend analysis with a dual hypothesis, to see which is more productive of a healthy and wealthy past, present, and future. We could observe rather summarily that the proposition "Polynomial Information is non-equivalent to Not-Polynomial Information" has been our scientific deductive and metric analytically encultured eisegetical assumption, leading to competitive irresolution through our own default Win-Lose economics of Earth's evolutionary demise. Here, in this irrationally eternal place, we cannot deductively explain why some issues, problems, algorithms, variables, norms, memes, paradigms, have resonantly resolvable solutions and scientific co-operative revolutions while others calculate to compete their way through infinite time. Which is which is rather like trying to separate Kuhnian primal revolutions from more normatively diversifying further individuating refinements within paradigm freedom's double-binding continuous flow evolutions. If, however, we start with the heuristic assumption that Polynomial spacetime universe = nondually-transparenting N(NP), where might this take us toward explaining outstanding teleological, economic, ecological, and perhaps even cosmological issues? Cooperative Game Theory: P-positive Win = (-,-) equivalent Win NP, a positive draw, anticipating an equally positive draw choice from nondual Other is RNA-rooted naturally systemic, with outcome to co-redeem at-onement faith both positively and cooperatively as long as every co-empathic truster chooses to play nice in every ZeroZone of bilateral opportunity to communicate. Group Binomial (0)-Soul Theory: Explicate Convex Boundary +P = +(0) Implicate (Bohm) Concave Double-Bound 1NP = -(-0). And, so, to our deductively metric and commodifying friends at Clay Math Institute, at least the field of permacultural design and all the cells of RNA heritage, appear premised on a Zero-Binomial Assumption that P-yangspace = N(NP)-yin(yintime) = +/-C ecosquared as c-squared Universe equals e-squared Synergetic Balanced Integrity (Unitarian, Interdependent, Intersectional), the balance of deductively formal Yang light with inductively flowing YinYin double-bound octave frequency harmonics, co-arising yang-formed Space with intuitive-polypathic ego/eco-conscious bilateral yin-function of bicameral restorative Time.

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