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What Are We Learning
What have you learned from your family experience that influences your position on public health and safety, national health defense and economic offensives you might propose for healthier individuals and families and nations and even planet Earth, hopefully? Could you give me an example of what might qualify as a politically satisfactory answer for you? Well, I parent four teenagers, three require special support environments and resources to foster improved learning outcomes. I have concerns none of the schools, from the most elite private to the mental health specialized therapeutic public, seems to have deep learned their way into how to avoid adversely depressing and repressing my kids' growth potential into a more polyculturally articulated and multisystemically accessible self-optimizing ego-healthy mindbody, much less an effective communicator, much less an effective deep ecosystemic listener and learner. We each seem to start into our learning lives thinking and feeling deductively and inductively with all senses listening for dialects of feeling and function within ourselves, others, Earth, until our enculturing institutions interrupt with mental-physical health disservice, suboptimizing with more didactically addicted quantified deductive memorization performance outcomes, thereby missing days and years of lifetime healthy cooperative political and economic and ecological and interpersonal relational communication potential while investing in competitive excesses of Left mindbody dominant commodification of learning how to live into life's most regeneratively anthro-preoccupied not-listening opportunities, we accept unacceptable risks of unbalancing angers and fears as anthro-supreme species sharing primal bilateral temporal intelligence with all DNA/RNA syntaxed living cells and organs and species and bioregions. We are of and for Earth's polyculturing cooperative relationships and transactions with internally symbiotic dipolar nondual ecosystemic functions of purpose and deep regenerative meaning. I didn't pick that up in school, nor have my kids found any support for this way of enculturing holistic health to regenerate polyculturally optimal outcomes. Aetna, a health insurance company, knows more about mindfulness training, health and self-care as Earth-care consciousness, while our schools, which could be our kids' healthy-love-of-polycultural-learning assurance incubators, focus more on anger and risk management. I'm wondering if anything like this comes up from your experience of how our social and political and economic and defense and sometimes even our "health" institutions do not practice basic mindbody health-medicine principles of cooperative ecoconscious relationships and transactions, or aspire to regeneratively optimize future cooperative learning outcomes. Why isn't human history taught as our still-evolving language and nutritional enculturation and toxic deculturation ecopolitical healthy love-as-learning EarthTribe's re-creation story?
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