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Water's Weakness
There is nothing weaker than water But none is superior to it in overcoming the hard, For which there is no substitute. (Laotse, "Nothing Weaker Than Water", Lin Yutang, trans.) That weakness of mind and body overcomes strength And uniting co-gentleness overcomes uniform rigidity, No Yang does not know; No yin can put into practice. Therefore the Sage Says: "Who receives unto self the calumny of the world Is the preserver of an equilibrious state. Who bears the dissonant sins of the world's living systems Is the resonantly full-conscious bicameral mentor within this NOW world moment." Straight words seem crookedly dissonant, distorted, unparadigmed. Evolution's Time seems revolutionary. (Adapted from "Nothing Weaker Than Water") Prophecy's weakness is lack of redemptive empowerment. The strength of prophecy for redemptive effectiveness is its weakness as culturally dissonant. Too much dissonance is dismissed as insanity or sainthood or martyrdom or suicide. Too little dissonance is not prophetic and therefore not co-redemptive. This cutting edge tipping wu-wei point of rationality is the weakness of optimally ebbing and flowing water as ecological synergy as Positive Yang balancing Negentropic Yin-Yin Win-Win Double SpaceTime Binding Teleology. When Yin-Water absorbs Earth, then She becomes stagnant entropy, chaos, disorganized dissonantly dismayed unable to continue flowing, flexing, fluxing, surfing. A Uniformed Yin EcoCenter evolves as stagnant pond what were dynamic rivers, seasonally surfing oceans-- a Holding Space wherein Time stands relativistically and 3-dimensionally, still, like a vacuum of interior landscaped atmosphere; more likely to produce a horrific monoculture of mold and mosquitoes than motion and revolutionary change. For this we want Time's river function, swelling springs of Transmillennial comprehensive consciousness. Western Business-As-Usual culture understands love as "kindness." Coincidentally, Eastern permacultural comprehensive consciousness of Time as panentheistic and teleological "love" evokes mutual, co-redemptive, namaste-- A Buberian mutually mentored I-Thou bow. Love, mutual gratitude of synergetic energy, requires a Bucky Fuller dynamic balance between freedom to comprehend and embrace our eco-center in each eternal moment, as subconscious freedom from awareness of only Ego, our more limited Left-brain's "small-self" center. Kindness, and unkindness, are gratefully, and rudely, extended, not extended, to ourselves as co-empathized "Other." These are ego-ionic actions to teach us how to be more mutually generous in each of our primal relationships with Love's ecological comprehension of Time's Yangish and Yinnish rebalancing ways. What is fair, within contentious issues, is found where our mutually held eco-center points, always wu-wei midway between the most Yang-power value extreme and the most Yin laissez-faire "both-and" inclusively uniting absorbancy. Nature abhores a perfect vacuum of either Yang or Yin, Left with Right languaged intelligence. When we identify with a "downstream" yin position, our underdog empathy extends to include reaching toward increasingly marginalized and irrational "Other" position of empathic identity. Our eco-centric Right-brain starts from this position, as a holonic reiteration of "Self's" encultured history, then flows economic and ecological "generosity" of loving values "upstream" toward our mutually mentored, taught, experienced, planted and rooted and trimmed and pulled, and encoded lexicon, decomposed and empathized, intuited Yang position, looking for that tipping point boundary of the unconscious that is wide enough to capture all synergetically oriented practitioners racing issues through our surfing moments and lives. Justice trickles up and out, as well as down and in, washing back and forth through fields of unconscious cognitive dissonance, to emerge toward a consensus of collectively generous, but not overly generous, merciful, inclusive coredeemer ecojustice. An enculturation laundry, but go easy on the yin-bleach. If I lacked something of the "underdog," the "understory," the "criminal" and "crazy" within my holonic human nature, then my nature would be neither holonic nor human. Yang's "bad boy" universalist megalomania and sociopathological ego-power is a challenging competitive dimension within our ego-centric, anthropomorphic view, of evolution's meaning; while Yin's ubiquitous "Other"-love as "Self," generosity to the extreme of unitarian self-exiting wishfulness, is our more primal RNA holonic-cellular intelligence of generosity's ecological win-win scenario, devoid of ego's self-distinguishing, and often dissonant, and too loud, and Left-brain dominant, voice and language. Kindness and unkindness are transactions between unequals. Generosity and stinginess of empathy, and what eco-consciousness invites as appropriately proportional response, are transactions between mutual mentors of gratitude, and lack thereof. Differences between ego's intended kindness and eco's well-practiced generosity include a Taoist position that kindness and unkindness are not found in nature, although love, as synergetic mutual gravity, is the source of natural systems, of bilateral life and time, as opposed to the existence of... well... nothing; entropic unconsciousness. Kindness suggests I am extending something to another that this person has not earned, does not rightfully and justly deserve within the normal flow of time's river. Generosity is a mutually intended practice of radical equanimity and empathy, a grateful acceptance of our profound interdependence of cause and effect, stimulus and response. Generosity is about absorbing and hopefully co-redeeming our mutual assets and liabilities to resolve an issue whose outcome can be a mutual win from a position of profoundly radical coincidental/correlational mutual mentorship co-identity. I show you mine if you truly swim with me.
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