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Advent of Healthier EcoNomics
It's not so much our cultural value conditioning that presents a transitional communication problem about changes of climate within our Interior and without our Exterior Landscapes. It's more about discontinuous, internally incommensurable, cultural values norms enjoined throughout Earth's fully domesticated human race toward humane evolution's progress, whether this progress be calculated one breath one day one season at a time or using a 5-year SWOT Team analysis, norms and values discontinous because they raise eisegetical internal and exegetical external eco-logical issues of dissonance about Anthro-hyper-critical fear and existential anger, no longer capable of hearing Earth's more inductively functional ecotherapeutic messages. For example: We may feel deep under our skin that the norm "respect all life" means not only the aborted embryo of future's hope for regenerating further life in that human branch, but it also means finding compassion for the ballistic asshole terrorist on the other side of Earth's eco-culture raping and slaughtering our children of all species, all ecosystems, natural elements in their normative habitats of Earth's warm-wombed evolutionary development. Perhaps more troubling on a daily in-your-face basis is our cultural discontinuity about respecting all humane nature. End of sentence for our Golden Rule. Terrorists and abortionists and most certainly polar bears and turtles need not apply for humane racing inclusion by Rule of not-so-golden exclusion. But, surely we could not mean this end for our optimally confluent, co-commensurable compassion? My co-arising advocacy for each ego-identity's inherent dignity, beauty, goodness, health, vitality, gift, grace, karma, incarnation, co-arising reinvestment value, begins and ends with sane rational humane adults acting like mature adults, in my corner of this ecosystemic Universe? No further? What about my kids with cerebral palsy? Why not the intrinsic value of a yellow butterfly on a red apple on a breezy early-autumn New England day? I don't disrespect deer tics or skunks, why is it OK to disrespect a terrorist? Is the reverse corollary of our Golden Rule that it is OK to disrespect mere RNA-inspired creation, we only choose to love this newer DNA school of thoroughly domesticated politics and commodified competitive economic Win/Lose evolutionary elitism, despite our humane capacity to comprehend Earth's RNA-rooted cooperative economic and political intent to unfold this Tree of Cooperative Life feeding off Competitive MonoCultural Death, as dipolar co-arising purpose, and orthopraxis of synergetic love as Win-Win ReGenerations for all Earth Tribes. If we don't get that this Left-brain deductive blindness earns us only our Right karma and grace to try to live with climatic dismay, struggling against our own discontinuous and internally combusting/fusing/confusing view of All Natural Life Matters to a Health Optimizing Regeneratively Positive Future HealthWealth Hope and Faith! If we cannot stand in ecojustice solidarity with all RNA's co-informing future ego-risks and eco-opportunities for cooperatively optimizing Continuous Quality Improvement Standards for POLYCULTURAL HEALTH OUTCOMES, then we condemn ourselves to living with human species' consequences, continuing this evolving pilgrimage toward our own internal "cognitive dissonance" voices, starting to squeal and screech our unorthodox ways into our overly Left-brain dominantly encultured mindbody: "Hey, DNA, that ProGenitor God you worship is RNA's regenerative spacetime 4-dimensional fractal icon of form with function!" Dissing RNA's Life Tribal dignity and rights, commonly held by all Earth's eco-spaces and places is like dissing God or dissing the importance of this yet not fully born, still warm-wombed, embryo of hope in our own future's biological life. Embryonic biosystems cannot yet speak with the same mature life-evolving language as might an aging terrorist, should one ever live that long, living outside and beyond terror of death, explaining why this monster could not invest in his own positive regenerativity. Might it be he simply did not evolve sufficient experience of our Golden Rule applied to him, gifting him as Me's reverse corollary suggests, gifting Me as his Earth has love-therapized/endeadened-pathologized him, regenerated/degenerated him, synergized/traumatized him as a sleep deprived ego-entity surrounded by others of similar demised incarnation for Earth's own purposes, as our EcoSoul's Advent of Healthy/Empty ReGenerativity. Discontinuous intuition is not a substitute for exegetical information it is an eisegetical subset of deductively-confluent information that is Right brain temporally inductive as N(NP)/P = YinYin/Yang = Win-Win/Lose-Lose regenerative balance and proportion and theory and rhythm frequency co-arising functional prime relationship and reverse-time-memory tiered binomially Right as N(NP). When discontinuous enculturing NP functions become more climatic, evolve from chronic dissonance toward revolutionary consonance and resonance, "Please, NOT more NP!" = N(NP) double-negative irrationality, whether Interior economic or Exterior political, then we are Tipping Advent-ing toward climatic transition toward a new cooperative Business As Usual emerging positive form and functions, healthy, toward respect for all ReGenerative Life, political and economic systems and eco-logical LifeSystems, co-arise Respect and Dignity for Death of all Life already lost to AnthroCentric Despair about the only life that matters in this embryonic Advent seed, evolving Love without, as Life within.
Copyright © 2020 Gerald Dillenbeck. All Rights Reserved